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281 you can do it


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Published in: Spiritual
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281 you can do it

  1. 1. You Can Do It!What is something that you would verymuch like to be able to do one day?climb mountainstake care of a petplay a musical instrumentdance the sambasing to cheer otherswin a race
  2. 2. computer programmermusicianengineercarpentermissionary athleteAnd what do you dream of being whenyou are older? Would you like to be a…
  3. 3. Or maybe youwould like tobe a…doctorteacherpolice officerchefactorWhatwould youlike to bewhen yougrow up?
  4. 4. S&S link: Character Building: Personal Responsibility: Perseverance-1bAdapted from the writings of Florence McNair. Illustrations by Alvi. Design by Stefan Merour.Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2013 by The Family International.You can do it! It may not always be easy, and it may takeyears to reach some of your goals. But it is possible!You can become very good at a skill if you want to. What willit take to reach your goal?• Diligent study• Practice• Perseverance• Time and hard workBut you can do it!“All things are possible for one who believes” (Mark 9:23 ESV).It’s important to believe you can do it and work to make ithappen!“I can do all things through him (Jesus) who strengthens me”(Philippians 4:13 ESV). While you are studying and preparing,even if it’s hard, don’t get discouraged. You can do it withJesus’ help!