Arven family 2 Boats and Fire


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Chapter 2 of my Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

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Arven family 2 Boats and Fire

  1. 1. Arven Family Legacy Chapter 2 Boats and Fire
  2. 2. Hello all. Welcome back to the continuation of the Arven Family Legacy. The last time we were here, you heard the story from another resident of the Sunset Valley graveyard. Now I’m not saying he did a bad job, but really I’ve always found him to be a bit dull in large doses. A change of perspective is always refreshing no? Besides in life, I was a best selling author.
  3. 3. Best selling author! You bought out ad space in the local newspaper. I apologize for my friend here. Ransom’s a bit of an eccentric. Now let’s continue the story shall we; without any further interruptions please.
  4. 4. When we last left our story, Penny had given birth to her son Bill. Now to be honest, nothing of any significance occurred in the family’s lives over the next few years. So rather than bore you all to tears with a detailed explanation of their day to day for that period of time we’ll just skip ahead to the good stuff.
  5. 5. Bill had a small birthday party which I found to be a bit in bad taste. Penny certainly had more than enough acquaintances in town to throw a very lavish party. For a toddler? And they hardly had any money in the bank. Are you mad! Of course not. And who says you need a lot of money or reason to have a fantastic party? Honestly, you can be such a bore. Now where was I?
  6. 6. Ah yes, Bill Arven grew into quite a child prodigy, the local doctors called him a genius. It wasn’t long before Penny and Chris found him inventing his own music on the xylophone. Honestly, I was worried he’d grow to be rather unpleasant fellow, but he’s really quite interesting.
  7. 7. Arven wasn’t all work and no play though. His favorite toys were his numerous toy boats. And when I say numerous, I do mean numerous.
  8. 9. You are going to tell them about his toy car aren’t you? He rather liked playing with that too. Yes, fine. Bill had a toy car too and he loved it and named it Yellow. Are you satisfied Clavell? I just think we ought to give the readers an accurate description of Bill.
  9. 10. Really Basil, what’s next the family survived on nothing but cake? Of course not. That’s one of the oldest lines in the book. And besides that it’s completely ridiculous. Everyone knows they had to eat more than just cake!
  10. 11. I told you earlier Bill turned out to be quite the interesting fellow. A bit peculiar maybe, but he gets that from his father for sure. How many toddlers do you know who’s first word is garbage?
  11. 12. And I suppose if you prescribe to the nurture side of the argument, then Bill spent more than enough time with his old man for some of those peculiar behaviors to pass on.
  12. 13. After all, who in their right mind would find it possible to spend more than 5 minutes with Mrs. Green? Basil, I think Lenora is quite charming. You only don’t like her because she wouldn’t go to the Halloween ball with you. That’s not true. I don’t like her because she sounds like a screeching cat. I only asked her to the dance in the first place because she was new to the graveyard and I was trying to be friendly. If I’d known what she sounded like I wouldn’t have asked her at all.
  13. 14. But I’m sure the readers aren’t interested in inter graveyard drama. Anyway, Chris did bring some interesting news to the graveyard during most of his visits. One evening he told Lenora about a fire that broke lose in the Arven kitchen. Personally, I think he handled it quite well.
  14. 15. “ Hello fire department? This is Christopher Arven at 219 Westbrook. Yes, well you see I normally do the cooking, but I was working late so Penny had to cook. Oh, yes our stove’s on fire. Uh-huh. You’re 20 minutes out? What do you think Penny?” “ That is a little far.” You know what, don’t worry about us. I’m a daredevil so I can totally take care of it. No really it’s cool. Yeah, sure I’ll tell her. Thanks. You have a lovely evening too. ”
  15. 16. “ Penny, the fire chief sends his congratulations on your most recent pregnancy.” “ That’s so sweet of him. Careful dear, I just realized I left my clothes in the middle of the floor.” Christopher wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead, “Yeah, I noticed. It’s making this a lot more fun. Say, you know what. You really should cook more often!”
  16. 17. I suppose you enjoyed that because it makes for good storytelling, Basil. Well yes, but Ransom come on! He put the fire out on his own. Shows true courage! You do realize you died trying to play the hero right? Well at least I didn’t drown.
  17. 18. So while Penny continued to take care of her garden, Chris continued in his epic quest for the perfect at home aquarium. Yeah, I know it’s really not that interesting even when you use fancy literary terms.
  18. 19. So if Penny wasn’t tending her garden she was reading pregnancy books. But a person can only do that so long before they get a little stir crazy. So eventually, our family’s matriarch headed out into the town.
  19. 20. “ Penny! You’re expecting again. How wonderful. I wish I could say I’d found a guy to settle down with. But men like Chris are a rarity. What about names?” Penny smiled, “Well I haven’t said anything but I want a girl this time. I think Carmen would be a nice name don’t you?” “ Oh that’s lovely. But I would be careful if I were you.”
  20. 21. “ Be careful? Why? Some new conspiracy?” “ My goodness, yes. Haven’t you heard. There’s men in suits out looking for real live Cas natives. Do you think it’s true they can really hear voices in their head? Can they really produce supernatural creatures? But they’ve been pulling people off the street at random. And well Christopher is a bit odd you know.” Penny laughed and shook her head, “Alyssa you read too many of those conspiracy journals.”
  21. 22. Penny did try to shake off what the consignment shop owner had said, but that proved to be impossible once she got home. She found Chris sitting on the sofa watching a television report.
  22. 23. Anyone with information on the location of any resident Cas sims should call our anonymous tip line. The city of Sunset Valley needs your help in finding these elusive members of our great city. That report really put the family on edge. Well can you blame them Ransom? I mean you’re telling me that if you heard that kind of report on the television you wouldn’t be a little bit concerned? Well, of course not. I’m simply saying that.
  23. 24. Oh come on! Ransom, I’m trying to tell these people an interesting story and here you are about to ruin the ending. What’s the point of building suspense if you are going to ruin it. Sorry Basil. Not all of us were prolific writers when we were alive. Well, Penny was concerned and so started to use her connections in town to shed some light on the situation.
  24. 25. And until she could shed some light on the town’s intentions for someone of her particular origins, Penny and the family did everything in their power to maintain a low profile. They decided the best course of action was to continue living their lives as if they were your average Valley couple. They competed in town cook-offs, took Bill to the library for story time, went to work, made friends etc.
  25. 26. And it worked like a charm. No one in town suspected that Penny Arven was in fact a native born of Sunset Valley. To everyone in town Christopher was the town scientist who was an avid fisherman and Penny was the lady you went to for gardening tips.
  26. 27. And they were the loving parents of a child musical prodigy named Bill who just happened to have a love of boats.
  27. 28. And they decided that it was best if Christopher limited his visits to the graveyard. So instead of nightly visits, we saw him once every two weeks. His excuse that he only went for the big fish was completely plausible.
  28. 29. Of course less frequent visits meant I had to put up with listening to Lenora Green’s lovely conversations on a nightly basis. Thankfully now that Chris is dead he can put up with her for me for the rest of eternity! Basil! That’s a horrible thing to say. What he lived a full life? And I’m telling you she sounds like a screeching cat!
  29. 30. Time stands still for no man or woman and so the Arven’s welcomed their second child to the family. Penny never did get that girl she wanted, but welcomed home another son that they named Oscar. Personally, I think it’s better this way. I mean really Carmen Arven? You’re practically daring someone to poke fun at you. I give up!
  30. 31. Oscar had barely been home a day before little Bill was ready to grow up. The family threw a small gathering to celebrate.
  31. 32. Why is Bill always frowning in his pictures? I mean seriously this guy was one of the most happy go lucky guys around. Seriously, spend 5 minutes with him and you’ll see he’s the life of a party! Ransom, look how short this is with all your interruptions. Sorry folks, but when the sun goes up I have to hop back 10 feet under. Hopefully tomorrow night I can get more of this story told, and I can if some people would stop interrupting every five minutes. Sure I’ll stop, as soon as you stop being rude and inaccurate in your storytelling.
  32. 33. Hopefully you enjoyed Chapter 2 of the Arven Family Legacy. I apologize for it being so short. I’m sure I’ll figure out how to do lengthier chapters on Sims 3 eventually. I’ll leave you this time with a picture of Bill as a child along with his stats. I think he looks a lot like Chris. And really he is a happy kid. I don’t know why I keep catching him with such serious looks on his face . Bill Arven Neurotic Genius Lucky