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From, an introduction to the Ultrameter III 9PTKA, the most comprehensive water testing meter on the market. For water professionals only, the 9P tests pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, TDS, free chlorine, hardness, alkalinity, LSI, and temperature.

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  • For Water Treatment Professionals
  • Myron l Meters Ultrameter III 9PTKA

    1. 1. Ultrameter III 9PTKA
    2. 2.  Multiparameter Meter for Water Quality Testing The Myron L Ultrameter III 9P is an accurate,reliable multiparameter water quality meter usedby thousands of water treatment professionals.The instrument can test for pH, total dissolvedsolids, conductivity, resistivity, oxidationreduction potential, temperature, free chlorine,a;kalinity, hardness, and LSI. This meter handlesthe job of NINE single parameter testers.
    3. 3.  Conductivity: 0-9999 S/cm, 10-200 mS/cm 442 in 5 autoranges - Resistivity: 10 Kohm-30 Mohm NaCl - TDS: 0-9999 ppm/10-200 ppt 442 in 5 autoranges - pH: 0-14 pH - ORP/Free Chlorine: +/-999 mV, 0 - 9.99 ppm - Temperature: 0-71 C/32-160 F Display 4 Digit Liquid Crystal Display Dimensions: LxWxH 196 x 68 x 64 mm/7.7 x 2.7 x 2.5 in. Weight 352 g/12.4 oz. Case/conductivity cell material: Valox Cell capacities (without cell extender) pH/ORP: 1,2 ml/0.04 oz. Cond/TDS/Res: 5 ml/0.2 oz. Power 9V alkaline battery Battery life >100 hours (5000 readings) Operating/storage temperature 0 - 55C/32 - 132F Protection ratings IP67/nema6 Waterproof to 1 m/3 ft. Chemical Resistance: Resistant to hydrocarbons, dilute acids and bases, detergents, and aqueous salt solutions Water Resistance: IP67/NEMA 6 (waterproof to 1 meter/3 feet) EMI/RFI Ratings (Conformite Europeenne): EN61326-1: 2006 + Annex A: 2008 (hand-held devices), CISPR 11:2003, IEC 61000-4-2: 2001 and, IEC 61000-4-3: 2002 Flammability: PCB: UL 94, V.0; Case: HB/1.47 or better
    4. 4. The Ultrameter III 9P: ParameterspH, TDS, conductivity, resistivity, ORP,temperature, free chlorine, alkalinity,hardness, and LSI The Ultrameter III 9P can test forpH, total dissolved solids,conductivity, resistivity, oxidationreduction potential, temperature,chlorine, alkalinity, hardness, andLSI. This meter handles the job ofNINE single parameter testers.
    5. 5. The Ultrameter III 9P at workThe single most comprehensive watertesting meter for water professionals. Industry Applications for theUltrameter III 9P: Agriculture Aquaculture/AquariumsBeer Analysis Boilers & CoolingTowers Deionized Water DialysisEducation Enviromental Food/DairyHydroponics Industrial LaboratoryPlating Pools & Spas Offset PrintingReverse Osmosis WastewaterTreatment Wine Analysis
    6. 6. Also, at, you’ll find an Ultrameter III 9P Operations Manualdownload, calibration and sensor replacement videos, technical specs,solutions, and replacement parts.Save 10% on the Ultrameter III 9P at
    7. 7. Save 10% on the Ultrameter III 9P now at MyronLMeters.comThe Ultrameter III 9P: The Water Pro’s Favorite