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New York

  1. 1. New York, New York! 2514600-457200<br />The next couple of weeks you will be working with one of the greatest cities in the world: New York. You will learn about the history of New York, read texts about New York, listen to music about New York. At the end of this you will probably be so sick of New York that you never ever want to go there… <br />For your examination you will choose one of the following assignments:<br /><ul><li>Write a short story set in New York. Use the knowledge of the city that you’ve gained during our classes and mix it up with your own imagination. If you are creative and imaginative this is the task for you!
  2. 2. Make an oral presentation about something you’re interested in from New York. It could be sports, architecture, music, culture, politics etc. We will decide together how many people you are ready to talk in front of. The presentation should be at least 7 minutes. You also have to hand in your keywords for the presentation and a note with the sources you may have used. If you’re a talker who doesn’t like to write this is the task to choose! But beware, you have to be well prepared in order to pass this task!
  3. 3. The same task as number 2 but in writing, that is to say, write about something you’re interested in. For this task it is also important that you state your sources. Feel free to use pictures in your text to make it more appealing. Remember to use pictures that are ok to use or licensed under creative commons. If you don’t like to give presentations but like facts, do this one!
  4. 4. Create a brochure, leaflet or poster to promote New York. Imagine that it is supposed to be used as an advertisement in a travel agency. Combine texts and pictures to make it appealing. Hand in a separate paper where you state your sources for both written facts and pictures. If you’re interested in design and are creative this could be a fun one for you! But remember that this task can be tricky to complete if you don’t have access to a computer in your spare time.
  5. 5. You will also have homework and vocabulary tests that you are expected to pass.
  6. 6. Good luck!