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The bestkindofadventure en


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The bestkindofadventure en

  1. 1. Adventure The Best Kind of Adventure “It is decided! We will go in search of treasure and adventure! We must depart at once! To the ship!” said the captain, taking charge. “Maybe we can meet a dragon or two?” “Or rescue someone from something terrible!” “Shhh! Do you hear?” whispered the captain to his crew. “We’re being followed! Quick! Hide!” The small troop ran behind some nearby bushes as footsteps drew near. “Can I play too?” asked Rory’s younger sister, Nia. After a long silence, the bushes parted and the fierce captain strode forward.
  2. 2. “I’ve told you before—you’re too little to playwith us!” said Rory as hestraightened the brightred sash around his waist.“Besides, you’re a girl,and you play with…” Rorywrinkled his nose. “Dolls!” exclaimedLeo, one of Rory’s friends,as the rest of the make-believe pirate crewclimbed out of the bushes. “Yes, dolls! And itwouldn’t be fun for youanyway!” Rory proclaimed. “But I could help,” saidlittle Nia, “I-I could bringyou tea … and cookies.” “Teatime is for girls!”said Rory, turning his backto Nia. “Lads! We must setsail immediately!” And without abackward glance, thethree boys ran as fastas they could towardadventure, leaving Niaalone.
  3. 3. Some time later, the pirate crew’s spirits weren’tas high as when they had first started to play. “Nia could have brought us some of those raisincookies she had made,” Leo said. “They did smell awfully good!” agreed Timmy,another of Rory’s friends. “Come now, pirates! Will we letcookies distract us from ouradventure?” demanded Rory. “We could have at leasteaten some before playing.” “Well, it’s too latenow, Leo,” said Rory,feeling cross anda little ashamed athow he had treatedhis younger sister.“We’ll just have to dowithout them.”
  4. 4. Suddenly a shout of “Ahoy!”stirred the boys. They turnedand stared as a figure thatlooked just like a picture-bookpirate approached. It was Rory’solder brother, Aiden! One ofhis eyes was covered by a blackpatch, and a stubbly beard waspainted on his face. A red scarfwas tied around his head. “Ahoy!” cried the boys,eager to see what Rory’sinventive brother was up totoday. “Captain Rory,” said Aiden,“how goeth thy search foradventure?” “Not well at all!” said Rory.At that, Timmy and Leo beganthe story of how Nia hadwanted to play and finished thetale by mentioning the cookiesthey’d missed out on.
  5. 5. “Well, one thing seems plain to me—this is set to be a day filled with adventure and treasure!” “Really?” asked Timmy. “Yes,” said Aiden. “Adventure can mean manythings, but I believe that the best kind is when youhelp others, right wrongs, defend ladies in distress,and champion the weak.” “Do you mean Nia?” asked Rory, regretting hisearlier words to his sister. “Yes, from what you said, she did seem to berather sad.” “Because I wouldn’t let her play with us?” “Yes. But that does seem to be a wrong that wecan make right,” Aiden said.
  6. 6. “And the treasure? Could that be the cookies?” inquired Leo. “A bowl of raisin cookies is a treasure worth going on adventures for,” said Aiden. Everyone was smiling by now, and even Rory laughed a little. “But wait,” said Rory, “we—I mean I—wasn’t so nice to Nia earlier. I don’t think that she would want to give us cookies anymore.” Timmy and Leo sadly nodded their heads in agreement. “Well, I can see that you are sorry,” said Aiden. “Let’s put ourheads together and see what we can do to make it up to Nia.”
  7. 7. A band of piratescame marching intoNia’s room. Theycrowded around Niaand began to all talkat once. Aiden lifteda hand for silence.“I think Rory hassomething he wouldlike to say.” “Here, this isfor you,” said Rory,pushing a packageinto Nia’s hands. “It’sfrom all of us, and Iwanted to say sorryfor not letting youjoin our game.” Nia beganto smile as sheaccepted the parcelfrom her brother.She tore at thepaper, and grinnedas the contents fellinto her lap: a redhandkerchief for herhead, and a blackcloth eye patch! “Oh!” exclaimed Nia. “I can play too?” “Please do!” said Leo and Timmy.
  8. 8. “Besides, we’ll need agirl to bandage us up whenwe get banged up in ouradventures,” added Rory,remembering how his sisterliked to put bandages oneverything. “Will you come and bepart of our merry crew?”asked Aiden, speaking onthe behalf of all the goodpirates crowded around. “Oh, yes! Thank you!” said Nia. “Would you also like some raisin cookies?” “We’d be so happy to have some!” said Rory. Leo and Timmy cheered as Nia led the way into the kitchen. Aiden gave Rory a wink. This is definitely the best kind of adventure! thought Rory as he smiled back. The End Authored by Aaliyah Smith. Illustrations by Sandra Reign. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International