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Temple care


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Published in: Spiritual
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Temple care

  1. 1. T emple getting avoiding vigorous and getting junk food, exercise, the quality sleep that we eating need. Care nutritious Oh, Sa-am… Where ARE you? … food, … but there’s a We should do the best time and we can to live healthy a place, m! Josh. lives and not abuse our Um bodies by doing the following:I n 1 Corinthians 3:16, the apostle Paul tells us, “Do you not know that you are God’s Sam laying lowtemple and that God’s Spiritdwells in you?” (ESV) It’s also important that we don’t put ourselves unnecessarily in danger of sickness and disease through not taking the properWhen John the Revelator precautions like...(Beloved) saw into heaven,he saw twenty-four saints And we can alsoworshipping God, saying, “You washing our hands or wearing clean protect ourselves fromare worthy, our Lord and God, regularly, clothes. injury by not takingto receive glory and honor and needless risks. Eddie washes hispower, for you created all things, hands before doingand by your will they were the dishes. Dirty Fresh, This qualifies as sparkly a needless risk.created and have their being” clothes clothes(Revelation 4:11 NIV). One waywe can honor God for all thatHe has made is through takingcare of His creation—and thatincludes taking care of ourselves!
  2. 2. Impo Yo rta Nee u rtance exer nce of Exe d to nce Impoorta ise of exercise c The ise #3 r Rea cise cexer #2 Sequ el lly ! # 1 The Movie Yeah, I’m really nc e Exerc into exercise. rt a Impor ise Is I just watched God won’t always intervenepo of #6 tant, e ise l rc ona Part 1 ! tennis and now supernaturally and cover for us if ex diti ng I’m watching Ad eadi soccer. we could have taken some steps R ourselves to correct a potentially e Is cis t, destructive situation. xer rtan E o ! Imp art 2 P a is Wh rcise t” “e xe tan or t imp ou no ? d o y stand er und At the end of an inspiring I am most sorry One month later. jungle “road” trip. to report that the rope and bamboo bridge overNow, of course there are times when not Mwahaha Falls—everything in our physical situation is the only route out Despite our limited diet of our village— born of necessity, we feelideal. Jesus has promised to care for His has been washed healthy and invigorated!own; He has given His angels charge over away. You will be our guests for theus to keep us in all our ways (see Psalm month it will take91:11). If we have done all that we can, to rebuild it. And as you havethen we can know that Jesus will do all observed, we livethat He can to care for and protect us. on coconut and cassava-root patties...
  3. 3. But what we can do,Jesus expects us todo. For example, if Did you Uh, Mum...I’m like, 14! Teeth brush brushing is not cool!you don’t faithfully yourcare for your teeth teeth, If you do your best to care for yourself physically,and gums, you Chris? Jesus will do those things that only He can andcan’t expect Jesus that are His will. But Jesus is not going to come andto miraculously brush your teeth for you, or put you to bed whenpreserve you from you’re up past your bedtime, or override the effectsdental problems of junk food when you could have been choosingdown the line. If to eat more eat sugary oroily junk food, don’tthink that you’ll avoidsickness and disease. t. t the dentis This is Later, a Good boy! embarrassing. Clut ch! wizt! zzttzzw From his new vantage point of staring up Note to youthful reader: Jesus at the dentist’s nostrils, Chris realizes loves you very much, and expects that teeth-brushing is, in fact, a lot you to do what you can do. cooler than he’d previously thought.
  4. 4. way the Gabe rolls a oved stone of impr cise, and health, exer abits. nutrition h Jesus expects us to live healthily through If we do what we can do, getting good exercise, eating foods that will then we can trust Jesus for nourish and energize our bodies, rather than the rest. (Read the story of those things that tear our health down. Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in John 11:1–44.) Faithfulness & obedience in Unfaithfulness & caring for your body. disobedience in caring Our faithfulness and obedience to take care Feeling groovy! for your body. of our body is very important. It plays a big role in our overall health, and thus in our or fruitfulness and productivity and happiness, and that makes it extremely important. ing Feel ! oovy ungr S&S link: Character Building: Personal Responsibility: Health and Personal Care-2bContributed by R. A. Watterson, based on the writings of Maria Fontaine. Illustrations by David Komic. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International It’s up to you!