How susceptible are you


Published on Hypnosis is really a natural, relaxed yet focused frame of mind that creates an access to the powerful resources of a persons subconscious. Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to create beneficial helpful results for individuals.

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How susceptible are you

  1. 1. How Susceptible Are You?
  2. 2. It’s not widely known by the general public, but it’s something that all professionhypnotherapists (and probably some stage hypnotists, too) know.
  3. 3. Some people are more responsive tohypnotic suggestions than others, and this can affect how effective hypnosis can be for helping with various conditions.
  4. 4. First of all, what is ahypnotic suggestion?
  5. 5. Basically, a hypnotic suggestion is an idea,image or phrase that is planted in the mind of the client by the therapist.
  6. 6. This suggestion is planted after the trance has been induced in the client and works at the level of the subconscious – thedeepest level of the psyche about which we are barely aware (that’s why it’s called the subconscious – it’s below the level of normal consciousness).
  7. 7. Hypnotic susceptibility is a measure of howeasily a person can be put into a hypnotic trance and hence how easily they will receive hypnotic suggestions.
  8. 8. Nobody can be hypnotised against his or her will – a discovery that allayed manyfears that were rampant in the pioneering days of hypnotism.
  9. 9. The depth of trance that a person enters is a good indication of how susceptible theyare to hypnosis and hypnotic suggestions – the deeper they go into trance, the more susceptible they are.
  10. 10. A hypnotic trance can be induced in a number of ways, and they all share a superficial similarity to methods used throughout the centuries by shamans,yogis and the like, and has many things in common with the techniques of transcendental meditation.
  11. 11. In fact, many of the early workers in thefield of hypnosis combed ancient texts from India to discover the methods used by theyogis and developed these into a system of inducing a hypnotic trance.
  12. 12. Features of trance induction that are very similar to the methods used by transcendental meditation includeconcentration on a fixed point or object,
  13. 13. physical relaxation (unlike the sort ofmeditation that is used in combination withyoga, you don’t have to get into the lotus position to enter a hypnotic trance) and concentration on a single phrase
  14. 14. in the case of hypnotherapy, the therapistwill speak the phrase to be concentrated on, while transcendental meditation involves the use of mantras.
  15. 15. Once the trance has been induced, apatient’s level of susceptibility can be measured.
  16. 16. Are you susceptible to hypnosis?
  17. 17. Find out by talking to expert Hypnotherapy Brisbane
  18. 18. Visit or call (07) 5576 6410