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Powerful performance pointers


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Powerful performance pointers

  1. 1. We’re preparing FOLD SWEET to perform for others FOLD this Christmas. Yippee! I love performing at Christmas! I like to sing and dance.poweperfo r fu poin r ma l ter nce s
  2. 2. The first stepin preparing Thank You,a Christmas Jesus, that withperformance is this performanceprayer. we can spread Your These ideas love and joy this for our Christmas. And please help us“‘Not by might performance show people thatnor by power, Please help us learn look like fun! You love them!but by My Spirit,’ our parts well.Says the LORD ofhosts” (Zechariah4:6 NKJV).
  3. 3. It’s important when you perform to be kind to each otherand to people you meet. It’s just as important to be a testi-mony of God’s love even when you aren’t performing, so thatGod’s light shines through you at all times. “By this will all know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35 NKJV). Here’s a list of times when people might see us and watch how we reflect Jesus, besides when we’re actually performing. You might be surprised by the last two points. But some people who have seen us perform might see us as we are out and about in town at other times. • Before performing • After performing • While talking to people after the show • When traveling to the show or going home • When out in the city, in a store, or at a park on another day
  4. 4. Practice time. You can use your practice time to learn Let’s try to to avoid distracting avoid picking Oops! behavior during a and scratching. performance. If you pick your nose Rememberor scratch and fidget, when we it can distract the watchedviewers from enjoying that Russian the show. dance troupe Examples of fidgeting to avoid perform? when performing: Wouldn’t it • Wiggling. look odd if • Picking one’s nose. one of the • Running fingers through dancers one’s hair. picked his • Playing with one’s costume. nose while performing?
  5. 5. Concentrate on looking at the From theaudience and smiling at all times. Remember to face beginning… forward and look at the audience, please.“A cheerful look brings joy to the It’s hard to Or at leastheart” (Proverbs 15:30 NLT). look at the whole someone audience all at Friend that you feel once. comfortable looking at. I usually pick someone I know in the audience to look at.
  6. 6. It’s important to Dress neat and tidy Tomorrow is our firstand to have good performance. Areposture. we ready for dress YAY! rehearsal? After you’ve put Uh-oh! My your costumes on, …stay clean! blouse has dirt it is important on it. to… Let’s start. Remember to stand up straight and tall. It must be from the cat.
  7. 7. r ld ” Even if one of you makes a “j oy wo mistake, just keep going. The to the show must go on! But if it was wrong, shouldn’t we stop and do it again? Cute! Look at Ryan dancing the wrong way! Okay, pause. Often people won’t notice that you made a mistake if you just keep going.When you are performing, keep going anddon’t stop, even if you make a mistake. But if you stop, then it’s a lot more obvious.
  8. 8. Keep singing, even if you or someone That was very good. Dannielse in the group sings the wrong “Let … um … receive got some words mixed up,word or makes another error. but you kept going. something...” Great! “Joy to the But world, the something else Lord has went wrong this come!” time. What ? was it? ? The children keep ? singing until the end of the song. I wanted to Andy, do you realize tell her that she you made a funny sang the wrong face at Danni? words. I wouldn’t have known that Danni made a mistake if you hadn’t made that face at her. I think Danni knew, and it’s best if you just keep looking forward and smiling at the audience.
  9. 9. Love, patience, and prayer The following day, and first needed to overcomepre-performance jitters. Let’s get the kids arguing so they won’t smile when they sing. Hee hee hee!“Be kind to one another,tenderhearted, forgiv-ing one another, just asGod in Christ forgave you” I wonder if we’re a little But don’t be(Ephesians 4:32 NKJV). discouraged. Let’s I want to sit in the No, Lulu, I don’t! I nervous about back. Pauline, you always want to sit in the our first show, forgive each other, sit in the back! back today. which might and ask Jesus to fill be why you us with His argued. love.
  10. 10. Pray and praise your Oh no, way to victory! praise! Let’s also thank Jesus for all He’s done for us so far and what He’s going to do for us today with this show. Thank You for filling us with Thank You Your Spirit and for for our nice Thank You, shining through costumes. Thank You for“Don’t worry Jesus, for the us today. the beautifulabout anything; fun we’ve had weather!instead, pray practicing! “Let yourabout everything. light shine beforeTell God what you others, so thatneed, and thank they may see yourhim for all he has good works and givedone” (Philippians glory to your Father4:6 NLT). who is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16 ESV). Please help us And help bring joy and people be drawn cheer to others closer to You, Help today. Jesus. us sing clearly.
  11. 11. During some part At the end of the performance.of the performanceyou might want tointroduce yourselves. My My My name I’m My name My name I’mIf you haven’t done name is name is is Ace. Daniela. is Sam. Billy. I’mso earlier, you can do Andy. is Louise. Pauline, This is I’m nine I’m eight I’m eight seventhis at the end before I’m also I’m six and I’m my little years years years old, yearswalking away from eight. years seven brother. old. old. too. old.the area where you old. yearsperformed. old. My name is Ryan. I’m five years old.Say your namesclearly. And whenleaving the stage,do so in an orderlyfashion.
  12. 12. Mr. Grant asked if you’dlike to join himat his table for lunch. Here’s my chart. S CHART: Now I can use the tips GO OD MA NNERI’ve been practicing that r chair.Mommy wrote on a table * Sit nicely in you ws. on’t choose an on your elbo e lders, and d manners chart. * Don’t le en and your he other childr . * Prefer t ummy snack something piece of a y are served the biggest es when you le or make fac le and try it . Don’t grumb . Take a litt * for so much yo u don’t care h closed. h your mout are as ked a * C h ew wit your m outh. If you hen answer . lk with food in w your food, t * Don’t ta g and swallo g, b ut talk o ne at a question, f inish chewin in er when talk terru pt each oth * Don’t in it, b ut don’t time. ou , or as k for passed to y r food to be * Wait fo or food. welcome.” reach ove r another f u,” and “you’re ,” “thank yo to say “please * Be sure
  13. 13. Today you get On their way back from the performance for the elderly.“By this my Father to sing to a groupis glorified, that of elderly bear much This performance One man at I thoughtfruit” (John 15:8 was the most fun the beginning he mightESV). one! seemed very cry. sad. But by the time we finished I got to the second song pray with he was smiling, him for Jesus You all did and didn’t stop Jesus to did it! great! for the rest of help him. the show.
  14. 14. “As a result of your ministry, Praise You,they will give glory to God” Thank You, Jesus, for Your We love(2 Corinthians 9:13 NLT). Jesus, for love that shone You, Jesus! using us! through! Thank you, SPEED LIMIT children, for giving 80 Me a wonderful KM Christmas! gifts for Thank You, Jesus, Christmas for showing us Your love through these children! S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: Biblical and Christian Foundation: The Great Commission-1d Authored by Evan Kallen. Art by Zeb. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International