Hawaiian music


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Hawaiian music

  1. 1. WELCOMEhttp://www.neosproductions.com 94-508 Hokuala St Mililani HI 96789 (808) 625-5586
  2. 2. Exotic Hawaiian SongsHawaiian songs are famous worldwide for their capability of touching ourheart string and stirring our soul. A great way to learn these songs is the use ofukulele tabs. These are so easy that they do not require any special teaching. Infact there is only one requirement and that is an ear for music.There are certain ukulele tabs for Hawaiian songs which are mentioned here:  Ku‟u Hoa by Robi Kahakalau  Little Rock Getaway by Bryan Tolentino  Lovely Hula Hands by Troy Fernandez
  3. 3. Troy FernandezWhile talking about Hawaiian songs one name which instantly comes to ourmind is Troy Fernandez. A surfer from Palolo Troy Fernandez is an inspirationfor a generation of Hawaiian ukulele players. His fans enchanted by hismagical song adore him and their love for “the people‟s instrument” is thereason for keeping the demand for ukulele music alive. His wonderful voicedrives them crazy. Three times winner of Na Hoku Hanohano award, he hasnow become famous as a solo artist. No wonder his name appears among thetop ranks of Hawaiian singers because of his work with Ernie Cruz, Jr in theKa‟au Crater Boys.
  4. 4. Island FlavourTroy Fernandez‟s deep love for this island life and his dear family can beexperienced in “Strumming My Ukulele” which is a collection of Hawaiian orrather to make it more precise island style music of contemporary time.His light in style but individual identity could be easily felt in such preciousHawaiian songs like “Koke‟e”, “Waialae” and “Pua Hone”. The other songswhich are locally favourite, like “Ku‟u Home O Kahulu‟u” and “Haole Hula”only emphasise more his love for living in this island. His original songs like“Local Girl of Mine”, “It‟s For Our Children” and “Strumming my Ukulele”have kept him in the front rank in the competition of Contemporary IslandMusic.
  5. 5. Mastering SkillTroy Fernandez‟s perfect mastery of his ukulele helps him in his popularconversion of medley of Bruddah IZ “Somewhere over the Rainbow/What aWonderful World” and Olomana‟s “Lullaby” which is again very soft andtender.His “Strumming My Ukulele” has the stamp of the island style music. Theassistance of Jeff Rasmussen on bass, Philip Akau on guitar, Robi Kahakalauand daughters Tia and Tory on background vocals and most of all thewonderful voice of the now too familiar ukulele artist Troy Fernandezrendered the music heavenly to the listeners.
  6. 6. Hawaiian CultureIsland music reveals the Hawaiian culture, its tradition and life experienceseither through ancient percussion instruments or the modern instruments. Itbrings before our eyes in its own Hawaiian way the beauty of the islands andall the causes of celebrations and challenges in life. The spirit of these islandsongs is the spirit of the modern day Hawaii with a comment on contemporarylife and its culture.All credit of the ukulele Christmas music becoming popular goes to these localartists who are getting much more exposure nowadays. The Hawaiian StyleBand, for instance has the credit of bringing forth local talents. They had 3 hitalbums which gave opportunities to almost 50 musicians and producers. It hadartists like Israel Kamakawiwo „ole, Del Beazley, Teresa Bright, RobiKahakalau and many others. Among them Robi Kahakalau becamedistinguished by bringing out two of her excellent albums.
  7. 7. THANK YOUhttp://www.neosproductions.com 94-508 Hokuala St Mililani HI 96789 (808) 625-5586