Goldweaver Family Legacy: Chapter 1


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Chapter one of the Goldweaver famiily legacy.

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Goldweaver Family Legacy: Chapter 1

  1. 1. Our story begins in the land of Lorian. The locals would often say that it is the kind of place where nothing of great significance ever occurs. However, that all changed when in the nearby land of Valenwood, a race was slowly dying out. The council decided that the only way to ensure its people would survive the disaster was to send a small band to settle in another land. And so a small ship set out carrying a group of hopefuls toward what they hoped would be a better life. Along the way, the ship came upon a furious storm. The ship was destroyed and once the clouds and angry waves had cleared, it appeared that only a single Valen elf remained.
  2. 2. Oloros Goldweaver, after recovering from his near death experience, set out further inland. After talking with several natives, he was able to purchase a small plot of land. He began to study the culture of his new home, and spent the first months settling into the land. He was ever on the lookout for any other survivors of his people, but after months of not discovering anyone or hearing rumors of other elves in the area, Oloros decided he must be the only one left. Painfully, he sent word back to Valenwood to inform them of the disaster, but also sent word that he was planning on remaining in Lorian.
  3. 3. Oloros sent word to the council that he had found a job in the local military and was having no trouble making new friends in Lorian. Since Valenwood was probably still not safe for him to return home, he would see what life gave him in this new place instead.
  4. 4. It wasn't long before Oloros met a wonderful woman named Marylena Hamilton. She was a native of Lorian, but she had always dreamed of doing something bigger with her life. She had taken the job delivering groceries to help take care of her family, but really wished to be a star athlete. She had also always dreamed of having a family of her own, but Marylena confessed that so far she had not found that special someone.
  5. 5. Marylena and Oloros began to realize that they truly cared for one another. It was difficult at times to find time to be together with Oloros' hectic work schedule, but the two always found at least a few hours each week to spend in each others company. In a few short years, Oloros and Marylena were deeply in love. Marylena knew that this was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. But did Oloros feel the same about her?
  6. 6. The answer was yes. One evening after work, Oloros proposed to Marylena. The Lorian was quite shocked, but quite happy to accept Oloros' proposal of marriage. It seemed that after all this time her dreams were going to come true.
  7. 7. Oloros and Marylena were married in a private ceremony during the early months of summer. Only a few close friends were present to witness the wedding of the Goldweavers.
  8. 8. Marylena soon began her new job as a team mascot. She quickly became a very skilled player.
  9. 9. Not long after she took her job, Marylena began eating a lot more. She wondered if perhaps her body was not used to the strenuous activity that her new job required. Or was it something else?
  10. 10. It turned out that the Goldweaver family was expecting their first child.
  11. 11. Oloros was indeed excited about having a child. Of course he was very family minded and thought that six was a great idea. Marylena liked children and wanted her own family, but there was no way she was having six kids.
  12. 12. One of the closest family friends at the time was a Lorian by the name of Kennedy Cox. Oloros and Kennedy seemed to share a concern for the environment. Almost everyday Oloros and Kennedy could be found in the study playing darts.
  13. 13. The months flew by and the Goldweaver family welcomed its first born child and heir, Allill Goldweaver. He had inherited most of his father's features and was his parents pride and joy.
  14. 14. Oloros spent any free time he had teaching his son everything that he knew. He used a special formula that increased his son's ability to learn. (Of course it should be noted that the Nectu had gone unseen since before the disaster struck Valenwood, having fled Valenwood the winter prior to the disaster’s strike.)
  15. 15. With both parents working and Marylena again pregnant with their second child the family decided they needed help. A local named Calista Despret started helping out three days a week. She quickly became a very good family friend especially with all of the children.
  16. 16. Allill grew up into a very handsome young man, who indeed looked a great deal like his father. However, he had inherited his mother's nose and appeared to be completely Lorian. From our records, Allill was a very intelligent little boy. He was always studying from the home library and often spent time teaching his younger siblings.
  17. 17. The next child to join the family was Elfreda Goldweaver.
  18. 18. Time flew by and before long it was Elfreda's birthday. It is rumored that a small party was thrown and that a few gypsies of Valenwood were present. Our records can only confirm the presence of one and her name was Laci London. She was serving at that time as the family’s guardian protector.
  19. 19. Allill and Elfreda spent many hours together. He often taught Elfreda how to play simple games and told her stories.
  20. 20. Allill and Elfreda were extremely close to one another. As children they often played cops and robbers together or played darts in the study. The eldest daughter of Oloros and Marylena looked more like her mother and like her brother was Lorian. Elfreda wasn't as studious as her brother, but she was just as loving and protective.
  21. 21. Marylena soon found she was pregnant for the last time. She gave birth to a set of twin girls. The eldest was a Lorian named Siofra and the youngest was an elf named Cassia. Only one of Oloros' children had inherited his elfin blood. (This isn't very surprising. Valen blood is not that dominant. To have even one child that had his blood was unusual.)
  22. 22. Allill continued the tradition of taking care of his siblings. Despite her caring nature, Elfreda was not as close to her younger sisters. She and Siofra seemed to have an especially hard time understanding one another. Siofra was a very quiet girl. She often played or studied alone. Allill made an extra effort to reach out to his younger sister, and according to all accounts Siofra always held a special place in her heart for her brother. (Allill seemed to understand her quirks better than anyone else. But Elfreda seemed to have difficulty getting along with anyone that didn't want to have no less than six kids)
  23. 23. The last record of the early years is a family photo taken by Allill Goldweaver in early spring. Shortly after the photo was taken the family’s guardian, Laci London, arrived with news that would change Lorian and the Goldweaver family forever. (From Left to right back to front: Cassia Goldweaver, Elfreda Goldweaver, Siofra Goldweaver, Oloros Goldweaver, and Marylena Goldweaver)