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Let's chat en


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Published in: Spiritual
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Let's chat en

  1. 1. Let’s Chat! A message from Jesus I want to have little chats with you I wonder throughout the day to when Jesus check that you’re happy will visit. and doing well. The great thing about talking with Me is that I’m always with you. You don’t have to wait for Me to visit before we can have a chat.And you don’t need to check your computer or phone to see if you’ve received a message from Me. I’m always connected to you! Sometimes I’ll send a short one-liner your way that says, “Hi! How are you?” Or I might ask about your day, or tell you how proud I am of you for something you’ve said or done. You don’t have to wait for Me to initiate the texting; you can initiate it with Me and I’ll always respond. I promise that you’ll never have to wait long for Me to answer, because I always have My phone handy, waiting to hear from you.
  2. 2. Joe says: Joe says: Jesus says: I’m worried Hi, Jesus! Sure! It’s about my Wanna nice to hear friend Rob. talk? from you. …Then we can chat about your life, your friends, your school—anything you’d like totalk about. Anything that you’re interested in, I want to talk about, because I’m interested in you and what you are interested in! Hi, Jesus! Hmm, what’s Sometimes I feel something I can shy, and I don’t chat with Jesus Oh, I know what to about? know! say when I meet someone new. Do you have any tips on what I Jesus says: You could say? could ask them about their… Chatting back and forth with Me is easy. You can start by telling Me about something you read in the Word, or something about your day, or by asking Me a question and then waiting for Me to respond. Talking back and forth with Me is easy. You can start by telling Me something about your day, or by asking Me a question and then waiting for Me to respond, or about something you read in My Word. Jesus says: Joe says: Hi, Joe! I’m Thanks, Jesus! dropping a I really needed line to say that. I love that I love you. you too! I might start our chat by telling you how much I love you, or by asking you something. I’ll then wait to hear what you have to say to Me.
  3. 3. Jesus, I’m confused I’ll always have time about why my sister to hear you out. You was so upset at me this morning. I don’t can talk with Me for know what I did as long as you like. I’m wrong. very good at listening. I understand how that can be confusing for you, since you normally get along well with Marina. She is missing her pet turtle that died. Often when people are sad, they can act distant and uninterested in things you say. So have patience with her. Then when you are ready to listen, maybe I’ll talk about or share a new way oflooking at what you’ve been talking about. We can have intriguing discussions on anything you can think of! Hi, Jesus! Oh, wow! My Let’s chat. friend wants to chat with Joe says: Me! Hi, Jesus! Let’s chat. Whenever you ask Me to chat with you, I’m thrilled! The times we get to talk together are some of My favorite times with you! They make My day! S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: A Personal Connection with Jesus: Hearing from Jesus-2b Author unknown. Illustrations by Leila Shae. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International