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Snap's pond


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Snap's pond

  1. 1. Snap’s Pond He swam just below the surface of his pond, so that his big, beady eyes poked out of the water. He would watch the whole pond as he swam around. “This pond is my home,” Once upon a Snap said to himself. He didn’t time there lived a want anyone else coming to crocodile named play in his pond. He thought it Snap. He was green was his very own. and scaly, and had Sometimes the flamingos would a long snout and wade into the water on their lots of pointy, long legs. “Can we come into jagged teeth. the pond for a while? We’d like to play and drink some water here.” But Snap would go “snap”! “No! This is my pond, and I don’t want any flamingos in it.” Sometimes the big, round, hard-shelled tortoises would come waddling up. “Hey, Snap! Do you mind if we go sit in the corner of the pond, where the shallow water is?” Snap snapped again, “No, I don’t want you cluttering up my pond! This is my special pond and only I can stay in it.”
  2. 2. It wasn’t long of tortoises were pink flamingos everybody playing. like he had sentbefore Snap began playing tag, chasing were standing and They seemed to be them away, so hefeeling lonely each other up and splashing in the water. having such a good soon crawled out ofbecause nobody down the side of Snap hid himself in time. Snap was afraid his bush and wentcame around the the pond. A bunch a bush just outside the they might see him scurrying back to hispond anymore. Snap of tall, beautiful pond and watched and send him away, own pond.would just swim byhimself to one end ofthe pond, and thenhe would swim back.He had worked sohard at protecting hispond, but now he wasvery lonely. One day, hethought, I’m goingto explore the areaand see what else isaround. He waddled acrossthe turf. Soon hearrived at anotherpond. The pond waspretty small andthe water was verymurky, but it was full of Snap sat in his pond all by himself. He feltanimals! very sad as he remembered all the animals They were having that had tried to come and play in his pond,so much fun. A great, and how he had sent them away. Now heround, chubby was very sorry.hippopotamus was What can I do to get the animals to comerolling over and over and play in my pond? Snap the mud. A couple
  3. 3. Then he had an idea. “I’m going tomake this the best pond ever!” Snap got busy right away andstarted digging a mud hole on oneside of the pond. He dug anddug in the soft ground until hehad made a huge mud hole. Then he opened his great jaws and grabbed a bunch of leaves that were lying along the ground, and he set them in a pile. There were many fruit trees surrounding his pond, so he grabbed some of the fruit that had fallen from the trees and set it all on the pile of leaves. At last everything was ready.
  4. 4. Snap went waddling back overto the other pond. As soon as he gotthere, he stuck his head out of thebushes and went “snap”! All theanimals stopped what they weredoing. They slowly lookedaround. For a momentthey were worried, andthought, Oh no! Whatis Snap coming totell us now? Theythought he mighthave more nastythings to say to them. But Snap was differentnow. “Hey, everybody! You cancome and play in my big pond, ifyou’d like. I’m sorry that I was nasty to you. “I made a nice mud hole, and I got some fruit andleaves so that everybody can have snack. If youwant, you can come over and play there.” The animals all looked at each other. “We’d likethat!” they all chorused. The animals followed Snap back to his pond. Henry, the big hippo, went wob, wob, wob,wob as he wobbled over to the pond. “Wow!Look at this mud hole!” he exclaimed whenhe saw Snap’s pond. The hole was two orthree times as big as the mud hole in theold pond. Henry dove into it. Slosh! Heslipped and slid around in the mud andhad so much fun.
  5. 5. In the days that passed, more and more animals The four graceful flamingos were came by Snap’s pond.delighted to join Snap’s lovely pond, as Word had spread that itthey’d always wanted to. And as for the was the best pond in thetortoises, they had a great time chasing area.each other up and down the pond. One day Snap noticed another animal slowly coming across the marsh towards his pond. His eyes lit up: It was a lady croco- dile! Snap sat on the side “Hello! What’s your of the pond, happy to name?” she said, as she see all his new friends came near. having so much fun. “I’m Snap,” he replied. “I’m Flora. I heard that your pond is the place to be. Do you mind if I stay here for a bit?” “I would love to have you stay!” Snap exclaimed. “We could be friends.” “Oh yes,” said Flora. “I think I will be very happy here. You seem like such a kind crocodile.” And so Snap and Flora lived happily together. Moral: When you share, it not only makes others happy Snap was very happy but it also makes you happy. that he had learned to share, because when he Authored by Lili-Rose Long. Illustrations by Leila Shae, Etienne Morel, and Sabine Rich. Design by Christia Copeland. shared, he was blessed with Featured on My Wonder Studio. © 2009 Aurora Production AG, Switzerland. Used by permission. friends in return.