Willpower, weaknesses and weight loss


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http://positivetranceformations.com.au/blog/willpower-weaknesses-and-weight-loss/ Many people try to stick to strict diets for weight loss and berate themselves for loss of willpower when they slip up on the diet and binge on chocolate or similar. This is not because of lack of willpower but because powerful survival mechanisms are at work.

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Willpower, weaknesses and weight loss

  1. 1. Willpower, Weaknesses and Weight Loss
  2. 2. We hope everyone’s going well withsticking to their goals and plans for 2013,aka New Year Resolutions.
  3. 3. It’s by about now that a lot of us arestarting to wonder if the little bit extrawe collected over Christmas around ourwaistlines (or thighs or bum or whereveryou have a tendency to put on extra flab)is ever going to get off.
  4. 4. Now, when we’re getting back into theswing of work, in most cases, is a goodtime to re-evaluate your diet and yourexercise.
  5. 5. A lot of people come to a hypnotherapyclinic to get some help with weight loss.Some people have been known to scoffat this – isn’t it just a case of better dietand exercise? What’s the mind and yourdeeply held beliefs got to do with it.
  6. 6. The most obvious answer here is that themind certainly does play a role in weightloss – we all have made those goodresolutions to change our bad habits andto pick up some good ones.
  7. 7. A lot of people have started diets thatput you on a strict food regimen. Butwhat happens after that?
  8. 8. We tend to slip up and indulge insomething. Strict diets get blown – yougive in to the siren song of the Tim Tamsand next thing you know, you’ve eatenthe whole packet.
  9. 9. And you wonder how you can strengthenup your willpower so you don’t slip upagain and actually manage to get thatweight off and keep it off.
  10. 10. However, it’s not as simple as all that. Allthe hypnosis, all the good intentionsand all the willpower in the world won’tbe able to conquer your basicmetabolism and your drives.
  11. 11. This is one of the reasons why crash dietsthat put you on a restricted regimenwhen you can’t eat this or that and halfstarve yourself don’t work.
  12. 12. In fact, they’re doomed to failure.
  13. 13. You see, for centuries, the biggestproblem the human body had was tomake sure that it had enough fuelreserves to get through tough times.
  14. 14. This is still the case in some parts of theworld.
  15. 15. If food was short, the body got the “timesare tough” signal and took action tomake sure that the reserves would bethere.
  16. 16. The actions in question were to drop themetabolism drastically so any food thatis taken on board is used economicallyand the excess stored strategically aboutthe place in the form of fat.
  17. 17. The second action is to send out thesignals to wolf down as much as possibleof whatever you can find.
  18. 18. Now, in the past and in countries withfood shortage problems, this makes goodsense. If you were a Medieval peasantand you’d had a rotten harvest
  19. 19. (and/or your overlord had taken most ofit to feed his knights and other fightingmen) and you came across, say, a bees’nest dripping with honey or somethingelse high in calories that couldn’t bestored in your house,
  20. 20. you’d grab as much as you could and eatas much as you could, and you’d be ableto stash what you didn’t need to fuel yourdaily work about your body in the formof fat reserves, which had the addedbonus of keeping you a tad warmer overwinter.
  21. 21. The trouble is that your body is the sameas that of a Medieval peasant, except it’sa bit taller thanks to good childhoodnutrition and is more likely to have a fullset of teeth.
  22. 22. Your basic instincts can’t see thedifference between a food shortagethat’s self-imposed and one that’simposed by winter, wicked barons orcrop failures.
  23. 23. So if you are trying to stick to a strict dietthat sees you eating like than a Medievalpeasant facing hardships – cabbage soupwith a thin slice of bread and a smallsalad without dressing – and you comeacross something that contains a lot ofcalories, your body produces its owninner “Jewish/Italian momma” whourges you to “eat, eat, eat, my darling!
  24. 24. Don’t hold back – there’s plenty and youlook so peaky and unwell!”
  25. 25. These instincts are stronger than yourwillpower, and the chocolate biscuits,the chips, the cake and the fast food arethere, wafting delicious “eat me!” smellsinto your nose all the time.
  26. 26. Will power is the key to your weight loss goals!
  27. 27. positivetranceformations.com.au