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Our awesome repayment king


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Published in: Spiritual
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Our awesome repayment king

  1. 1. Our Awesome Repayment King When you give to Jesus or you give to It’s similar to how when you go tosomeone as a manifestation of your love for the store and you give money to theJesus, Jesus will repay and give to you in salesclerk, the salesclerk then gives youreturn. That’s a fact! the item you bought in exchange. However, when I repay, I do better than that! In return for the sacrifices you make, You may not see the reward Jesus often rewards you with something right away, as some blessings take special and meaningful to you that will a while to arrive. But it’s a fact that make your sacrifice seem worthwhile in in time, whether now or later, you comparison. God’s reward won’t only be will be repaid by Jesus for every- equal to how much you gave, but thing you give to Him. you will also feel contentment in your Orange-crowned warbler… heart for having obeyed and done as Jesus asked you to. Mark is going to love what I’m preparing for him! Mark plays with his baby brother.
  2. 2. It is more blessed to give than to receive There are many examples in the Bible of (Acts 20:35 NKJV).people who gave to God and were blessed for it. When they parted ways, Abrahamoffered Lot, his nephew, the choice ofwhere to live. Lot chose the land withthe most water, and therefore thebest grazing land for his flocks.God, in turn, greatly blessedAbraham for giving whatappeared to be the best landto Lot. You can read thisstory in Genesis 13. Hannah, who for manyyears had no children,was then given a bigfamily because she gaveher first son, Samuel,to God by taking him tothe temple to be trainedin God’s service. (See 1Samuel 1:4–2:11, 2:21.) The widow of Zarephathused what she thought wasthe last of her flour and oil tofeed the prophet Elijah duringa famine. In return, God causedher flour and oil to not run out sothat she had plenty for her son andherself to eat, as well as to continueto feed Elijah. (1 Kings 17:7–16.) Can you think of more stories about giving in the Bible?
  3. 3. An important principle of giving to God is that we do it willingly and cheerfully. Abraham willingly offered Lot the choice of land, knowing that Lot would likely choose the best for himself. It was Abraham’s faith-filled willingness to give that God blessed. Thanks, Jesus, for Hannah was very happy inspiring me to give that God gave her a son, this to Rob. Samuel. Out of gratitude she told God that she wanted to give Samuel to I miss my parents, but God to be trained to serve it makes me happy to know Him. they are helping others learn more about God I was hoping to play this weekend. with Daddy, but it’s fun seeing him play Wow, Mark, you with Rob. gave me your favorite airplane for myThe widow birthday!of Zarephathwillingly gave In 2 Corinthians 9:7, the Apostle Paulwhat she tells us that God wants us to give to Himthought was because we want to, not because we havethe last of her to. As he explains, “God loves a cheerfulfood because giver” (NKJV).she believed Has there been a time when youwhat the struggled with giving something, and youprophet had thought about what you’d lose by giving, buttold her. then you made a decision to give and trust God for the outcome? Think about how God saw your sacrifice in giving, as well as your cheerful willingness.
  4. 4. What blessings have you received recently from our awesome Repayment King? The rewards Jesus Sometimes God gives you might not will reward us always come in the right away for form or way that giving, but often you think is best, the blessings but God promises come later. to reward you bountifully. One day I want to learn to play an electric guitar. I’m glad Jesus supplied an acoustic guitar for me to learn to play on first. Yummy—I like And whether He gives chicken! us something we are hoping for in return“Give, and it or He blesses us inwill be given another way, Godto you. A good always blesses giving.measure,pressed down,shaken together We can playand running outside!over” (Luke6:38 NIV). S&S link: Character Building: Values and Virtues: Generosity-1c Authored by Evan Kallen, based on the writings of Maria Fontaine. Illustrations by Sandra Reign. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International