Anorexia cured by hypnosis


Published on The therapies of Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT all provide an access to, and an ability to influence the subconscious mind. As such, they often prove to be the most effective modalities in assisting an Anorexia sufferer to make a full and self generating, recovery

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Anorexia cured by hypnosis

  2. 2. Anorexia nervosaAnorexia is a serious psychologicaleating disorder with “starvationsymptoms”. Sufferers develop anintense fear of becoming overweight,even if they are severely underweight.
  3. 3. Often, their perception of their bodyweight or shape is highly distorted, andthe Anorexia sufferer will often seem incomplete denial of the implications oftheir low body weight. It’s notuncommon for women and girlssuffering from anorexia to stop havingtheir periods.
  4. 4. Anorexia is a very serious conditionand the death rate is five times morefor sufferers compared to others of thesame age.
  5. 5. Anorexia nervosa is the third-mostcommon chronic adolescent problem,and the psychiatric condition thatcauses the most number of deaths.
  6. 6. Anorexia sufferers really do go throughquite a “hellish” ordeal, which is oftenalmost as traumatic for the loved one’sof the sufferer, who feel virtuallycompletely helpless to help or save thesufferer, from an obsessive anddestructive behaviour, gone mad or outof control.
  7. 7. “I have heard anorexia described byanother sufferer as being “like gettingon an escalator that you can’t get off.”It just keeps going and you don’t evenknow how you got on in the first place.All you know is the floor has changed.You think you are in control at first, butthen it takes control of you and there isnothing you can do about it.”
  8. 8. In my experience as a Hypnotherapist,most cases of Anorexia arise as aresult of either a single or series ofvery upsetting experiences, that oftenconnect to body image, which whencompounded with mitigatingenvironment factors leads the suffererto feel very “out of control”.
  9. 9. As a coping mechanism, it’s as thoughthe unconscious mind responds bycreating a “part” or aspect of theperson that attempts to regain a feelingof control, via weight loss.
  10. 10. This “part” as I call it, views weight loss ashighly desirable. Please understand that thisnewly formed “part” that I’ll call ED (EatingDisorder) is driven by emotion and not logic,is incapable of seeing the bigger pictureimplications of the behaviour, and operatesvery much like an implanted softwareprogramme that knows only one thing, andis very single minded and driven towards it’sobjective. (Weight Loss at all costs).
  11. 11. Often loved ones and therapists alike,who attempt to assist the Anorexiasufferer via very direct interventionsand taking over with “force feeding”and the like, will meet with unbridledhostility or complete non cooperationfrom the Anorexia sufferer.
  12. 12. At this point their “ED” is assertingitself, and is often, then in the processof “taking over” and assuming greatercontrol in thesufferer’s, mindset, attitude, emotionalstate and behaviour. All of this at greatdetriment to the sufferersphysical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  13. 13. What often, literally starts to happen atthis point, in many instances is that theperson’s ED (much like an obsessivealter ego) begins to dominate theaffected person’s mind and life, whiletheir previous or normal personalityseems to recede and almostdisappear.
  14. 14. While it is definitely true that such directinterventions can be very necessary, evenlife saving in the short term, the ultimategoal of any therapy will ideally aim tochange the behaviour from the “inside out”so to speak. In other words, enable theAnorexia sufferer to gain a foothold inregaining control of their thoughts, feelings,values, relationships, sense of Identity andbehaviours.
  15. 15. Such therapy, if it is to have a real shotat achieving these changes, needs toaddress the level of mind that is, wherethe original difficulty originates.
  16. 16. That level of the mind, is known as thesubconscious mind. The therapies ofHypnotherapy, NLP and EFT allprovide an access to, and an ability toinfluence the subconscious mind.
  17. 17. As such, they often prove to be themost effective modalities in assistingan Anorexia sufferer to make a full andself generating, recovery.
  18. 18.