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Twice mine en


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Twice mine en

  1. 1. Twice MineeniM eciwT Thomas had been looking forwardto sailing his sailboat all week. Todaywas Sunday, and he would be going toWindmill Creek with Mother, Father,and his older sister Kate. “This is the best sailboat in theworld!” proclaimed Thomas as theywere on their way. “It does look awesome! You did agreat job in putting it together,” saidFather. When they arrived at WindmillCreek, a gentle wind had begun toblow, but Thomas thought nothing ofit. All his thoughts were centered onhis treasured toy. “Look, Mother! Itsails like a real boat!”
  2. 2. But just as the whole family wasadmiring Thomas’ sailboat, a gustof wind pushed the boat furtherand further downstream. The stickThomas had been using to keep thesailboat within his reach was tooshort! Father tried following thesailboat downstream, but soon treesand branches prevented him fromrecovering the boat, and the boatdisappeared from sight. Thomas went home very sad.That night, Mother and Thomasprayed that they would find thesailboat. It was several days later thatThomas and Mother made a startlingdiscovery on their way home fromshopping.
  3. 3. “Mother, look! It’s my sailboat!”said Thomas excitedly, pointing atthe window display of a shop sellingsecondhand toys. “Oh my, it does look just like theone you had! Let’s go in.” “Excuse me, sir,” said Thomas tothe shopkeeper, “that little sailboatin your shop window is mine! I wassailing it on Windmill Creek when itdrifted away.” “Well, I’m sorry, son, but I paidgood money to another little boy whofound the sailboat and sold it to me,so you’ll have to pay something for it,”said the shopkeeper. “But I bought the craft set andmade it myself.”
  4. 4. “I’m very sorry, but if you wantyour sailboat back, then you’ll have topay for it again.” Mother and Thomas left the shop. “Mother, I want to buy it again,”said Thomas. “I am going to save upmy pocket money till I have enough tobuy my sailboat back. Then it will betwice mine!” “In the meantime, we’ll pray thatno one else buys it,” said Mother. “Thisreminds me of someone else who wentthrough something like this.” “Really? Who, Mother?” askedThomas.
  5. 5. “God created the world, and Hemade Adam and Eve—the first humanbeings—in His own image. It wasperfect! Then Adam and Eve made thewrong choice, which meant mankindwould have to suffer the consequencesof sin. God wanted to redeem mankindbecause He loved His creation. This iswhy He sent Jesus to pay the price forour sin, and bring us salvation. That’show He ‘bought’ us twice. We wereHis at first, but He paid for us again sothat our sins could never permanentlyseparate us from God.” “Just like my sailboat will belongto me again when I pay for it?” “Yes, like that,” agreed Mother. “I’m glad we were bought again,”said Thomas.
  6. 6. A few weeks later Thomas had savedenough money to purchase his sailboat for thesecond time. At the toy store Thomas brought thesailboat to the cash register. “Sir, here’s themoney for the sailboat.” The shopkeeper placed the sailboat in abag and presented it to Thomas. Taking the sailboat in his arms Thomasexclaimed, “Little sailboat, you’re twice asmuch mine now because I paid for you twice!” The EndVerse: For God so loved the world that hegave his one and only Son, that whoeverbelieves in him shall not perish but haveeternal life. (John 3:16 NIV)Adapted by Aaliyah Smith, from the STEPS Curriculum © Aurora Production. Illustrations by Alvi. Design by Christia Copeland. Featured on My Wonder Studio. Copyright 2012 © by Aurora Production AG. Used by permission.