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http://positivetranceformations.com.au/blog/just-be-thankful/ Being grateful for things is a great way of having a positive and optimistic outlook on life. Having a positive frame of mind is a good way of avoiding problems like depression and anxiety. A quiz helps you find how well you are going so far in having a grateful attitude, covering things like your reaction to being stuck in traffic, bad weather when you wanted to go for a run and other common setbacks that most of us face in life.

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Just be thankful

  1. 1. Just Be Thankfulpositivetranceformations.com.au
  2. 2. Being positive and having a goodattitude goes a long way to avoidingproblems with anxiety and depression.
  3. 3. Sure, sometimes there is a medical orphysical reason behind these mentalproblems, but a lot of times, it’s alldown to the mind and to the waythat you think.
  4. 4. Often, the mind does need re-training(which is one of the things thathypnotherapy aims to do) to see theworld through glasses that see glassesas being half full rather than half empty.
  5. 5. Gratitude is one of the things thathelps you stay positive: turning yourmind onto what’s going right in theworld rather than what’s wrong with itusually does.
  6. 6. If you have a grateful attitude, thenyou’re more likely to stay cheerful nomatter what your circumstances.
  7. 7. The reverse is also true:you can find people who live in cushycircumstances who are alwaysmiserable in spite of what they havebecause they focus on all the thingsthat don’t go right.
  8. 8. Cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” issomething that takes time, especially ifyou have had a habit of complainingand focusing on the negative in thepast.
  9. 9. Try this little quiz to see how yourattitude rates.
  10. 10. Q1: It’s Monday and you reallydon’t feel like going to work thanksto a bad cold that isn’t quite badenough for take the day off. What isyour response?
  11. 11. A: Cram in a few aspirins to get through theday and look forward to collapsing at homeonce the day’s over. At least you have ajob…B: Feel sorry for yourself but promiseyourself a bit of a treat at lunchtime as away of cheering yourself up.C: Grumble about it and drag yourself towork cursing your luck.
  12. 12. Q2: You notice that you’ve beenputting on a bit of weight lately.How do you respond?
  13. 13. A: Well, you’ve got an excuse to go clothesshopping now, haven’t you?B: Shrug it off as an inevitable result of toomuch partying.C: Get angry at yourself and resolve to haveno pudding for the next month as well asmaking sure that you hit the gym daily.
  14. 14. Q3: Christmas is looming and you’regoing to be hosting the familydinner. You haven’t bought anypresents yet. Your response?
  15. 15. A: Look forward to spending time with yourfamily.B: Panic a bit and make lists of everythingyou have do to and who you have to buypresents for.C: Sympathise with Scrooge and the Grinchand wonder why you ever volunteered tohost the do.You vow never to do so again.
  16. 16. Q4: It’s Saturday and it looks like atornado has hit the inside of thehouse. You had hoped to go out towatch a sports match in themorning. What do you do?
  17. 17. A: Put on some music and get stuck in – it isn’tthat much to do and then you’ve to the match tolook forward to.B: Do the main things and then go off to thematch, although you know that the workawaiting you will nag at your mind while you’rewatching.C: Grumble as you begin to tidy up – and youwon’t be surprised if the job takes so long thatyou end up missing the start of the match.
  18. 18. Q5: A friend phones you up needinghelp for the third time this month.You agree to help him/her but howdo you respond inside?
  19. 19. A: Feel flattered that your friend trusts youand relies on you so much – you must bedoing something right.B: Wonder what on earth’s up with thisfriend to make him/her so disaster-prone.C: Wonder if you have “doormat” tattooedon your forehead – you’re being takenadvantage of again.
  20. 20. Q6: Your daughter has beautiful longhair and she’s woken up with it allmatted and tangled. What action doyou take?
  21. 21. A: Make her have a shower and put conditionerthrough her hair, which will make her hair glossyas well as easier to tangle – it looks so prettywhen it’s groomed.B: Roll your eyes and get on with the job ofbrushing and combing – or make her do itherself.C: Make a booking with the hairdresser for thatafternoon – you’re not putting up with this anylonger.
  22. 22. Q7:The traffic’s heavy and you’reslowed to a crawl on the way home.How do you respond?
  23. 23. A: Turn up the radio and sing along, as wellas taking some time for a few deepbreathing exercises and the like.B: The next time you come to a standstill,you use your cellphone to text your familyto say that you’ll be late home.C: Feel your blood pressure rising and thinkup insults to call all your fellow drivers, evenif you never actually say them.
  24. 24. Q8: Your significant other is going tobe away for the weekend. You knowthat you’ll miss him/her but how elsedo you feel?
  25. 25. A:You look forward to getting the bed toyourself and eating all those things that youlove but he/she doesn’t.B: Distract yourself from missing him/her bygoing out with your friends and readingbooks.C: Wonder why on earth you’ve been stuckat home doing all the chores again and hopelike mad that he/she doesn’t play aroundwhile they’re away.
  26. 26. Q9: You had planned on going outfor a run this morning but it’spouring with rain. What do you donext?
  27. 27. A: Go for the run anyway – it’s fun havingthe path to yourself and letting yourselfstamp in puddles like a child again.You’regoing to get changed later, so getting wetdoesn’t matter.B: Shudder and decide to work out indoorsand/or just skip exercise for today.C: Roll your eyes and wonder how muchflab you’re going to put on during the wetseason this year.
  28. 28. Q10: Which of the following wouldyou be most likely to choose as abumper sticker or a T-shirt slogan.
  29. 29. A: Every cloud has a silver lining.B: This too shall pass.C: Life’s a bitch and then you die.
  30. 30. Your score:Mostly As:Your friends probably call youPollyanna.You don’t need any helplearning to be more grateful.You couldprobably teach the rest of us a fewthings about having a good positiveattitude.
  31. 31. Mostly Bs:Your responses are typical for mostpeople.You can improve your attitudeby choosing to focus on the positivethings rather than the negative. Howabout starting a journal or diary andlisting all the things that you’re gratefulfor in one day – six is a good numberto start with for you.
  32. 32. Mostly Cs:You might need a bit of help to get that chipoff your shoulder. It’s going to start hurtingyou physically as well as affecting yourrelationships and your mood. Start small:write down one thing that’s gone right orthat you’ve enjoyed or that you’re glad youhave every day. Just one. Other things mayspring to mind. Want to write down more?Go ahead!
  33. 33. http://positivetranceformations.com.au