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940xl 940-with-chip


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Instruction for HP Cartridge 940 printing Error - 940 / HP 940XL Instruction

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940xl 940-with-chip

  1. 1. ".5 k. 2’ { - These prcducts are remanufactur-ed inltjet cartridges. We haye refilled sufficient ink in the T cartridges. after installaticn, [3 g; the printer will read eff the criginal cartridge memcry and display a yellcw "'? i" , messages at “law ink yclume“ , cr instructicns tc change cartridges [Cartridge status light may alse he turned en}. This is NOT a defect cf the cartridges and will haye nc impact ah the ncrmai use cf the printer and the cartridges. Please ignere the warnings and ccntinue with ycur printing {See phctc apcye). when path the reset light en the printer ccntrcl _ y - panel and the cartridge t H j status light start tc flash, T there is NO need te ‘r change the cartridges [See phctc]. Press the RESET puttcn far at least 3 secchds until the lights step flashing. The printer will cicse the inlt yelume mcnitcring and start tc functipn ncrmally. The printer will HGT be damaged by this cperaticn (See phctc}. During the ccurse cf printing, the cartridges will actually run cut cf inl-=2 when the system fails te ccntinue printing. Ycu can then change te new cartridges and the printer will restcre ta the default setting autcmatically.