Book Review: My Views :Mujahid Ali,IRP
“Akhuwat ka Safar” by Dr.Amjad Saqib
History is filled with a lot of noble personal...
Akhuwat is trend setter in the world to promote Islamic fiancé through Muakhat paradigm in
modern era and materialistic so...
It was the result of his journey that other MFI knew about Akhuwat’s approach & now
considering to follow guiding principl...
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Book review on akhuwat ka safar by dr.mohammad amjad saqib


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Information shared by M.Ali Lahore for the benefits of society. Get positive feedback after reading and serve the human being just through knowledge/money.You will get reward here and hereafter.Its depends upon you how you will use information for sake of ALLAH.You will be responsible for doing wrongs otherwise ALLAH have created human being for NAIKEE(Good Works).

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Book review on akhuwat ka safar by dr.mohammad amjad saqib

  1. 1. Book Review: My Views :Mujahid Ali,IRP “Akhuwat ka Safar” by Dr.Amjad Saqib History is filled with a lot of noble personals who devoted their lives for a cause. Dr.Amjad Saqib is included in those persons who have devoted his life for a mission of Islamic Microfinance and helping of poor to make his life a prosperous one. This journey is about a person who started microfinance loan services for poor in 2001 and needy persons of Pakistan with just 10,000 and how he achieved target of disbursement of billions rupees in 2013.This is also the story of a visionary person to promote the Islamic Microfinance and easing the miseries of a common person. The books is written by Dr.Mohammad Amjad Saqib,he was born in Kamalia,Punjab.He got his got education from Government College and Kind Edward Medical College Lahore. In 1985 he was selected in DMG group. He got master degrees in Public Administration & International development from America.Dr.Amjad resigned from his public job and have devoted his life for Akhuwat. He has the proven working experience with renown national & Interantional organisations.He has also provided services to ADB,ILO, CIDA,UNDP,DFID, and World Bank. He also served the PEEF,PEF,Health care commission, Punjab welfare trust for disabled, Red Cross and Fountain house as a honorary. Currently he is the chairman of International Islamic Microfinance network. He was awarded Sitara Imtiaz by the president of Pakistan for his services for mankind. He is also author of many books. About the book 3rd edition(2013) of Book is published by Mavra Books, Lahore. Its price is 700 PKR. The Book have 6 chapters with 350 pages and pictures in end. Book have 6 chapters in the first chapter he has shared his views about his lectures in different thought of schools in Harvard university .Then in next four chapters, author have planned 2 weeks to reach 1000 Americans to share Akhuwat philosophy and achievements with people belong to different walks of life.6th Chapter describes shares his personal experiences when he comes back to Pakistan and his working on honary basis for different charge organizations .In the last, book is elaborated with snaps. Book starts with the opportunity & invitation to deliver the lecture and share his practical experience with global University scholars & MFIs. It is great matter of honor Pakistan and Dr.Amjad that he was called by world’s top institute in business. Questions answers sessions satisfied the audiences .During his visit & travelling in America, he shared his experience of Islamic Microfinance & Akhuwat philosophy. Third edition of the book is the proof that book is accepted by the readers and they want to read such quality books having good contents to learn. Microfinance is growing field as poverty indicator show poverty is increasing globally.
  2. 2. Akhuwat is trend setter in the world to promote Islamic fiancé through Muakhat paradigm in modern era and materialistic society. How he notices the the problems of common problem with deep eyes and how he helps them to stand on their feet and shares the common stories of common people how they changed their life after getting loans from . Humble start of Akhuwat with the disbursement of 10,000 to 2-4 billion .It the short journey now a short journey with quick development from 2001-2013 starts at slum area of Rasool Park,Ichra to New York.This is the journey of mission and accomplishment to help poor people to stand on their own feet and paves as a journey towards prosperous life.Akhwuat have now more than 150 local offices in the country. Dr.Amjad Saqib have played a very pioneer & pivotal role in Islamic Finance by taking inspiration from Islamic Concept of MUWAKHAT.After successful venture of Akhuwat,now moving & penetrating to other social areas like education ,health. No one can deny the importance of safarnama that provides historical ,geographical ` cultural information of that country and city and reader feels that he is too travelling with author. But this safarnama is unique in that sense that this journey is cause base. In this way ,this book is proved to be a good addition in literature.As a author shares tries to provide the background history of that country, visited area and geography and cultural values of those country ,Dr.Amjad Saqib have fulfilled the requirement of a safarnama. Microfinance model have lot of controversial issues due to heavy service charges in the world .How small loans are changing the lives of people of Pakistan. Small loans are biggest ways of success .During his visit to Harvard University he participated in the following events. 1. Tenth Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance and Development and his topic of discussion was "Faith based Investment and Social Responsibility" 2. 5 Day Microfinance Conference by Harvard University Business School to discuss problems and prospects in microfinance 3. International Development Conference by Harvard University Canady School Reaching One Thousand Americans and visited Washington DC,Los Angles,Chicago,Delus, North Carolina ,Marry Land and New York in March 2012 Author had 14 days gap between two events. He very intelligently used the time to reach 1000 Pakistani and shared blessings of Islamic microfinance and how Akhuwat philosophy,mission and objective with their Hamwatans.He availed this opportunity introduce Akhuwat across America by naming it “Reaching one Thousands Americans and how he was successful in spread light of Islamic Fiance and Akhuwat and how Akhuwat is reaching poorest of poorest in Pakistan.
  3. 3. It was the result of his journey that other MFI knew about Akhuwat’s approach & now considering to follow guiding principles of Akhuwat philosophy. MFIs are naming it a miracle with 100 recovery loans . Akhuwat is becoming a role model in Pakistan as globally Now the International finance institutes said it is the miracle in Akhuwat have been proved a role model for the interest free loan system in the world.Author was successful to introduce Akhuwat in America and got positive response from the Pakistani living in America. He shared Akhuwat principles and working style with his Hamwatan. Normally it happens that author share cultural geographical experiences with readers .But author smartly fulfilled the requirements of safarnama. Readers can enjoy the book and draw the lessons that how he smartly used the 14 Days for a cause not for enjoyment & he discussed the philosophy of Akhuwat and microfinance and loans facility provision in Pakistan and how world can get advantage from the Islamic microfinance concept. During this journey of struggle he does not ignore the efforts of a common man & his co-workers who worked as volunteers for Akhuwat,with out their support it was not possible to fulfill his dream. This safarnama is unique in that sense that normally people/author travel for enjoyment and learning about the people of that country, their cultural values and geography but author has given new dimension to the rest of society to travel for a cause not business. In this way this book is really good addition in the world and Pakistani literature. We strongly recommend to organizations and people to study the book to draw the lessons & get the motivation &inspiration from the authors how he got milestone through his visit . Weakness/Literary Criticism Nothing was planned and author could avail this opportunity to Introduce Akhuwat to other community groups of America and MFI. He got overwhelming attitude from Pakistani. A thoroughly entertaining and humbling story from Dr.Amjad Saqib. I feel that it is rare to find a book that's written with such honesty and down to earth approach. This is unlike any travel book I have read before and written in a very good way. When we study this book,we can feel we are actually there. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish and really an engaging book.In each chapter author shared the prominent personalities of America and culture and geography of those visited cities and hence reader travel with him by reading the book. It caters the information and literary needs of a common reader. The writing style is very is simple to convey his message effectively. Recommendation It is a message & inspiration for those who are working for humanity. This safarnama gives a hopes and message to personalities who are working for the cause and can use such PR method.