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Christmas angels


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Published in: Spiritual
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Christmas angels

  1. 1. Christmas Angels God wants people all overthe world to hear about the birth of Jesus and that Hecame to earth to bring them God’s love and salvation. Christmas is a wonderful time to tell people about God’s gift. You can be a Christmas angel, too, by announcingthe birth of Jesus, much like the angels announced His birth to the shepherds.
  2. 2. Another way to be a Christmas “Hark the heraldangel is to sing songs about ang els sing!”God’s love for others to hear.When you sing God’s praises,you’re like the angels God sentto proclaim the good news thatHis Son had been sent to bringeternal love and joy to all whowould receive Him. Please, our baby is about to be born! Or maybe you would like to act out the nativity play for your family and friends to watch.
  3. 3. This is for you! Another way you can be a Christmas angel and tell others of Jesus’ birth is to give tracts about Jesus to the people whom you meet. Thank you! I’m drawing a picture of Baby Jesus in a manger to give to our I’m going to send friends at the ice this to Mr. Karlan to cream shop. thank him for being such a good teacher.You can also draw picturesof the first Christmas andgive them to people. You cangive these to new peopleyou meet, or to friends ofyour family.
  4. 4. You can also pray for people to feel Here’s a prayer you can pray, Give us waysa touch of Jesus’ love and come to asking God to help you be to spread Yourknow Him during Christmas. Christmas angels this season. love, hope, and peace to those we meet! Amen. Jesus, thank You for how You came and lived on earth, and then died for us so that we can enjoy Your love forever. Jesus, thank Youfor our friends atthe ice cream shop! We ask that they will enjoy Christmas and learn more about Your love Make God happy this for them. Christmas season by being a Christmas angel! S&S: Christian Life and Faith: Biblical and Christian Foundation: The Great Commission-1b Authored by Evan Kallen. Illustrations by Zeb. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International