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274 a caring servant


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Published in: Spiritual
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274 a caring servant

  1. 1. A Caring ServantAn interesting story is told in 2 Kings 5:1–15 about a Hebrew girlwho had been taken from her home to be a servant tothe wife of Naaman, the head of the Syrian army.Naaman became very ill with the incurabledisease of leprosy, and his wife was worried.TheHebrew servant girl told Naaman’s wife that sheknew the prophet Elisha could heal Naaman.Theleprosyis gone!Because Naaman followed the instructions Elishagave him to be healed, he was cured of leprosy.
  2. 2. Perhaps the servant girl was kind, helpful,and obedient, qualities that helped herfind favor with Mrs. Naaman.These strengths of character are likelywhat made it possible for her to shareher faith with Mrs. Naaman.You area wonderful help!Thank you for allyou do.Thank youfor helping medeliver this foodto the poor.God’s Wordteaches us tohelp others.The following explores what could have been one of the reasons Naaman andhis wife were willing to follow the suggestion from a Hebrew girl, who wasn’tof the same religion as they were.To make for easier reading, we’ll refer to Naaman’s wife as “Mrs. Naaman.”
  3. 3. When people see you putting love into action in the way yourespond to your family and classmates, they are seeing a reflectionof Jesus in you.They see in you an example of how Jesus can make them happyand caring.People who watch you want to know how they can have thesame goodness manifested in their lives.If the servant girl hadn’t been an obedient, kind, and giving girl, it’sdoubtful that Mrs. Naaman would have trusted her like she did.And then Mrs. Naaman probably wouldn’t have listened to theservant girl when she talked to her about God’s healing power andhow she knew God could heal her husband from the painful diseaseof leprosy.No!Don’t worryabout the brokentoy, Mai. We allmake mistakes.I’m sureyou’ve learnedto not be so roughwith the toys.Can youhelp me?I don’tthink I cantrust her.The prophetElisha can prayfor my master’shealing and Godwill heal him.
  4. 4. S&S link: Character Building: Social Skills: Courtesy-1cContributed by Christ S. Lynch, original author unknown. Illustrations by Leila Shae. Design by Stefan Merour.Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2013 by The Family InternationalBut because the Hebrew servant girl had been agood example to Mrs. Naaman of God’s love andfaithfulness, Mrs. Naaman readily listened when thegirl had a suggestion for her.Let your good deeds shine outfor all to see, so that everyonewill praise your heavenly Father(Matthew 5:16 NLT).God’spower can healmy master fromleprosy. He shouldsee the prophetElisha.I believe you,because you’vealways been so kindand loving. I willtell my husband.You too canbe a witness forGod by manifestingthe love of Jesus inyour daily life.