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  1. 1. T here once was a donkey foal named Dunkin who lived in a nice barn on a large farm. Dunkin was a happydonkey, and the other animals enjoyedbeing around him. He often expressedhis gratitude to Jesus for everything thathe had been blessed with. Dunkin was glad for a nice barn tosleep in that sheltered him from therain, loving and caring parents who werealways doing their best to show Dunkinhow much they loved him, all of hisanimal friends, and Sara, the farmer’sdaughter who would play with him, andsometimes even scratch his back. Dunkin was especially happy thisevening because he was looking forwardto tomorrow, when they would get to goto the big corn field near the farm. Dunkin
  2. 2. over something that has not turned out as you wanted it to, ask Jesus to help you see the situation positively. It makes Jesus sad when we complain and forget about our blessings. If you praise Him for all the good things, Jesus will bless you and make you feel content inside.” Dunkin The next morning, Dunkin thought to him- Then Dunkin decided to askhowever, Dunkin awoke self. Oh, why did it have remembered what his Jesus to help himto the sound of thunder to rain today? It was go- father had told him be thankful andand raindrops falling ing to be such an enjoy- when things didn’t go praiseful.hard on the barn’s roof. able day, but now I have as expected: “When you Oh, no! It’s raining! to stay in the barn! … feel like you want to sulk
  3. 3. “Dear Jesus,” Dunkin prayed, “pleasehelp me see the good in this situation,even though I can’t go outside andplay in the field. Thank You for this rainbecause it means that the crops willgrow better, and that will make FarmerSummers very happy. Thank You also thatthe ducks will have a lot of water in theirpond after the rain, and thank You thatI get to stay in the barn and play somecool games with the rest of the animalshere.” As Dunkin walked around the barn,Fudge and Bob, the pigs, came up to him. “Dunkin, do you want to play a gamewith us?” The pigs were organizing a fungame of hide-and-go-seek in the barnwith Arnold, the horse foal, and Harrietand Molly, the lambs. “Certainly!” Dunkin replied. After they had been playing for acouple of hours, Sara came to the barn.She joined in the game, and they all hadeven more fun. Afterwards they ate somedelicious apples that Sara had brought.
  4. 4. Soon Dunkin’s dadcame over to wherethey were playing andsaid, “Guess what,Dunkin? It’s stoppedraining and the sunis shining. FarmerSummers has comefor us. We’re going tothe corn field after all.” “Hurray!”exclaimed Dunkin.“I knew it wouldmake Jesus happy ifI praised Him. AndHe blessed me too! Not only do I get to Moral: If you ask Me to help you cheer up when you feel down, I cango to the corn field, make you feel better. I’ll help you to smile and have a good time, even ifbut I also got to play things aren’t exactly how you wanted them to be.—Jesussome fun games withthe other animals and Bible verse to memorizeSara. Thank You, Jesus! I will bless the Lord at all times. (Psalm 34:1 NKJV)You’re the best!” Authored by Christiana Heins, adapted by Danielle Adair. Illustrations by Danielle Adair. Design by Christia Copeland. Featured on My Wonder Studio. © 2009 Aurora Production AG. Used by permission.