MySQL State of the Dolphin - Rich Mason


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Slides da abertura do OTN MySQL Community Forum 2011 apresentados por Rich Mason onde são destacadas novidades de todos produtos do portfólio MySQL.

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MySQL State of the Dolphin - Rich Mason

  1. 1. Agenda8h30 – Cadastramento9h – Abertura: MySQL na Oracle e roadmap - Richard Mason, VP MySQL – Oracle9h45 – Apresentação Targetware (Parceiro Patrocinador) - Rodrigo10h – Sessão Técnica 1: MySQL 5.6 Com Recursos NoSQL - Airton Lastori, Consultor de Vendas Sênior - MySQLBrasil11h – Caso de uso: Claro - Melkih Oliveira12h - Sessão Técnica 2: Instalação do MySQL:
  2. 2. Agenda13h – Sessão Técnica 3: MySQL Cluster CGE - Wagner Bianchi - Oracle Ace Developer14h – Caso de Uso: Reclame Aqui – Diego Campos, Diretor de TI15h – Coffee Break15h15 – Sessão Técnica 4: MySQL & Java – Técnicas de desenvolvimento e melhores práticas - Manuel Contreras,Consultor de Vendas Sênior - MySQL América Latina16h – Caso de Uso: Abril Mídia - Fernando Tralci,, Specialized Support17h – Sessão Técnica 5: Replicação e Alta Disponibilidade em MySQL - Luis Soares, Engenheiro de Software Sênior –MySQL Global Business Unit17h45 - Conclusão - Richard Mason, VP MySQL – Oracle
  3. 3. State of the DolphinSao Paulo, December 7, 2011Rich Mason, Vice President, Linux, Virtualization & MySQL Sales
  4. 4. Safe Harbor StatementThe following is intended to outline our general productdirection. It is intended for information purposes only, andmay not be incorporated into any contract. It is not acommitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality,and should not be relied upon in making purchasingdecision. The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’s productsremains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  5. 5. MySQL Makes The Cover!
  6. 6. Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together Best of Breed at Every Level Built & Tested together Managed together Serviced together Based on open standards Lower cost Lower risk More reliableMySQL Completes The Stack
  7. 7. Industry Leaders Rely on MySQL Web & Enterprise OEM & ISVs Cloud
  9. 9. More Product Releases Than Ever Before Driving MySQL • MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.6 • MySQL Database 5.5 Innovation • Oracle VM Template for • MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5 MySQL Enterprise Edition • MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3 • MySQL Enterprise Oracle • MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1 Certifications All GA! • MySQL Windows Installer • New MySQL Enterprise Commercial Extensions • MySQL Workbench 5.2 All GA! GA! • MySQL Database 5.6 DMR* •MySQL Cluster 7.2 DMR• MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2 and MySQL Labs!• MySQL Cluster 7.1 (“early and often”)• MySQL Cluster Manager 1.0 All GA! A Better MySQL *Development Milestone Release Q2 CY2010 Q3 CY2010 Q4 CY2010 Q1 CY2011 Q2-4 CY2011
  10. 10. MySQL 5.6: A Better MySQLMySQL 5.6 builds on MySQL 5.5 by improving: • Optimizer for better Performance, Scalability • Performance Schema for better instrumentation • InnoDB for better transactional throughput • Replication for higher availability, data integrity • “NotOnlySQL” options for better flexibility
  11. 11. MySQL Server – Key-value access for InnoDB NotOnlySQL: Memcached API • Fast, simple access to InnoDB • Accessed via Memcached API Application • Use existing Memcached clients SQL NoSQL • Bypasses SQL transformations(MySQL Client) (Memcached • NotOnlySQL access Protocol) mysqld • For key-value operations MySQL Server Memcached plugin • SQL for rich queries, JOINs, FKs, etc. • Implementation InnoDB Storage Engine • Memcached daemon plug-in to mysqld • Memcached protocol mapped to the native InnoDB API Try it now: • Shared process space for ultra-low latency
  12. 12. MySQL Cluster 7.1 High Write Scalability, Real Time Performance, 99,999% Uptime GA • Telecoms • Subscriber Databases (HLR/HSS) • Service Delivery Platforms • VoIP, IPTV & VoD • Mobile Content Delivery • On-Line app stores and portals • IP Management • Payment Gateways • Web • User profile management • Session stores • eCommerce • On-Line Gaming • Application ServersCopyright 2011 Oracle Corporation 13
  13. 13. MySQL Cluster 7.2: DMR 2Enabling Next Generation Web Services• 70x Higher Complex Query Performance: Adaptive Query Localization• Native memcached API• MySQL 5.5 Server IntegrationEnhancing Cross Data Center Scaling• Multi-Site Clustering• Simplified Active / Active ReplicationSimplifying Provisioning & Administration• Consolidated Privileges
  14. 14. Voices from the Community“Version 5.5 of the MySQL database is probably is the best MySQL version ever produced, and the upcoming version 5.6 is looking strong as well.” Mårten Mickos“If you are using MySQL today, and you need a solid path forward on it as a platform? I’d stick with what Oracle is creating.” Brian Aker"From an engineering standpoint, Oracle is doing the best work on MySQL thats ever been done. Oracle is doing good, formal software engineering.” Baron Schwartz
  15. 15. New Applications with the LAMP Stack • Highly Popular for Web andL Cloud Based Applications • Integration between LAMP ComponentsA • Ease of Use For Rapid Results & Short Time to MarketM • Scalability to Grow With the Needs • Simple Integration WithP Existing IT Infrastructure
  16. 16. The Most Complete LAMP Stack Support Across the LAMP Stack from OracleLAMP/J
  17. 17. Oracle VM Template for MySQL Integrated & Tested OS, VM and Database Stack Oracle VM Oracle VM Oracle VM Deploy virtualized, cloud-ready MySQL instances, certified for production use• Rapid DEPLOYMENT• Increased RELIABILITY Oracle VM Server Pool• Higher AVAILABILITY Oracle VM Servers• Lower COST
  18. 18. MySQL on Windows Lower TCO Cross-Platform• More Affordable • 20+ Platforms• Easier to Administer • No Lock-in(Replication…etc) • Flexibility to Choose LAMP for• TCO Calculator Web ApplicationsPerformance & Scalability Ease of Use• Improved on Windows • New Installer - Now 3 min!• MySQL 5.5 Benchmarks • Windows Env. Integration• Continued Investment • MySQL Tools
  19. 19. MySQL vs. Microsoft SQL Server3 Year TCO $769.860$800.000$700.000$600.000$500.000$400.000$300.000 - Term: 3 Years $60.000 - Users: Unlimited (web) $200.000 - MySQL EE $100.000 - Microsoft SQL EE $0 - Hardware: Intel x86 MySQL Enterprise - Servers: 4 Edition - Sockets/Server: 4 Microsoft SQL Server - Cores/Socket: 4 Enterprise Edition
  20. 20. Tough Questions…performance issues? …servers down?…expensive, slow queries? …security policies, change?Where/When/How to Tune? …Developers productive?…Replication synch issues? ..version of MySQL to run?…will systems scale? …can I recover? …managing Oracle and MySQL databases?
  21. 21. MySQL Enterprise EditionMySQL Enterprise EditionHighest levels of MySQL Scalability, Security &Uptime MySQL Enterprise Oracle Oracle Premier Certifications Support MySQL Enterprise MySQL Enterprise Scalability Monitor/Query Analyzer MySQL Enterprise MySQL Enterprise Security BackupMySQL Enterprise High Availability MySQL Workbench
  22. 22. MySQL Enterprise Monitor• Global view of MySQL environment• Automated, rules-based monitoring and alerts (SMTP, SNMP enabled)• Query capture, monitoring, analysis and tuning, correlated with Monitor graphs• Visual monitoring of “hot” applications and servers• Real-time Replication Monitor with auto-discovery of master- slave topologies• Integrated with MySQL Support A Virtual MySQL Tuning Assistant!
  23. 23. MySQL Enterprise Edition New Commercial Extensions• MySQL Enterprise Security • External Authentication for Windows and PAM • Integrates MySQL apps with existing infrastructures• MySQL Enterprise Scalability • MySQL Thread Pool • Improves sustained performance/scale as user connections grow • 20x scale improvement in SysBench OLTP R/W benchmarks• MySQL High Availability • Oracle VM Template for MySQL • Windows Clustering
  24. 24. Oracle Premier Support for MySQL Rely on The Experts - Get Unique Benefits• Straight from the Source• Largest Team of MySQL Experts• Backed by MySQL Developers• Forward Compatible Hot Fixes Only From• MySQL Maintenance Releases Oracle• MySQL Support in 29 Languages• Direct Access to MySQL Support Engineers• 24/7/365 "The rep that assisted me was simply outstanding. He immediately• Unlimited Incidents recognized the cause of my problem and provided the resolution."• Knowledge Base -- (July 27, 2011)• MySQL Consultative Support
  25. 25. MySQL Enterprise Oracle CertificationsCompletedOracle Fusion MiddleWare • WebLogic Server • Database Adapter for Oracle SOA Suite ** • Oracle Business Process Management ** • Oracle Virtual Directory • Oracle Data Integrator • Oracle Enterprise Performance Management ** • Oracle Identity Analytics • Open SSO STS, Open SSO FedletAll ship with MySQL 5.x JDBC driver** MySQL as a Metadata Repository option (in progress)
  26. 26. MySQL Enterprise Oracle Certifications Completed• Oracle Linux• Oracle VM• Oracle VM Template for MySQL EE• Oracle GoldenGate• Oracle Secure Backup• MyOracle Online Support
  27. 27. MySQL Enterprise Oracle Certifications In Progress• Oracle Fusion MiddleWare • WebCenter Suite • Enterprise Content Management • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite• Oracle Clusterware• Oracle Database Firewall• Oracle Audit Vault• Oracle Enterprise Manager• And More…
  28. 28. Tough Questions, Real Solutions…performance issues? …servers down?• MySQL Enterprise Scalability • Oracle Premier 7x24 Support• MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Advisors, Query Analyzer • MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Advisors• MySQL Consultative Support • MySQL Enterprise High Availability…expensive, slow queries? …security policies, change?• MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Query Analyzer • MySQL External AuthenticationWhere/When/How to Tune? • MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Security Advisor• MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Advisors, Query Analyzer …Developers productive?• MySQL Consultative Support • MySQL Workbench SE…Replication synch issues? • MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Query Analyzer• MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Replication Monitor ..version of MySQL to run?• Oracle Premier 7x24 Support • Oracle Premier 7x24 Support…will systems scale? …can I recover?• MySQL Enterprise Scalability • MySQL Enterprise Backup• MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Advisors, Query Analyzer• MySQL Consultative Support …managing Oracle and MySQL databases? • MySQL Enterprise Oracle Certifications
  29. 29. MySQL Enterprise EditionMySQL Enterprise EditionHighest levels of MySQL Scalability, Security &Uptime MySQL Enterprise Oracle Oracle Premier Certifications Support MySQL Enterprise MySQL Enterprise Scalability Monitor/Query Analyzer MySQL Enterprise MySQL Enterprise Security BackupMySQL Enterprise High Availability MySQL Workbench
  30. 30. Summary Oracle is driving MySQL Innovation “making MySQL a better MySQL” Oracle has the largest MySQL Engineering & Support Organization MySQL Enterprise - highest levels of Scalability, Security & Uptime
  31. 31. 33