Linked in portfolio pp with prezi and slideshare


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Presentation on adding items to make a LinkedIn profile a portfolio

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Linked in portfolio pp with prezi and slideshare

  1. 1. C R E AT E A P O RT F O L I O C R E AT E A P R E S E N TAT I O N S H A R E Y O U R W O R K
  2. 2. NICE VIDEO ON USING THE PORTFOLIO OPTION • Amy “Schmittastic” Schmittauer From: Savvy Sexy Social etailpage&v=dksjn8l_0vw w • LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner weighs in on Portfolio use (especially 3:10 to 5:30)
  3. 3. HOW TO UPLOAD PORTFOLIO FILES • Click on “Profile” • Click “Edit Profile” button • Next to your summary, experience, or schooling click “Upload File” or “Add a Link” • Looks like a square with a plus sign
  4. 4. UPLOAD FILE To Upload a File • Click “Upload File” • Choose a file from your documents • Add in a Title of the document and a Description • Click “Save” • Add documents, videos, projects, publications, test scores, courses, patents, certifications, presentations, links with images, images, infographics, screenshots, slideshare, ebooks, blog posts, portfolios, etc.
  5. 5. ADD A LINK To add a link to your profile: • Click “Add a Link” • Paste or fill in link URL • Click “Continue” • Add in a Title of the link and a Description • Click “Save”
  6. 6. HOW TO MOVE AND REMOVE • To move media samples from one section to another: • Scroll down to the sample you would like to move • Click “Edit” icon • Click “Move this media to” and chose a destination • Click “Save” • To Remove media samples: • Click the “Edit” icon • Click “Remove this Media” • Click “Yes”
  7. 7. FEATURES OF YOUR PORTFOLIO • Upload any number of images, videos and presentations with descriptions of the work • These visuals show up as thumbnails on your profile page beneath a specific job, work summary, and education history • Click the thumbnails to get full-screen views • You also have the ability to “like” and comment on individual images and videos of you and your connections
  8. 8. 10 TIPS TO USING PORTFOLIO 1. Content must be hosted by LinkedIn or one of the approved services 2. Files should not exceed 100MB in size. 3. Include calls to action on your image title and/or description (“Click to view”/“Watch video”). 4. If possible, include a live link to your articles. 5. You can reorder your media among sections of your profile.
  9. 9. 10 TIPS TO USING PORTFOLIO (CONTINUED) 6. Individual images can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them within a section of your profile. 7. All titles and descriptions can be edited or updated. 8. Only public URL links can be included at present. 9. Get social with visual content by liking or commenting on images in other profiles. 10. Mix up your visual media. Add a range of images, photos, screenshots, video and presentations. Be creative! NOTE: Remember that every time you change your visual content in Professional Portfolio, it shows on the news feed, giving you more exposure to other LinkedIn users. Source:
  10. 10. ISSUES WITH LINKED IN • If it is necessary to contact customer service with an issue, a screenshot can be the best way to help • A screenshot is a snapshot of your computer screen • Windows users: Select Print Screen button on keyboard, paste (Ctrl+V) onto word document • Mac users: (Command, Shift +3) and release all, it will save as a picture on your desktop • Attach either of these documents to an email to Linked In customer service to receive the best help!
  11. 11. OTHER RESOURCES FOR LINKED IN portfolio/ professional-portfolio-ht portfolio/ g/track/AvNbjgq0Dv8W~eP7GvUW~yJJUdkqMy75Mv9h~zj ~PP_o S6hYZJ8sVdt6K2t00 professional-story-on-your-linkedin-profile/
  12. 12. PERSONALIZE YOUR URL • Start by clicking your settings in the top right corner • Select “Privacy & Settings” • Click the link to “Edit your public profile” • In the right corner click the link to “Customize your public profile URL” • Type in desired URL ending
  13. 13. GET STARTED WITH PREZI • • Choose Public Presentations to start a free account • Create account login and password • Verify through email • Option to download Prezi software for 30 day trial (not necessary) • Click “New Prezi” • Choose a template or start a blank Prezi
  14. 14. EDITING YOUR PREZI • Add a title • Use the left hand side to navigate through each slide • Click on a slide to edit it • Add a slide title • Add information you want on your slides
  15. 15. FRAMES AND ARROWS • Click “Frames and Arrows” • Insert more frames and slides into the template • Choose which shape you want your slide to be • Choose lines you want drawn on the Prezi • Highlight text
  16. 16. INSERT • Click “Insert” • Add • Images • Symbols • Shapes • Diagrams • YouTube Videos • Background Music • Files
  17. 17. THEMES • Click “Themes” • Change the theme to different sets of colors • Clean the theme to a blank slate • Edit colors of background, frames, and text
  18. 18. EDIT PATH • Click “Edit Path” on left hand side • Choose where to navigate the slides • Click and drag the lines to order the slides • Edit where the next slide will go to • Click “Done” when finished editing
  19. 19. SHARE YOUR PREZI • Share with friends on Prezi by typing in their email • Give friends rights to help edit • Work together on editing from separate computers • Share on Facebook • Download as a PDF or as Portable Prezi
  20. 20. PRESENT YOUR PREZI • Click “Present” • Use arrows to navigate through each slide • Show off your hard work!
  21. 21. SUPPORT • Click “Learn and Support” for help on Prezi • Watch videos to learn more skills 8
  22. 22. SOME PREZI EXAMPLES AND RESOURCES • Best Prezi ever? You be the judge: • Official Prezi Tutorials: EF19596B7BB • Whole section of great Prezi presentations: C8F504816AF • More Prezi Presentations (starting with on talking about a writing center): XVUVdctzBqw7SHhRKeVs4s1BjFo
  23. 23. MORE PREZI EXAMPLES Prezi on Career Development: c=ex0share Prezi turned into a video file on using LinkedIn: An individuals Career Development Plan on Prezi:
  24. 24. UPLOAD PREZI TO LINKED IN PORTFOLIO • On Prezi: • Click on the Prezi you wish to share • Click “Share” underneath your Prezi • Copy the link they provide
  25. 25. UPLOAD PREZI TO LINKED IN PORTFOLIO (CONTINUED) • On LinkedIn: • Go to your profile • Click “Edit” • Choose which section to place Prezi (Work Experience, Education, etc.) • Click the “Upload” button • Click “Add Link” • Paste in Prezi link • Add a Title and Description
  26. 26. HOW TO SET UP AND USE SLIDESHARE • Here is a link on setting up a Slideshare account: slideshare-account • A more detailed Slideshare describing how to use Slideshare: slideshare-28451558 • Nice Video on using Slideshare to put your PowerPoints on your LinkedIn account, a little dated but some good information although use is easier now:
  27. 27. SLIDESHARE EXAMPLES Slideshare on future workplace and job seeking as of 2014: like How to create a Slideshare: YouTube video about creating Slideshare to bring traffic to LinkedIn profile:
  28. 28. Myron Daubert Employment/Career Counselor (608) 789-5637 myron.daubert@dwd.wisconsin.g ov Presentation co-developed with Erica Eisel