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Lost on a mountain


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Published in: Spiritual
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Lost on a mountain

  1. 1. Loston a Mountain Welcome to Yosemite National Park. Stayin’ awhile? Why, sure. The campsites are just down the road a piece. A true story! So keep a close watch on your food and on yourselves, you hear? Being as it’s fall, the bears are particularly hungry this time of year. We’d like to camp here for the night.
  2. 2. After lunch. I’d like to climb that mountain, but I don’t want to follow the tourist trails. If I ask Mother for permission to go off trail, she’ll probably say no. But I really want to. … I have this map, so I’ll be okay. I’ll go this way, straight up the mountain. How about right here? Yes, this place looks good. Come on, let’s get set up.
  3. 3. It took David hours to make it to the top without following a trail. But finally… I’d better head back before dark. It’s too steep to go back down the way I came up. The map shows a five-kilometer trail that passes over the top of the falls and back to the valley. It’s going to be freezing cold up here once the sun sets. Hey! Hello! Hey, you down there! I’m up here on the mountain! Hey! Phew, I made it. what a view! It’s thrilling to be on the top of this mountain!
  4. 4. The water was raging at the top of the falls, which were over 400 meters high. It was getting darker, and David had trouble following the trail. Odd. This trail doesn’t look like it’s been used for years. No wonder the trail seems unused, The bridge has been washed away! The trail picks up again on the other side, but how am I going to get across? There’s no place to cross, and it’s too rough to swim across. But I’ve got to get over. After going through the woods for a while… David hiked a couple of kilometers upstream looking for a way to cross.
  5. 5. A fisherman. What am I going to do? I’m never going to find my way back through the woods. Though no more than four meters away, the fisherman couldn’t hear him over the raging of the river. Hey you, hey, mister! Hey! Help! Help! It’s cold, and I don’t even have a match. And if any of those bears come…. If only I had told my parents where I went, then they might be able to find and help me. Oh, Jesus, please help. I really need You. Please show me what to do!
  6. 6. “There’s a hole in my bucket…” Maybe if I sing, it will scare the bears away. I will guide you. Oh, I can follow this narrow ditch left by rain water running down the mountain. Now how do I go down? Jesus, please show me. David, you’ll have to go back through the woods. David took off running back along the faint path through the dark woods. I’ll get lost. And the bears! And… But, Lord, I can’t go back through the woods with so little light. Hey! This is the place where I came up. Oh, thank You, Jesus, for guiding me here!
  7. 7. AY YAI! Ow, ow! Mother, I’m back. Poor Mother. she must be really upset and worried about me. David, David! where have you been? I climbed the mountain. Finally, at 2 AM, David tiptoed back into the tent and found his mother praying. David put his feet in the small ditch, and started down, sliding most of the way on the seat of his pants. He climbed and slid over one kilometer down the mountain side in the pitch dark. Jesus, please bring David back safely. Take care of him. You promised that Your presence will be around those who love You... 1 1 Psalm 34:7
  8. 8. S&S link: Character Building: Values and Virtues: Obedience-1b Story adapted from the writings of TFI. Design and illustrations by Jeremy. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2016 by The Family International. And remember to ask Jesus to guide and protect you. “He goes before them, and the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice” (John 10:4 AKJV). Why didn’t you tell us where you were going? We’ve been so worried. If I had told you my plans, I wouldn’t have done something so foolish. ... and I kept thinking, “I wish someone knew where I’ve gone.” I’m sorry. I know I should have told you. You must be cold and hungry. Tell me what happened. David relates to his mother all that happened.