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The christmaskite en

  1. 1. TheChristmas Kite Thomas was excited. He hadremembered to do his chores every dayfor a week, and now seven shiny starswere on his chore chart. These sevenstars meant that his dad would buy thekite Thomas had been wanting for solong! Father and Thomas put on theirjackets and hats, and went to the toystore to purchase the kite. The kite wasbright yellow with a picture of a brownand white eagle.
  2. 2. “Dad, can we fly it now?” askedThomas eagerly. Father smiled at Thomas.“Absolutely! Let’s go to Fair GardenPark, as there’s a big field there thatwill be perfect for kite flying.” It had snowed a little the daybefore, but today the sky was bright,and a brisk breeze swayed the barebranches of the trees at the far end ofthe park. Father held the body of the kiteand gave the kite’s string to Thomas.Father told Thomas to stand fartheraway. “When I let go of the kite, runtoward the wind, and don’t stoprunning until the kite is high up inthe air.”
  3. 3. Father let go of the kite. Thomasran and ran, the kite trailing behindhim, and then with a whoosh the kitewas swept into the sky. Thomas stopped running. “Look,Dad! It’s flying!” They watched the kite fly this wayand that. Sometimes a stronger breezewould push the kite higher into thesky, and Thomas hung on to the rollof string tightly so that the kite wouldnot fly away.
  4. 4. But then it happened! A strongwind swept the kite up and up! Thewind jerked the kite’s roll of string outof Thomas’ hands! Father jumped tocatch the kite’s string, but the kite hadbeen pushed very high by the wind—too high for Thomas or Father to grabhold of the string to get it back. It was a sad boy who returnedhome with his father that day.
  5. 5. That night, as Thomas was gettingready for bed, he said, “Dad, I hopesomeone will find my kite.” “We can pray that someone whohas always wanted a kite will find it,”suggested Father. “Maybe someone who needs anextra Christmas present!” addedThomas. “Dear Jesus,” Thomas prayed, “Ireally liked that kite. But now it’s gone.Could You please help someone whoneeds it as a Christmas present to findit? Someone who has always wanted akite? Amen.” Thomas felt better. He knew thatJesus would answer his prayer.
  6. 6. It was Christmas Day, and Thomasthought that so far it had been thebest Christmas yet. There had beena delicious Christmas breakfast,followed by opening the presentsunder the Christmas tree. And now heand his family were going to see theNativity scene that had been set up atthe entrance of Fair Garden Park. As they arrived at the park, theysaw that many other families had alsocome to look at the Nativity scene.And then Thomas looked up and sawit!
  7. 7. “Dad! Mom! Look! It’s my kite!” “So it is!” said Father. “And look, there’s a boy flying mykite.” Father, Mother, Thomas, andolder sister Kate watched as a boy flewThomas’ kite. The boy looked so happy,and the boy’s father, who was standingnext to the boy, looked very happy too. “Dad, I think Jesus helped the kitefly to someone who really wanted a kiteas a Christmas present.” “I think you’re right,” agreedFather. “That was very kind of you to praythat prayer,” said Mother.
  8. 8. “Merry Christmas,” said Thomasto the little boy and his father, asThomas and his family passed them onthe way to the Nativity scene. “Merry Christmas to you, too!” saidthe little boy and his father to Thomas. Thomas smiled. It really was thebest Christmas yet. The End Authored by Aaliyah Smith, adapted from the original story bySimon Peterson. Illustrations by Alvi. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2011 by The Family International