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Christmas bingo-Color


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Published in: Spiritual
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Christmas bingo-Color

  1. 1. You will need: a Printout of “Christmas Bingo,” pages 1–5 a Clear contact paper (optional for covering boards and picture cards) a Scissors a Counters (beans or tokens) a A small cloth bag (optional, for storing picture cards and counters) Preparation instructions: Print pages 2–5 of “Christmas Bingo” onto cardstock. You can cover the bingo boards and picture cards with clear contact paper if you like. This will make them more durable. Cut out the six bingo boards and all picture cards. Put all the picture cards in a bag (not see-through). And have a selection of tokens, beans, or counters that players can place over the pictures on their bingo boards once the picture card has been pulled from the bag. You’re now ready to play! To play: Give each player a bingo board and 16 counters. Have one player (or players can take turns) pull out one picture card at a time from the bag. If any player has that picture on his or her board, the player places a token over that picture. (For example, if the card with the picture of a star is pulled from the bag, any player with a star on his or her board can place a token on the picture.) Set aside each card as it’s pulled out of the bag. Continue picking picture cards from the bag until one player has all pictures covered with tokens. Once a player has all pictures covered, he or she must call out “Bingo,” bringing the game to a conclusion. This person is the winner.
  2. 2. Illustrations by Alvi. Design by Stefan Merour. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2015 by The Family International Baby Jesus Angel Star Stocking Holly Joseph Cow Donkey Candy cane Bauble Shepherd Wise man Snowman Gift Bell Mary Sheep Bird Christmas tree Wreath