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The badgerandthehoneyguide en

  1. 1. The Badger and the Honey Guide Once upon a time, long,long ago, in a great bigforest, there lived a sad littlebird and a honey badger. one thing in common—an where many swarming hives How she longed to feastThough these two creatures attraction to bees’ nests. were located throughout the upon the delicious beeswaxwere very different, their The little bird was sad forest, she was never able that the bees stored theirCreator had given them both because, although she knew to get to the goodies inside. honey in.
  2. 2. The only problem was thather desired food was buried deepwithin their hives, protected bymany hundreds of little buzzingoccupants equipped with deadlystingers. She did not know whatshe could do. One sunny morning the and out of the old trunklittle bird sat atop a branch that served as their home, The hive was sealed, would finish her off beforeoverhanging one of the trying to devise a plan. But with only a small opening she could eat anything. “Nolargest hives she had ever the more she thought about for the bees to get in and use enjoying a beeswaxseen. She sat there watching it, the more hopeless it out. Even if she could get meal if it will be my last!”the bees as they flew in seemed. close, the sting of the bees she chirped.
  3. 3. Just then, a honey badgercame waddling by. He,too, had a passion for thehoneycomb. He loved to suckall the delicious honey fromit to the last drop. He readily wildly, but, to the bird’sraided the homes of bees, surprise (for she waswhenever he could find one. same beehive protruding from towards the hive, ripped off watching all), their stingsHoneycomb was his treasured the trunk. Setting his eyes a large portion, and made did not seem to faze theand favorite delight. on a section of the hive, he off with his delight in no badger in the least. He had What a find I have today, prepared to attack. time. Angry at the intrusion, no fear of the bees, for theyhe gloated as he eyed the Fearlessly he stormed the bees began to sting him could not harm him.
  4. 4. Just then, the bird thought of a The bird flew down to where the “Well, I think I can be of help,”plan. Surely, if I can show the badger badger was finishing off the last of the little bird replied. “You see, I knowwhere he can find more honey, he will his treasured sweetness. “Those bees where there are lots of hives, whichgive me a share of the profits also. make pretty good stuff, don’t they?” means lots of honey.”That way we can both help each other. she chirped up. “You do?” “You’re telling me!” the badger replied, licking his lips. “I just wish I could find it a little more often.”
  5. 5. “Sure! You see, But the problem is that “Ah, yes, those is on my nose, but perfect,” the birdbees also produce my I can’t get into the bees can never bother even then it is just a declared.favorite food, beeswax hive without the bees me. You see, I have a tickle.” He let out a “What plan?” theand larvae*, and I can getting at me first. I bee-proof coat. laugh. honey badger asked,easily detect them noticed you don’t have “The only place “Which is what curious to know whatwhen they are around. a problem with that.” they can get me makes my plan so she had in mind.
  6. 6. “Well, it’s like this: Ican find the hives and showyou where they are, andthen you can do the job ofopening the honeycomb.Then you can have thehoney, and once the beesare scattered, I’ll finish offthe rest.” “I couldn’t havethought of a better ideamyself,” cried the honeybadger. “I think we’re goingto be the best of friends.” And so started an on, whenever a honeyamazing partnership guide would lead abetween the little badger to the site of Moral: Working together as a team produces the best results.bird, who became a hive, in return heknown as the honey would always leave her Text from “STEPS, Character Building: Working Together.” Copyright © 2006 Aurora Production AG. Used by, and the honey a share in appreciation Illustrations by Zeb. Design by Christia Copeland.badger. From that day for her help. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International