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Coloring Book: Anna and the Flower Garden


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Coloring Book: Anna and the Flower Garden

Published in: Education
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Coloring Book: Anna and the Flower Garden

  1. 1. Anna and the Flower Garden A Coloring Book
  2. 2. Anna lived in a village near the castle.
  3. 3. The king liked to visit and talk with his people.
  4. 4. All the children were invited to a party at the castle. The king gave each child a gift.
  5. 5. Anna’s gift was a box with a bag of seeds to plant in a garden.
  6. 6. Anna did not know how to plant a garden.
  7. 7. “Planting and caring for a garden takes time and patience,” a little angel told Anna.
  8. 8. Anna took good care of her little plants, and watched the flowers sprouts.
  9. 9. “You have a lovely garden, Anna,” the king said. “I am proud of you.”
  10. 10. Anna was very happy that she had learned to do something new.
  11. 11. Color and cut out these little pictures. Then glue them on a paper to make your own picture of Anna and her garden.
  12. 12. Illustrations by Didier Martin. Copyright © 2010 by Didier Martin.