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209 the rich fool


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209 the rich fool

  1. 1. “Grandpa,” David said sadly as he was getting ready forThe Rich Fool bed, “no one ever wants to play with me!” “And why is that, David?” Grandpa asked. “Well, whenever I invite someone to play with me, they always choose the toys I want to play with. I want to play with other kids, but I also want to play with all of my toys. Why should I have to share them?” Grandpa thought for a moment. “I think I might have a good story that can help you solve your problem,” he said. “Bring me your Bible story book, and I’ll read you a story before bed.” David quickly found his book and settled next to his grandpa as he began to read. * Once upon a time, there was a certain wealthy farmer, whom we will call Mr. Richie. He had a very big farm. One year, there was a great harvest and his workers gathered lots and lots of grain.
  2. 2. Mr. Richie stood andwatched to make sure theworkers were carefully puttingall the sacks of grain safely inhis barns. As he admired the piles ofgrain sacks, one of Mr. Richie’sneighbors passed by and said,“That is a lot of grain youharvested this year!” “Yes!” Mr. Richie replied,“I have so much land to growgrain. How blessed I am! I amso rich!” As he was bragging abouthis great wealth, a poorworker approached him andasked, “Sir, you’ve had such agood harvest, can you sparea few bags of grain for ourfamilies?” “What?” exclaimed Mr.Richie. “No! I can’t. I have tokeep it all for myself!” The poor worker lookedat the barns and then at Mr.Richie, “B-but, sir, your barnsaren’t even big enough tostore all this grain!” “Nonsense!” replied Mr.Richie. “It will all fit.”
  3. 3. “Well,” said the worker, “I’msure you wouldn’t even notice itif you just gave us a few bags.We’ve worked so hard, and we’revery poor.” “No! No! I can’t give away any ofthe grain. I need it all for myself.” And with that, Mr. Richie walkedaway. Later that day, after the workershad finished putting all the sacksof grain they could possibly fit intothe barns, Mr. Richie saw that therewere still many more bags of grainthat would not fit in the barns. “Oh my!” Mr. Richie exclaimed,“The worker was right—all thegrain doesn’t fit. The harvest wasso great that I have no room in mybarns to store it all! What shall Ido?” Mr. Richie started to worry. “Ohno, I may have to give some of itaway!” he gasped. But then hehad an idea. “Aha! I know what I’ll do. I willbuild bigger barns to store all mygoods, and that way I won’t haveto share them with anyone.” *
  4. 4. “What a selfish man!”David said. “His workerswere very poor and he hadso much grain, but still hedidn’t want to share.” “I know.” Grandpaagreed. “He was a veryselfish man. But that nightGod told Mr. Richie: ‘Youfool! Tonight you will die,and then what are yougoing to do with all thosethings you have stored up?’ “And just as God hadsaid, that night the selfishfarmer died in his sleep andhe had to leave all his richesbehind.” “God took everythingaway from him because hewas selfish and greedy,”said David. “Exactly!” Grandpa said.“Instead of sharing what hehad with others, he decidedto build bigger barns tohold more for himself. Itwasn’t bad that he was richand had all those barns.Do you know what he wasdoing wrong?”
  5. 5. “He didn’t wantto share,” saidDavid. “Not evena little bit to helpthose in need.” “That’s right!”said Grandpa. “Grandpa, I havea lot of toys.” saidDavid. “But no onewants to play withme.” “You are rich intoys, David. MaybeGod gave you somany so that youcan share them!Remember, ‘It ismore blessed to givethan to receive.’ Andyou can never loseby giving!” *
  6. 6. The following day, Davidsaw his friend Tommy passingby his house on his bicycle. “Hey, Tommy!” David calledout. “Do you want to comeand play with me?” Tommy looked surprised.“Sure!” he answered happily.“I’ll just check with mymom.” When Tommy came bylater, David showed Tommyto his toy box. “Why don’tyou pick which cars youwould like to play with andthen we can build roads andplay with the cars together?” “Really? I can choose thecars I want to play with first?”Tommy asked. “Yes, go ahead!” Davidsaid, with a big smile. “Well,” said Tommy, “Iwould like to play with thepolice car and the fire truck.” “Okay!” answered David,even though those weresome of his favorites. “I’llplay with the ambulance andthe tow truck. Now let’s startbuilding some roads!”
  7. 7. David had a big smile on hisface as he and Tommy beganto play. He was glad to beplaying with a friend. Later, David’s mother cameto announce that Tommy’smother had called for Tommyto go home for dinner. “I’ll help you put the toysaway before I go,” Tommy said. “Thank you!” Davidanswered, and then added,“Tomorrow afternoon you cancome and we can play again.” “That’d be awesome!Thank you, David. You’re agood friend. I had fun today.Tomorrow I’ll bring my LEGOand cars, too. That way we’llhave more cars to play with,and we can even start to builda city for the cars to drivearound in.” “That’s a great idea,”said David. “You’re a greatfriend too, Tommy. See youtomorrow!” Tommy got on his bicycleand pedaled away to hishouse. *
  8. 8. At dinner, David told his parents, “Today I understood what Grandpameant last night when he said that you never lose by giving. I neverwanted to share my toys with anyone, because I thought that to have fun Ineeded them all to be able to play. But today I realized that when I sharedthem, I made my friend happy, and I had lots of fun as well, even if I didn’tplay with all of the cars!” “I am very proud of you, son, for learning that valuable lesson anddeciding to share with others,” his father said. “Your grandpa is right—you never lose by giving!” Authored by Simon Peter, adapted by Danielle Adair and Devon T. Sommers. Illustrations by Didier Martin. Design by Stefan Merour. © 2009 Aurora Production AG. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.