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Despret Family Legacy Chapter 2


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Chapter 2 of the Despret Family Legacy

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Despret Family Legacy Chapter 2

  1. 1. Despret Family Legacy Chapter 2
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Despret Family Legacy. As you can see there have been some developments since the last chapter. The house is now officially a house and no longer a shack. I'm actually rather proud of it. So let's see what the family has been up to since we left. When we left the family, Calista Despret now Landchild had just given birth to her first child named Matthew.
  3. 3. Christy and Ramin exchanged tender wedding vows in early spring. With a tender kiss Christy Stratton became Christy Centowski and began the newest chapter in her life.
  4. 4. From her seat, Calista smiled. She was truly happy for her dearest friend. She was sure that Ramin would make Christy as happy as Berjes had made her.
  5. 5. Calista snuggled down next to her husband later that evening. She was glad that this man had not given up on her. And Berjes, who he lay beside her listening to his wife's breathing felt exactly the same.
  6. 6. Life in the Landchild house was continuing in much the same way as it had in the winter. Berjes was still a slob and Calista was still a neat freak. She loved adventure while Berjes was more than happy to sit around the house and eat omelets
  7. 7. Of course, Calista had found she didn't have as much time for her usual adventures now that she had Matt. But she found raising a child was an adventure all its own. “That's the last time I leave you with daddy. He got more food on you than in you.” she laughed as she gave Matt a morning bath.
  8. 8. But maybe Matt had gotten so filthy eating breakfast because Berjes was a little distracted this morning. He'd been waiting on the realtor to call him back to see if he had indeed closed the deal on the new lot which he hoped to turn into the family's newest business endeavor. From over the line Mr. Landgrabb's secretary cheerfully congratulated her client, “Congratulations Mr. Lanchild the deal went through this morning. You are now the proud owner of 22 Northbrook Lane.” Berjes smiled from ear to ear, “Thanks again Alison. And give my regards to Malcolm for all his help.”
  9. 9. The family was already in possession of a home run bakery which was doing well considering there was already an elite bakery in Bluewater Village. Mystery Music's children were regular visitors.
  10. 10. It was also quite popular with another local named Lala. She bought wedding cake after wedding cake. Apparently her sim universe wold be celebrating six weddings. (Lala is the writer of the Admirable New World legacy over at boolprop)
  11. 11. But apparently Despret Toys was not going to get off to such a good start. The very first customer had even made Berjes cry. (Despret Toys very first customer pictured above is another simself Di who writes the fabulous Victorian Legacy)
  12. 12. Despite a very poor day at work, the day ended with little Matthew's birthday. Both parents were excited although Berjes managed to catch a picture of Calista looking bored.
  13. 13. Matt grew up into a handsome toddler who had a love for music. He would spend hours playing happily with the toy xylophone. Well when he wasn't trying to eat the stick.
  14. 14. “ Come on Matt. You can do it.” “ No.” Matt plopped down on the kitchen floor and giggled. From his place on the floor Berjes asked, “Is that the only word he knows?” Matt got back up onto wobbly legs and giggled in response, “Yes!”
  15. 15. Soon the family found they were expecting another baby in the family. “ So what do you think Matt? You ready to be a big brother?” Matt looked up at Calista and giggled, “No.” Calista laughed. “I think it's time I taught you a few new words kiddo.” “ No.”
  16. 16. “ Okay Matt say Mamma.” For the millionth time Matt would say only his favorite word, “No.” Calista's brown eyes twinkled. She reached down and began tickling Matt relentlessly. Matt squealed with delight, “Mamma no!” Calista stopped, “Gottcha.”
  17. 17. The family was still running the two businesses. The bakery was now at level four and was quite popular with the locals, but the toy store was still struggling. And Calista was still figuring out the ends and outs of the cash register.
  18. 18. The pregnancy was harder this time around too and Calista was finding it hard to keep up with all the orders that came into the bakery. She knew it was her husband's dream to own 5 top ranked businesses, but she wasn't sure she could get the bakery up to par right now.
  19. 19. When she wasn't working or baking, she spent as much of her free time with Matt. He was rather intelligent and if he wasn't kept entertained he found his way into mischief His favorite pastime was playing in the toliet, much to Calista's horror.
  20. 20. “ So the big day has to be coming soon. It's twins right?” Goopy GilsCarbo asked one morning. “ It should be any day now. And yes it's twins.” As Goopy passed over the money he asked, “Are you going to be able to keep working with three small kids Cali?” Calista smiled, “We'll manage. Thanks for shopping Despret Baked Goods.” But in her head she thought that Goopy had made a good point. Could she really do this with three small kids?
  21. 21. The big day finally arrived and Calista and Berjes welcomed a boy named Damian and a little girl named Trinity to the family.
  22. 22. Even after giving birth to twins and having a very mischievous toddler on the loose, Calista was back in the bakery doing her best to help out. “ I'm telling you Mr. Lee you will love the layer cake. I added strawberry filling.” “ Well I do have a thing for strawberries.”
  23. 23. But eventually the complaints started flowing into both businesses. Running two businesses with three small children was proving to be too much for the young couple. Something else was going to have to be done.
  24. 24. The idea came to him as he was bathing Damian one evening after work. He had no idea why he hadn't thought of it before. After putting his youngest son down for the night, he proposed his new idea to Calista.
  25. 25. “ Calista, I've been thinking. Maybe I should hire someone to help me run the shops. That way you could focus more on the kids.”
  26. 26. Calista smiled, “You don't need to cut me out completely. I can still do the baking, but I would really like to be able to be around more for the kids.” “ It's settled then. I'll start looking first thing in he morning.”
  27. 27. Berjes pulled his wife close, “Glad you can still do the baking. Somehow I don't think the people would want to eat my cooking.” Calista sighed, “No probably not.”
  28. 28. A few days later Christy took the job at Despret toys. It turned out she had quite a bit of experience working in retail shops, and was more than happy to get back into work now that Jacqueline was a bit older.
  29. 29. Hiring Christy seemed to be exactly what Despret Toys had needed to get off the ground. In just a few short weeks Despret Toys was the talk of the town.
  30. 30. And nobody stays little forever. Both parents were more than ready for Matt to become a little more independent. “Ready for your big day, little man?” Matt squirmed in his dad's arms, “I wanna play.” Berjes laughed, “Well let's go blow out those candles then.”
  31. 31. “ Matt fire isn't a toy.” Calista called from behind. Matt still tried to grab at the flames a few more times. It took Berjes threatening to take his cake away before Matt finally decided he'd behave. He blew out his candles and with a spin and a twirl grew into a child.
  32. 32. Matt still looked a lot like his father, the only feature he seemed to have inherited from his mother were his eyes.
  33. 33. Early the next morning Matt had cornered his father in the hall on the way to take a shower. “As much fun as this is, I have to get ready fr work and you've got school today.” Matt let go of his father's hands and ran off toward his room, “School!!”
  34. 34. Berjes watched his son go shaking his head. “He didn't get that from me. I hated school.” Calista laughed and shoved him playfully into the restroom. Half an hour later Berjes came back fully dressed and ready to go, “Have a great day with the twins. Can you believe they're almost three?” “ Yes, thank goodness.”
  35. 35. As his parents were saying good-bye, Matthew had practically burst through the door and out to the bus. He couldn't wait to get to his first day of school.
  36. 36. While Matt was off at his first day at school, Berjes was having his own great day. Despret Toys was now one of the most popular businesses in town since it had won the Best of the Best Award.
  37. 37. It had been doing so well in fact that Berjes had needed to hire on an extra salesperson. A local simelf Mae had taken up the position and was proving to be extremely valuable to the business. But the sale that took Despret Toys to level 10 went to Berjes. He was one step closer to his life dream. (Mae is the writer of A Legacy of Hope and The Mehntaa Legacy)
  38. 38. “ Happy birthday to you. You live in a zoo. You smell like a monkey and you look like one too.” Matt came home from his first day of school with top marks and celebrated not only his achievement but his siblings' birthday by singing his brother and sister the new version of Happy Birthday he learned from his friends.
  39. 39. “ Are you ready for two more terrors?” Berjes asked as he looked over at his wife. Calista leaned down over Trinity's cake, “You're kidding right?”
  40. 40. Damian it turned out had taken his mother's brown hair. His passion seemed to be playing with his blocks. And it seemed that he was less rambunctious than his brother.
  41. 41. Trinity also took her mother's brown hair. It wasn't long before her parents realized that she was a holy terror. She put Matthew to shame when it came to getting into trouble. And she had a way of giving he most innocent smile.
  42. 42. One morning before school, Calista sank down on the couch. She'd just pulled Trinity out of the toilet again. She looked over to see her eldest reading the newspaper. “What are you doing Matt?” From behind the paper her son sighed, “Mother please. My name is Matthew. And I'm reading the paper to see how the stock market is performing.” Calista smirked. Matt certainly took after his father in more than just his looks.
  43. 43. He'd already decided that when he grew up he was gong to own a successful business just like his dad. He'd already started selling lemonade to all the local kids and grown-ups on the weekends.
  44. 44. He was just as endearing as Berjes as well . He seemed to have little trouble making friends and was always willing to dote on his siblings.
  45. 45. If her son had a fault it was he had also taken his father's ability to break the plumbing. And he loved to play in the puddles he created. Between Matt and Trinity, sometimes the entire bathroom would be flooded. “ Matthew James Despret! Get a mop and help me clean up this mess.”
  46. 46. Matthew mumbled, but he finally got the mop and started cleaning up the mess. Making the mess was so much more fun than cleaning it up. “Mom, Trinity made the mess too!” he whined. “ Yes, well Trinity's too young to use a mop. And if you'd told me sooner the mess wouldn't be this big in the first place.”
  47. 47. Matt hated to clean, and his mom made him clean the whole house while his sister and brother did nothing but play. It wasn't fair.
  48. 48. Not only did he have to take out the trash, but he had to make his bed every morning, and he also had to keep his toys picked up too.
  49. 49. His mom said they didn't ask him to do that much, but Matt thought they did. He picked up his toys one morning and put them in the toybox thinking there were so many other things he'd rather be doing.
  50. 50. Matt was actually a lot better about picking up though. And he'd tried every trick to get out of cleaning up after himself. He used to try and hide the toys under his bed so he wouldn't have to put them in the toybox. He'd tried to put a dirty plate back on the shelf. And he'd even tried to hide a book behind the bookshelf rather than putting it on the shelf.
  51. 51. Just because he was getting better at cleaning up didn't mean he'd broken all the habits yet. Matthew and Calista's idea of a clean room were obviously still quite different.
  52. 52. Calista bent down and preceded to put away the toy car her son had left out. She shook her head as she straightened up, “What am I going to do with that boy?”
  53. 53. But his parents never stayed mad at him for too long, and Matt could never stay mad at them either. As he came happily home from school he found his sister in the nursery. “Hey, Trinity! I can't wait till you can come to school. You're gonna love it.”
  54. 54. “ You get to make new friends there ya know. Okay so maybe Jackie doesn't count as a new friend since her mom's friends with our mom, but there's other great kids too. But Jackie is still my best friend even though she's a girl.”
  55. 55. “ It's just sometimes girls like to play stupid games like house and then they want you to be the baby so they can play the mommy.”
  56. 56. “ I don't care if Jackie's going to be a big sister soon. That's no reason for her to ask me to be a baby. If we have to play house, can't she at least ask me to be the daddy?”
  57. 57. “ I want to be just like dad when I grow up. I'm going to own a business just like dad. Next week is go to work with your parent's day at school, and I can't wait to go to work and help him take care of the bakery. Dad said he'd show me how to use the cash registrar.”
  58. 58. “ But I already got a business. I have a lemonade stand. And in a few days when you get bigger, you can help me run it.”
  59. 59. “ Other reason why I want to be like dad when I grow up is cause mom's kinda boring. All she does is bake cookies and pies or clean the house.”
  60. 60. “ You know what else is cool about school? You get to learn about all kinds of neat stuff like cowplants, plantsims, and aliens.”
  61. 61. “ Hey, Trinity are you even listening to me?” “ The cow says moo.” “ Fine play with your rabbit head. I'm gonna go play with Damian then.”
  62. 62. Eventually, someone decided they had to teach the little terror how to walk. They'd put it off knowing that as soon as she learned how, it would be impossible to keep her out of trouble. Berjes in the end was the one who had the courage to teach her.
  63. 63. Trinity was a daddy's girl though. She followed Berjes around almost as much as Matthew. As he held her one night he sighed, “I hope you outgrow some of this kiddo or we're in for a trick when you get older.” “ Daddy you're silly!”
  64. 64. It had become a morning tradition for the twins to hang out with both parents before Berjes headed into the newest family business The Electronic Warehouse.” As Berjes read to Trinity, Damian was still trying to get the hang of talking.
  65. 65. “ I'll take a lemonade there Sport.” Ramin Centowski was a regular customer at all the family owned businesses.
  66. 66. The Centowski family were regular visitors at the Despret house. Every weekend they came over and while the grown-ups spent time inside, Jackie and Matthew found their own fun.
  67. 67. “ So are you planning anything special Matt?” Matt looked at Jacqueline with a confused look, “For what?” “ For our anniversary silly.” “ What are you talking about? We're not married.” “ We're pretending Matthew. Now are we going to do something special or not honey?” Well it was better than being the baby. “Uh, sure. Come on, we can go dancing.”
  68. 68. The next morning Matt drug himself out of bed. Who knew taking a girl pretend dancing could tire you out so much.
  69. 69. Just then his mother came into the room, “Matthew get this room clean right now. I told you last night to put the toys away. Today's your bother ans sister's birthday. I don't have time for this.”
  70. 70. Matthew jumped out of bed and started cleaning. His baby brother and sister were finally going to be old enough to play with. And they'd be old enough for school! For once he put every single toy in its place.
  71. 71. He took the stairs three at a time only slowing down when Berjes called out, “Whoa, slow down sport. You're gonna fall and break something. I don't think we want to be spending today in an emergency room.”
  72. 72. Matt slowed down on the stairs, but the minute he grabbed a noise maker he started yelling at the top of his lungs, “Happy Birthday Damian! Happy Birthday Trinity!” He waved the shaker as fast as he could barely able to control his excitement.
  73. 73. Little Damian was up first. Unlike his brother, Damian knew better than to play with fire. He giggled as his dad blew out the candles for him.
  74. 74. “ Trinity!” Calista sighed, “you can't play with the fire. You'll get hurt.” “ I want tate!” Calista laughed, “You can have some cake after you blow out the candles. Now hands away from the cake.” Trinity put her hands away and then blew spit out of her mouth as she blew out the candles in one breath. From his side of the room Matt whined, “Eww. I'm not eating any of Trinity's cake now.”
  75. 75. Damian decided he wasn't that interested in his cake. Instead he pretended he could fly by turning his parents bed into a trampoline.
  76. 76. Trinity and Matt never turned down any kind of sweet so they each got a huge slice of cake, although Matt made sure to get a piece from Damian's cake and not Trinity's. “That's more for me then.” she said with a smile.
  77. 77. After cake Damian chose to play with his new video game while Trinity somehow convinced Matthew to play Mary Mack. All too soon Calista called out, “Okay you three, you've got school tomorrow so off to bed.”
  78. 78. Damian and Matt went to bed without a fuss. They were both excited to be sharing a room together and Damian seemed to be just as excited about school as Matthew.
  79. 79. Not everyone was happy abut being sent to bed. Trinity pouted as she crawled into bed, “But mom, I'm not even sleepy!” Calista stood in the doorway, “No buts missy. You've got school and I won't have you cranky your first day.”
  80. 80. She wasn't sleepy! And she didn't want to go to bed yet. Trinity decided to pretend to got to sleep and then after her mother went to bed she could sneak out of bed and get some more cake. She'd got to bed when she wanted to. Yeah that was a great idea! She put her head down on the pillow and closed her eyes a half smile on her face.
  81. 81. But Trinity must have been more tired than she thought, because she soon fell fast asleep.
  82. 82. Calista slipped beneath the bed sheets. “Well they're finally all asleep.” She let out a yawn and put her head down beside Berjes. She noticed that he was already asleep. Snuggling down into the covers, she smiled softly and soon she'd drifted off to sleep.
  83. 83. We'll stop here for the time being. I hope everyone enjoyed chapter two of the Despret family. These kids are a handful. Shudders when she thinks about the teenage years. Thank you to all the sim players who have not only inspired me with your wonderful stories, but also allowed me to use their simselves to liven up the neighborhood. And a special thanks to Di for helping me figure out to fix this chapter so it would upload.