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The littleredbus en


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Published in: Spiritual
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The littleredbus en

  1. 1. The Little Red Bus “Mommy, look at this bus!” Five-year-old Thomas was pointing at apicture in a toy catalogue. “It’s just like the little red bus Ihad before we moved.” Thomas andhis family had recently moved to a newneighborhood, and Thomas had toleave some of his toys behind. “So it is!” said Mother. “I would very much like to haveanother toy like that,” said Thomas. Mother paused from preparingdinner. “Do you remember whatPhilippians 4:6 says?” “‘Let your requests be madeknown unto God.’” Thomas hadrecently memorized that verse with hisolder sister, Kate.
  2. 2. “Yes,” said Mother. “You can prayand ask Jesus to give you a bus.” “Can I pray right now?” askedThomas eagerly. Mother nodded, andThomas closed his eyes. “Jesus, I used tohave a bus like this one, and I really likedit. I had to leave it when we moved, butI would like to have this bus again.” Thomas opened his eyes,“Mommy, did Jesus hear my prayer?” “Of course He did! Jesus hearsevery prayer.” “Mommy, I believe that Jesusheard my prayer and is going to answerit, too.” “Yes. Jesus loves you very much,and even if you don’t get everythingthat you want right away, Jesus knowswhat is best for you, and He wants youto be happy. There’s another versein Psalms that says, ‘Delight yourselfin the Lord and He will give you the
  3. 3. desires of your heart.’ When you loveJesus and you try to obey what HisWord tells you to do, He is able tobless you.”1 That evening when Thomas’sfather came home from work, Thomaswas in for a great surprise. “Guess what I got for you.” Fatherpulled out a package wrapped inbrown paper—“It’s a little treat forbeing faithful with your chores.” “A treat for me? Thank you,Daddy. Oh, I wonder what it is...” Thomas excitedly tore throughthe wrapping. “Oh, look! Mother,look! It’s a red bus, just like the one Iprayed for.” “But how did you know?” Motherasked Father. “How did I know what, dear?”said Father. 1 Psalm 37:4 NIV
  4. 4. “We prayed for this same bus thisafternoon.” Father smiled from ear to ear. “Isthat so? Well, today while I was cominghome from work, I passed by a toy shopand saw this bus in the window. Jesusreminded me that you had left your redbus behind when we moved, so it wasJesus’ idea to get you a new one.” Thomas was very happy. “Jesusheard my prayer!” he said. “Yes,” agreed Father. “Jesus lovesyou very much.”Verse: Therefore I tell you, whateveryou ask for in prayer, believe that youhave received it, and it will be yours(Mark 11:24 NIV). Authored by Aaliyah Smith, adapted from theoriginal story by Simon Peterson. Illustrations by Alvi. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2011 by The Family International