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The miracleride en


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Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement
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The miracleride en

  1. 1. The Miracle Ride “What a beautiful sunnyday,” Jerry’s dad said as hewalked into the kitchen,where Jerry and his mom werefinishing breakfast. “Jerry,” his mom said, “Mrs.Johnson is preparing lemonadefor the show-and-tell activityyour school is hosting for theparents tomorrow. Wouldyou like to help me pick somelemons from our tree and washthem? Then we can take themto Mrs. Johnson’s house.” “Oh, yes!” Jerry replied.“Please can we go to the park,too? I’d like to have a ride onthe big blue spaceship.” “Yes, we can go by the parkon our way back,” said Mother.
  2. 2. “There, we’re all ready,” said Jerry,as he brought the basket of lemons tothe car. He hopped inside. “Okay, let’sgo!” “Not so fast, son,” his fathercautioned. “Before we go anywhere, whatmust we always do?” “Pray,” replied Jerry. “Yes, that’s right. We need to praythat the Lord will protect us fromaccidents. Jerry, would you like to prayand ask Jesus to keep us safe?” “Sure,” Jerry said. “Jesus, thankYou for all the lemons You helped usto pick! Please protect us and keep ussafe. Amen!” After taking the lemons to Mrs.Johnson, Jerry, Mom, and Dad went tothe park. “The park is quite crowded,” Dadsaid as he parked the car. “Oh look, Mom! Look, Dad! There’sthe big blue spaceship ride.” “I wonder why nobody is ridingon it today?” said Mother, as they gotcloser to the playground.
  3. 3. “Hi, Jerry!” said a voice frombehind them. “Hi, Annie!” Jerry said. “Momand I picked some lemons and tookthem to Mrs. Johnson earlier today,so she can make some lemonade fortomorrow.” “That’s great! My mom and I aregoing to bake some cookies laterthis afternoon. I came to the parkto ride on the spaceship, but whenI put the coin in, nothing happened.Some of the other kids also tried,but it won’t work for them either. Ithink it’s broken.” “Well, I know Somebody whocan fix it,” Jerry’s mom said. “Jesus can repair anything.Let’s pray and ask Him to fix thespaceship.” “Please, dear Jesus,” Jerryprayed, “I would really like to ridethe spaceship, and so would Annieand the other kids. You said in theBible, ‘If you ask anything in Myname, I will do it’ (John 14:14), soplease repair the ride for us. Amen!”
  4. 4. “Okay,” said Jerry’s mom, “now let’s put the coin inside and expect a miracle.” Jerry got on the ride, his dad put the coin inside the slot, and the spaceship started mov- ing right away. “Wow! It works!” Jerry ex- claimed. “That’s so cool, Jerry!” said Annie. “Jesus answered your prayer.” All the other children who were playing nearby came run- ning to see the miracle that had happened when Jerry prayed for the spaceship. “It hadn’t been working today,” Annie told the other kids who had gathered, “but then Jerry and his parents prayed for it, and now it works!” “Prayer is powerful,” Jerry said, as he let Annie take a turn on the ride. Adapted by Danielle Adair, from the original story by Simon Peterson. Illustrations by Didier Martin. Design by Christia Copeland. “I’m going to start prayingFeatured on My Wonder Studio. © 2009 Aurora Production AG. Used by permission. for things too!” Annie said.