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Hypnosis to cure phobias


Published on A lot of people all over the world suffer from devastating and traumatic events of their lives that resulted them having Phobias. Are you one of them? Well better get ready to embrace a great change that will result to wellness and try hypnotherapy! Read to find out more or Visit us!

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Hypnosis to cure phobias

  1. 1. Hypnosis to Cure Phobias
  2. 2. By utilising an extremelyeffective modality combination,up to this date, we have had an incredible 98% success rate in curing Phobias.
  3. 3. More than 95% of these phobia cures have taken just the onesession. All remaining phobiashave been cured by the second session.
  4. 4. Because of such high successrates, I offer clients the option of taking up a results Guarantee.
  5. 5. What that means to you theclient, is very straight forward. We will work with you until your phobia is cured to your satisfaction. Guaranteed!
  6. 6. The way this works on apractical level, is that once wecommence work with a client, we will ask them;
  7. 7. “..........What new experience would you have to have, toknow 100% in yourself, beyondany shadow of a doubt, that this phobia is now gone?”
  8. 8. We then work in a veryinteractive and close way with the client until they have theexperience that proves to them,Cthat they no longer have their previously held phobia.
  9. 9. In most instances, the Phobiacure process is successful after only one session.
  10. 10. Phobia Cure sessions can take from anywhere between 20 minutes and 3 ½ hours to complete.The majority ofphobia cures take somewhere between 1 ½ and 2 ½ hours.
  11. 11. This Positive Tranceformations Phobias Cured Brisbanetherapy, is fairly unique in that, this therapy process will ofteninvolve taking the session work out into the field.
  12. 12. Our unique Phobia Cure Process involves gently exposing the client,(in a highlycontrolled environment, where the client remains 100% totally in control at all times), to thesubject or object of their Phobia.
  13. 13. I wish to emphasize that this is done in a completely non- threatening way, where theclient remains 1000% in control,at all times. There is absolutely no reqiurement for bravery.
  14. 14. This is definitely not, a confrontational feel the fear, and push through anyway process.Absolutely nothing isforced. To do so, would actuallyworsen and aggravate a phobia.
  15. 15. Instead, after anchoring feelings of safety and serenity, we startby setting up with the client, an agreed scale to measure their immediate anxiety level, between 0 and 10.
  16. 16. This scale starts at 0, which is noanxiety whatsoever, through tothe other end of the scale which is 10, representing unbearably intense anxiety.
  17. 17. We then work on the understanding and instructionthat anytime the client’s anxiety level escalates at all, we promptly stop and use the phobia cure process until all anxiety is removed or reduced to an extremely low level.
  18. 18. This process is continued until the client finds themselvescomfortable in direct proximity to the object/subject that once used to cause an intense flight or fight response.
  19. 19. This powerful phobia cure process resets the client’s unconscious and automatic emotional responses to the object or environment, to whatever new responses, aredesired and useful to the client.
  20. 20. Impressively, these chosen responses become the new settings for the subconsciousmind, meaning the new changes and freedoms enjoyed by theclient, become lasting changes.
  21. 21. Imagine the Freedoms of your new life, Phobia Free !
  22. 22. Now, don’t just imagine thatnew freedom, experience it!
  23. 23. Phone Michael (07) 5576 6410Phobias Brisbane
  24. 24.