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What christmasisallabout en

  1. 1. What Christmas Is All About Hooray! That’s right. It’s December! The Christmas season is here.Mom, what isChristmas all And why do we about? celebrate it?
  2. 2. Those are good questions. Why don’t you try to guess what the Christmas season is all about?Is it about decorations, Is it the about the Or maybe the colored and making everything gifts that we give and twinkling lights? look pretty? and receive? Is it about the Christmas Or the Christmas carols, trees and wreaths? stories, and crafts? Is it about the tasty treats and delicious food?
  3. 3. Well, those are ways that we …We are celebratingcelebrate Christmas. Let me give you His birthday at thisa hint as to what Christmas is about: wonderful time of Christmas is when we celebrate year. Can you guess someone special. … who that is? JESUS! That’s right! Christmas is the time when we celebrate Jesus, God’s Son!
  4. 4. But why do wecelebrate Jesus’ birthday And why do we with Christmas trees, give presents decorations, lights? to each other? The ways we celebrate Christmas are ways that we can remember Jesus and show our happiness for Jesus’ life on earth.
  5. 5. When we see the beautiful Christmas lights, we can remember that Jesus is the light of the world. He brings light and love into our lives and hearts. When we give presents to others,or we give of our time to make someonehappy, we can celebrate the wonderfulgift Jesus brought to us—salvation and forgiveness for our sins.
  6. 6. Oh! And when we sing Christmas carols together, we are singing our happiness as we remember Jesus’ birth. Exactly! 11 “Joy to the World”; lyrics by Isaac Watts (1674–1748)and music by George Frederick Handel (1685–1759)
  7. 7. But what aboutthe decorations andthe Christmas tree?Why are they a part of Christmas? Well, apart from being a wonderful way to bring a special Christmas feeling into our homes, many of the ornaments and decorations also remind us about Jesus and the miracle of the very first Christmas long ago. The star at the top of the Christmas tree can remind us of the star that led the wise men to Jesus. That’s right.
  8. 8. In olden days, the city or church bells were rung in celebration when something wonderful had taken place. Jesus’ birth was a marvelous event, and the bells remind us that we can tell others the good news about Jesus, God’s gift of love. The shape Yes, it does. of the And we can remembercandy cane that God is like our makes me He can use the caring shepherd who think of a shepherd’s staff to looks after us, Hisshepherd’s rescue a lamb that little sheep. staff. is stuck. Exactly.
  9. 9. These angels remindme of the angels that God Yes. And God also sentsent to tell the shepherds angels to tell Mary and the good news of Jesus’ Joseph about the gift He birth. was giving to them… …The baby Jesus! The wreath is shaped as a circle, and What about the has no beginning or end. This gives us an That means He’ll wreath, Mother? example of God’s love for us, which is love us forever eternal and never-ending. and ever! Absolutely! Daddy, look! It’s beautiful!
  10. 10. Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus together as family and friends. It’s a time of year when we remember Jesus’ great love for us, and then we in turn can be a reflection of God’s love and kindness to others too. I love Me too. Christmas! What makes Christmas, do you know? Is it pretty gifts and shiny toys All wrapped up so nice and bright For little girls and boys? Is it pretty mistletoe, cheery lights, And a sparkly Christmas tree? No, these do not Christmas make; I am sure it’s more than these. Christ was born on this glad day, And that’s what makes Christmas. Christ was born on this glad day, And that’s what makes Christmas. Yes, that’s what makes Christmas! —Author unknownAuthored by Devon T. Sommers. Illustrations by Zeb. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2011 by The Family International