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My Weekend Planner

  1. 1. Movies Dance Hobby Classes Art Recreation Resorts Shopping FOOD Restaurants Discounts Spa Disc ExhibitionsFilms Nightlife Music Outing Workshops Happenings FestivalsFitness Parties Salon Outings Adventure Sports Events Resort Clubs` Free Entry Concerts NGO
  2. 2. Movies Dance Hobby Classes Art Recreation Resorts Shopping FOOD Restaurants Discounts Disc ExhibitionsMy Weekend Planner SpaFilms Nightlife Music Outing Workshops Happenings FestivalsFitness Parties Salon Outings Adventure Sports Events Resort Clubs` Free Entry Concerts NGO
  3. 3. My Weekend Planner VisionTo form a Global Community where people associated, wherever they are present, having loads of fun in life and are able to maintain a great work-life balance. Mission To treat each and every Member or Client like a Superstar; in whatever we do, for or with them. Concerts
  4. 4. About Us…The company is a JV with JB Group Worldwide. The Groups business portfolio encompasses Diamond, JewelleryManufacturing, Properties, Hospitality, IT Park, Consultancy, Sourcing, Mining, Alternate Energy and IT/BPOservices. In order to capture the young segment, the group decided to enter into a completely new segment andstart My Weekend Planner. MWP is starting their operations from Pune. In phase II & III, MWP plan to startoperations in Mumbai & Delhi respectively. We believe in fast but steady growth to achieve reliable, dependable,unfaltering and firm position in the market. We realized that people are eagerly waiting for such a service offering.With hard work, perseverance, passion and knowledge, we are looking forward to put our services across in thebest possible manner, making life easy both for our members as well as the Affiliates. Concerts
  5. 5. Weekend PlanningAs the Monday morning blues begin, there’s only one thing on al our minds – ‘When will the weekend arrive??’People slog at work the whole week, and by mid week, it’s only the thought of the upcoming weekend that keepsthem going!But, by the time the weekend arrives, they are either jaded or simply lazy to plan something exciting. Finally, theyend up going to a nearby mall, multiplex, restaurant or a pub without really exploring anything more exciting orsimilar other options available. Life soon becomes a monotonous and dreary routine.And that’s where we come to your rescue! Our simple goal is to help our members maintain a great work-lifebalance, and let ‘fun’ and ‘excitement’ still be present in the dictionary of their lives! Concerts
  6. 6. A few questions for you…Please try to be as honest as possible, to yourself.1. How was your last weekend?2. Did you have fun?3. Did you expect a lot from it earlier during the week?4. Did it really turn up that way, as you thought?5. Do you think you made the best out of the free time you got after a long working week?6. Do you think you were rejuvenated by the weekend in order to start a new week afresh?7. Do you think you could have done better with all the time you got on the weekend?8. Do you think if someone help you plan it, you had chances of having more fun and exploring more optionsaround?9. Did you plan your weekend?10. Do you agree that if we plan our weekends beforehand, we have chances of having moreoptions as well as we can explore more out of our lives? Concerts
  7. 7. Your answer… An AnalysisUsually, as we have seen around, ‘Planning Our Weekends’ just doesn’t work out.We do not explore various options available to us for any coming weekend and plan it accordingly with friends andfamily or with just ourselves.We are too busy on weekdays to give time to weekend planning so even if we have high expectations out of acoming weekend, we usually end up dissatisfied and do not explore newer options. Isnt it??If your answer is NO...Hats off to you..!! But, if your answer is Yes...We are right here, at your service, to help you ‘PLAN your weekends..!!You can call us ‘My Weekend Planners’.MWP helps you plan your weekends in advance by providing you information about all the latest happenings inand around your city via a weekly e-mail every Thursday. You can chose the categories of activities that interestyou, and the weekly updates of the same will be on a platter for you! Concerts
  8. 8. Categories /Options…1. Nightlife (Discs / Pubs) 4. Theatre 7. Adventure Sports 10. Events / Happenings2. Restaurants 5. Art/Exhibitions 8. Hobby Classes 11. NGO Work3. Movies 6. Workshops 9. Fitness / Recreation 12. Outing / Resorts Concerts
  9. 9. Services… Free Service - Basic Membership Customised E-mail - Every Thursday, providing updates to members regardingvarious options available for a forthcoming weekend in and around the city. The options provided to them are customised as per their preferences given at the time of joining. Personalised Service Membership Card – To provide Basic Service as well as Premium Discounts withGroup affiliates, Booking, Transportation arrangements, Low entry fee at group events, real time social networking and blogs on the website. Concerts
  10. 10. How to register… Logon to www.myweekendplanner.inFill the registration form to become a Basic / Paid member Basic Members Start getting weekly updates Paid Members Get a ‘Supa Kwel’ Membership Card Discount / Free Vouchers Personalized service Regular discount / Guest List Updates And much more… Concerts
  11. 11. Membership Card Concerts
  12. 12. Contact +91 9823 530 536 Concerts
  13. 13. Thank You Concerts