Hispanic Culture


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Hispanic Culture

  1. 1. Hispanics in USA USA is a country with a large population of people from Latin America.The Latin American people in the US are often called Hispanics or Latinos.The Latin American population is as large as 48,4 million people, which is almost 16% of the entire population in the US. This means that the Hispanic population is the second largest ethnic group in America. Almost half of the Hispanic population live in California and Texas. If you travel to East Los Angeles (which is not recommended since it is a very dangerous place to be in) you will fnd that 97% of the people living there are Hispanics. Unfortunately it is more common to be unemployed and poor if you are hispanic than if you are white. 20% of the Hispanic community are poor. But that does not mean that all hispanic people live like that.There are also a lot of Hispanic people that have good jobs, education and money. Spanish and Spanglish Since the Spanish community is so large, Spanish is a very common language in the US. It is the second most used language in America, only English is more common. There are actually more people speaking Spanish in USA than in than in Spain. Many places in the US, primarily in the South and on theWestcoast. One obvious example is Los Angeles which means ”the angels”. In Sweden it has become common that bilingual people mix Swdish and their language, Rosengårdssvenska is an example of that. The same thing exists in USA where Hispanic people speak a language called Spanglish.The word Spanglish comes from a mix of the words English and Spanish. Spanglish is exactly what it sounds like: a mix between English and Spanish.An example of a Spanglish sentence is ”El libro me costó twenty dollars”. If you want to learn more about Spanglish or hear what it sounds like go to myslektioner.blogg.se where some links are posted, among others a rap song by The Game, a hispanic rapper from Los Angeles. Hispanic culture in the US The hispanic culture has a big impact in the US. One example is how popular Mexican food is in the US.There are thousands of Mexican restaurants in USA.There are also several famous hispanic musicians, for example Carlos Santana and Christina Aguilera.TheTV show Ugly Betty is an example
  2. 2. of hispanic characters on television. Hispanic gang culture Most Hispanic people live normal lives with families, work and friends just like everyone else. But the Hispanic community is sadly also known for being the foundation of several organized gangs in America. The largest and oldest gang is called Latin Kings. Latin Kings was started in the 1940's in Chicago and has 100 000 members. In 1999 half of all members in criminal gangs were Hispanic. Gangs in USA are famous for violence, drug dealing and their style. On myslektioner.blogg.se you can fnd links with information on American gangs if you are interested in learning more about gangs. Glossary actually – faktiskt affect – påverka among other – bland andra, bland annat between – mellan bilingual – tvåspråkig common – vanlig community – samhälle, (folk)grupp criminal gang – kriminellt gäng ethnic – etnisk like everyone else – som vem som helst foundation - grund impact – påverkan member – medlem mix – blandning obvious – uppenbar, tydlig organized – organiserad population – folkmängd since – (här) eftersom unfortunately – tyvärr unemployed – arbetslös violence – våld
  3. 3. Please answer the following questions! 1. How many hispanics are living in the US? ___________________________________________________________________ 2. What states have the largest Hispanic population? ___________________________________________________________________ 3. What is Spanglish? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 4. What is Latin Kings?Write two facts about them! ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 5. Give one example of how the Hispanic community has affected life in USA? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________