Increasing Profit Margins with Social Media Marketing


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In 2012, 72.6 percent of salespeople using social media in their sales process closed more leads and saw bigger profit margins than their peers who were not leveraging social media. Of these social media users, more than half have closed business as a direct result of social media use. Social media has transformed lead generation, and knowing how to use the tools available can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts. Whether you are new to social media marketing or a seasoned professional, this session will explain how you can leverage social media communications to generate more leads, beat out your competition and provide top-notch customer service to your existing clients. See how to engage prospects on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other popular platforms, plus learn what types of content works best on each platform and how to turn a social media conversation into a qualified lead. Originally presented at eXtremeCRM Anaheim by Myappsanywhere's Amiee Keenan and NetStandard's Natalie McAllister.

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Increasing Profit Margins with Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Increasing Profit Margins with Social Media Marketing Amiee Keenan Myappsanywhere @TheCloud_Amiee EXTREMECRM 2013 ANAHEIM
  2. 2. What Is Social Media? • Think of Social Media as social networking – Meet new people – Engage with prospects – Build connections with existing clients/prospects • Major platforms for Marketers:
  3. 3. The Best Uses of Social Media • Engaging with others • Providing education to your market • Breaking news and/or sharing updates on your company – *Be sure you aren’t violating industry laws*
  4. 4. The Worst Uses of Social Media • Using channels to “blast” content (putting quantity over quality) • Setting it and forgetting it • Offering dicey personal or political opinions
  5. 5. What’s It Good for, Anyway? • In 2012, 72.6% of sales people using social media out performed their sales peers and exceed quota 23% more often. • More than half (54%) tracked their social media usage back to closed deals *According to A Sales Guy Consulting and Social Centered Selling, March 26, 2013
  6. 6. What’s It Good for, Anyway? • Generate leads • Beat your competition • Deliver top-notch customer service • Be “findable”
  7. 7. Identifying a Successful Presence • Followers who regularly interact (click, share, like) with your posts • Followers who engage with your brand without prompting • Adding new followers organically
  8. 8. REMEMBER: 40 Active, Engaged Followers Is Better than 40,000 Stagnant Followers!
  9. 9. Twitter • 140 character limit for tweets • Requires a “handle” (i.e., @YourName) – Should be intuitive (your business name) • Requires a description – Add keywords (SEO) • Add hashtags – #MSDYNCRM, #cloud, #eXtremeCRM
  10. 10. Twitter Easy to remember handle Keywords for search engines Company website (backlinks) Relevant hashtags
  11. 11. Twitter Best Practices: • Keep tweets short – don’t use all 140 characters! • Tag, tag and hashtag every time you post content • Followed? Follow back, but with discretion • RESPOND!
  12. 12. Twitter Generating Leads: • Follow prospects (the Followback principle) • Search topics and be creative by responding to issues • Tweet relevant content, especially from your company blog
  13. 13. LinkedIn • 200 characters • Three approaches: – Personal profiles – Company pages – Groups • • • • Optimize profiles (keywords, websites, etc.) Utilize professional content Leverage career section Endorse, comment, share and recommend
  14. 14. LinkedIn Company Pages: Add logo (50x50) Add banner image Track post success with analytics Also Add: • Description • Products & Services • Locations • Specialties • Relevant groups
  15. 15. LinkedIn Personal Profile: Professional headshot Personalize your URL Stay active! Add professional and personal information Also Add: • Skills and Expertise • Languages • Causes • Education • Groups
  16. 16. LinkedIn Best Practices: • Comment on content you’re sharing • Share/comment on your connections’ content • Ask your co-workers to share company content/job openings • Join relevant groups
  17. 17. LinkedIn Generating Leads: • Engage with anyone who comments on your content • Share your company content above all else • Ask questions—start a dialogue! • Run polls (groups) • Connect, connect, connect!!!
  18. 18. Facebook • 2,000 characters • Pages (not profiles) • Add company content or fun content (i.e., photos, infographics, PR) • Photo-friendly • Tough place for business marketing
  19. 19. Facebook Add custom banner. 20% text or less, or you’re rolling the dice Add “Services” Add call to action
  20. 20. Facebook Best Practices: • Tricky algorithms (like Google) • NEVER schedule posts outside of Facebook Rumors: • Add links in the comments section • Photos get more views
  21. 21. Facebook Generating Leads: • Advertising (expensive but can work) • “Like” other pages as your page • Share content; invite co-workers to like/share • Choose content that’s Facebook friendly (the Goodwill factor)
  22. 22. Google+ • • • • • Limit yourself to 500 characters Yes, it does matter to marketers Plus 1’s Adding to Circles Hashtags vs. +’s
  23. 23. Google+ Add relevant partners, prospects, vendors to circles Address, phone number, email address Verify your website Add sites to which you contribute
  24. 24. Google+ Best Practices: • True purpose is SEO • Share your content above all others • Use those +1’s • Don’t expect engagement • Add relevant groups, companies, and prospects to your circles
  25. 25. Google+ Generating Leads: • Remember: This is for SEO • If they’ve got Google+, add them • Create unique circles (prospects, technology, Dynamics CRM, etc.) • Monitor (engagement does happen)
  26. 26. Other Platforms Klout YouTube • Tracks social media influence • Shows effective channels • Perks! • Owned by Google • Optimize the channel • Keep up the content (and post to your website) Pinterest • Great for infographics
  27. 27. When Good Social Goes Bad • Think before you respond – Is it a customer or prospect? – Is it a “troll”? • Talk to the PR people (if you have them) • Research the profile • Invite dialogue offline
  28. 28. What Not to Do: Dominoes
  29. 29. What to Do: Channel your inner Southwest Airlines
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Amiee Keenan, Myappsanywhere @TheCloud_Amiee @Myappsanywhere Please remember to fill out your session evaluation survey online! The link to the survey was emailed to you, or go to: PLACE SURVEY LINK HERE Complete prior to the closing session to be included in today’s drawing!
  32. 32. THANK YOU to all of our eXtremeCRM 2013 Anaheim Sponsors! CORPORATE GOLD SILVER BRONZE EXHIBITORS Session Evaluation Survey online: SalesFUSION Inaplex Place link here.