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Paying 7 levels deep without sponsoring anyone! Please listen to the following videos. Life is meant to be FUN! Welcome to My Fun Life. IMAGINE being in on the first Travel App that PAYS! My Fun Life is a REVOLUTIONARY new company, introducing the hottest apps into the hottest markets worldwide. POSITION yourself and LOCK your spot today.
My Fun Life was built for people who have never made any money online and seasoned veterans with established organizations.The compensation plan allows anyone to start their business for $21 a month and
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My Fun Life pays 7 levels deep without sponsoring anyone! Earn income from home doing nothing! It means people won’t join this program only to quit a few months later, as with most online businesses.
My Fun Life | We will be placing leaders in less than one week. I have a founder position right at the top of this thing and will look to be slotting my people in ahead of the launch date.
If you want a unique chance to join My Fun Life before launch day in a high rising forced Matrix then you simply need to fill in your details by clicking below to secure your position.
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All You Need To Know About My Fun Life
You have probably heard about My Fun Life and you are wondering what the company is all
about or how it can be beneficial to you, as a Member. My Fun Life is a unique company that aims at helping its Members have FUN and more importantly, enjoy their lives. Of course, this type of achievement requires a lot of dedication and this is why the company has positioned itself in the largest markets, utilized the newest technology and finally, capitalized on the newest trends in the market. To start with, this company offers a wide variety of products that suit the specific lifestyle of its Members, their family and the entire world.
My Fun Life will soon become a leading company all over the world, thanks to the role of
internet marketing, mobile technology and the power of oral advertising. Based in Coeur
d’Alene, Idaho, this privately owned company boasts of excellent marketing for its active
Members scattered all over the fifty U.S. states and also, at the international level.
The main concept behind My Fun Life was initiated by the company’s Chief Visionary Officer, Matthew Edwards. Driven by his will to make the world a better place through the provision of a brighter future, he came up with a creative strategy that focuses on helping and guiding people to a healthier, enjoyable life to allow them make financial gains as they head towards success. The company was formed through close partnerships with professional business leaders and passionate entrepreneurs to merge the power of direct selling and the internet, therefore forming

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My funlife power-point_english_click_thru

  1. 1. MyFunLIFE Fun • Freedom • Fulfillment Wasn’t Life Meant to be FUN?
  2. 2. The WORLD is changing faster than ever! • Internet • Social Media • Viral Marketing • Mobile Apps
  3. 3. We’ve combined all of these to bring you something truly amazing! Travel Health Many More 2 Billion Apps downloaded every month…soon to be every week!
  4. 4. Meet Our CEO Dan Edwards, President/CEO Dan is an accomplished Direct Sales & Marketing professional. His business experience encompasses over 25 years in strategic planning for direct sales organizations and corporate ownership responsibilities as President/CEO for several self-owned multi-million dollar companies. Dan is focused on achieving continuous, improved business performance in the multi-level arena and has been solicited as a promotional speaker and trainer for a variety of Network Marketing organizations. Because he is a proven leader in the Network Marketing Industry and Corporate America, Dan’s true passion is to lead and guide those around him to success in life, health, and finances through his alliance with MyFunLIFE. 5077 N Building Center Dr. Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho 83815 USA
  5. 5. Add social media icons & globe picture Our First App 6.3 TRILLION Dollar A Year Industry FunTRIPS FunCONDOS Cha-Ching Booking MyFunTRAVEL
  6. 6. Cha-Ching Booking Pays you back when you travel Book Your Vacation Enjoy Your Vacation Receive Cash Back It’s That Easy! 1 2 3
  7. 7. FunTRIPS We use our Member buying power (just like Costco®) to buy in bulk, create custom designed vacations, and pass the savings on to our Members. Resorts Cruises Airfare
  8. 8. FunCONDOS Get access to luxury timeshares worldwide for pennies on the dollar. • United States • Mexico • Hawaii • Caribbean • Europe • China • Egypt • India • Philippines • Brazil • Morocco • Australia And more...
  9. 9. Similar Memberships Cost Thousands of Dollars A timeshare alone can cost between $10,000 and $50,000 Our Membership is NOT $1000’s or even $100’s of dollars...our Membership is ONLY $21 per month 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  10. 10. Ways To Get PAID 1) Cha-Ching Booking Engine 2) 3x10 Forced Matrix (Paid Monthly) 3) Check Match Bonus (Paid Monthly) 4) Coded Bonus (Paid Weekly)
  11. 11. You 3x10 Forced Matrix 27 1 $ 1.00 $21/FREE2 $ 2.00 3 $ .25 4 81 $ .25 5 243 $ .25 6 729 $ .25 7 2,187 $ 2.00 8 6,561 $ 1.00 9 19,683 $ 1.00 10 59,049 $ 1.00 Must qualify for levels 8, 9, and 10 Level Per Person
  12. 12. Personals Rank Match Check Match 10 Gold 30% 20 Sapphire 40% Sapphire opens 8th level of Matrix- 6,561 positions at $1.00 each 50 Ruby 50% Ruby opens 9th level of Matrix - 19,683 positions at $1.00 each 100 Diamond 50% Diamond opens 10th level of Matrix - 59,049 positions at $1.00 each *You will receive check match on ALL your personals 3 Bronze 10% 6 Silver 20%
  13. 13. Coded BonusesCoded Bonuses begin after you personally enroll your third Member $5.00 Per Member 4 5 6 9 27 81 To Infinity $8.00 Per Member 7 8 9 10 9 27 81 To Infinity $10.00 Per Member To Unlimited11 9 27 81 To Infinity Coding Bonuses are paid on the first 3 of each Member that is coded to you
  14. 14. Let the fun begin... Membership Selections MyFunLIFE
  15. 15. Get back with the person who shared this with you... waiting even one day could cost you valuable positioning! It’s really this simple... Join Travel Share
  16. 16. GET ON BOARD!!