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Day 2 C2C - ZTE: Building a Smarter Planet


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Day 2 C2C Summit July 2016 - ZTE: Building a Smarter Planet

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Day 2 C2C - ZTE: Building a Smarter Planet

  1. 1. Fahad Nisar Local CTO Evolution is inevitable, Innovation is optional Building a Smarter Planet with ZTE
  2. 2. ZTE Profile • Future is Now--Emerging technologies AGENDA
  3. 3. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 3 2015 Revenue exceeded 100 billion CNY Business growth rate is greater than 30% 1985 ZTE was established 2004 HK Stock Exchange Listed 1997 Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listed 2014 Established M-ICT strategy Build CGO company 2016 ZTE’s Development History 20 R&D centers, 15 global training centers, 1+6+46 solid customer support infrastructure, Footprints in 160+ Countries,
  4. 4. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 4 Zero to Everywhere in Africa • Landed 21 years ago in Africa. • Present in 50+ African countries.Footprints • Evolution from narrowband to broadband for better connectivity. Contributions • Cutting edge solution provider with innovative business modes. • Open access NBN network with an open ecosystem.Open ecosystem
  5. 5. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 5 5G Vision Information a finger away, everything in touch Big Data Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence Wireless Mobile Environment Transportation Medical Treatment Education AgricultureIndustry Business Energy Tourism Cloud Office Smart Home Entertainment Watch & Glass Phone & Pad LifeWear Every walk of life
  6. 6. What will happen within 4 years ? 2016 2020
  7. 7. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 7 Characteristics MassiveNumber ofdevices Enhanced power efficiency Low throughput Low mobility Broad coverage Lowestpossiblecost Scenarios Wearable Smart citiesEnvironment AgritechSmart homes Smart Logistics NB-IoT to Connect Everything
  8. 8. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 8 ZTE NB-IoT milestones 2016.5 2016.6 Lab test Lab Test 2016.7 Field test in zhuhai 2016.92017.Q1 NB-IoT Commercial 2016.8 Field test in Guangzhou
  9. 9. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 9 Pre5GLTE/-A 2016 2020 Short latency High speed Huge capacity ZTE Pre5G concept 5G
  10. 10. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 10 Pre5G Massive MIMO is Highly Praised in the Industry 2014.09 @China 2015.01 @China 2015.03 @ Barcelona 2015.11 @ Guangzhou 2015.12 @Tokyo 2016.02 @Barcelona 2016 @ Global World 1st call by MM Field test with CMCC reached 300Mbps+ GTI Innovation Solution Award Field test in Japan Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough & CTO’s Choice Award Massive commercial deployment Pre-commercial test On the MWC2016 held in Barcelona, the Pre5G Massive MIMO from ZTE was rewarded with the highest honor by GSMA Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Outstanding overall Mobile Technology-The CTO’s Choice 2016
  11. 11. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 11 Continuous Investment, Being 5G Leader Membership seats in international organizations and forums 70+ Leadership seats in standards organizations 30+ 30,000+ International Standard proposals Essential LTE patents, 13% of global total 815 1 200 million CNY Invested for 5G 2 300 million € Plan to invest for 5G from 2016 to 2018 3 2000+ staff Global 5G R&D
  12. 12. © ZTE Corporation. All rights reserved 12 ZTE and China Mobile Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IMT- 2020 (5G). First included in the shortlist of 5G Innovation Lab partners by Deutsche Telekom. Softbank and ZTE signed a partnership on Pre5G ,including research and commercial deployment. ZTE signed a strategic cooperation agreement with KT Corporation on research and commercialization of 5G technology. ZTE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with U Mobile on the development of Pre5G mobile broadband technologies. 2015.01 2015.07 2015.07 2015.082015.05 2016.02 ZTE signed a Pre5G memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Hutchison Drei Austria to build the first Pre5G trial site in Europe ZTE 5G Underway
  13. 13. Thank you