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Duran lawrence brand_identity_guide


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Duran lawrence brand_identity_guide

  1. 1. Duran LawrenceBrand Identity Guide1. Brand Name: What is your company name and how will you convey yourunique brand through your company name? Address the following questions: My brand name will be M.A.F.I.A. Entertainment. The acronym for M.A.F.I.A is“Music Artists Finest In Association.” The type of company I am trying to convey is arecording company that represents all types of music and different genres. • Why did you select this name? What is the backstory? I chose this name because I am part of group, which is consisted of individualgroups as a whole group. With all of the different alliances being put together music,I came up with the name M.A.F.I.A because we are like one big family of musiciansand vocalists. • Discuss its strengths and any concerns you may have with this name. The strengths of this name is that it is very catchy and easy to remember toremember, but my concerns with this name is that Italians may take it as disrespectbecause I am not Italian (that I know of) and/or people may take the name Mafia asif I am trying to make a gangster music company when that is not the case at all eventhough some people would like that either way. • Is the name protectable as outlined on This name is protectable by the • Is your domain name available for your company’s brand name?Discuss your results and your strategy for your online brand. The domain name is also available but I have to use dashes or some sort ofhyphens to differentiate the M.A.F.I.A Entertainment from Mafia entertainmentwhich is already taken. I searched for thisthrough I plan to have all music andmerchandise for the company and our artists to be displayed and sold on the onlinewebsite. • What category does it fall based on the based on the categories in thelegal article Pursuing Strong Brand: (Fanciful, Arbitrary, Suggestive,Descriptive, Generic).
  2. 2. My brand name falls under the trademark category of Arbitrary. Arbitrarymarks employ real words in unfamiliar contexts and using the term MAFIA torepresent a music record company is a good example of that.2. Logo: As you build your brand identity, consider all of the aspects ofcreating a meaningful company logo. Address the following questions:• Define why your logo reflects your unique brand. Why do you believe thiswould be an effective logo? Be specific. My company logo is currently the letters M.A.F.I.A. in some type of graffiti/orurban font. I think it is perfect because I am starting out as a hip-hop company so weare reaching our audience first and then expanding in the long run.• How are the “laws” of shape and color supported? The shape is going to be in the actual font and the way it fits on the cd’s,shirts, papers, etc. and the colors will be black and white currently because theysymbolize seriousness and when you think of the Mafia you think of a seriousperson or people.• Which type of logo would be best suited based on the categories presented:Wordmark, Letterform, Emblem, Pictorial Mark, Abstract/Symbolic. I would say letterform and emblem because it will be in letterform but it willstill be our emblem at the same time. That will be our symbol. Nobody has done thisbefore.• Provide your company’s logo by showing a sketch, mock-up or an actual logowith details in the areas of style, color, shape, and overall design. Provide adetailed description of the actual logo with specific details in the areas ofstyle, color, shape, and design.This is just an example of what we are currently working with. This is not the finallogo we will use.3. Tagline: Create a tagline that is consistent with your brand identity.
  3. 3. Address the following questions:My tagline for the company is: “Music artists finest in association.”• Why is this an effective tagline?It is effective because its something no else is saying and it representswhat we aredoing and us.• Does this tagline speak to your customers/clients? How? Yes, it tells that exactly what we are.• What type of tagline does it represent, based on the categories presented?(Imperative, Descriptive, Superlative, Provocative, Specific). Descriptive because it describes what we represent and why we are calledthe M.A.F.I.A.• Does the tagline reinforce the brand message? Explain your differentiatorand yourcreative strategy. Yes, it enforces the brand message because with that tagline you get a basicunderstand of what we represent as a company, and what we plan on doing withour brand. And anyone who is feeling our message should want to tune in and/orwork with us because that is what we are all about, an association of musical artists.• Is your tagline short, unique, easy to say, and positive? Yes it is all of those things.• Is it designed with the logo in mind? Show the tagline positioned with thelogo youhave created. No quotes. No, I have not put the tagline with logo yet because I have not finished gettingthe logo done. But I will definitely incorporate the tagline with it because the taglineis what the logo means anyway. It is an acronym.4. Corporate Culture: As you build your company and your brand identity,what will beyour primary company objectives or corporate vision? Includeyour company’s main valuesand beliefs as a vision statement or corporatephilosophy. (Use Zappos’ corporate culture asan example.)Address the following questions:• How will you carry out these objectives? Define your corporate vision.
  4. 4. Our objective as M.A.F.I.A. ENTERTAINMENT is to put out good music with ateam of rappers, singers, writers, producers, and musicians that will represent apositive cause in the end by putting out realistic music. Our mission is to showcaseour skills to the fullest out capabilities in hip-hop and R&B at first, and then expandinto other genres and reach other audiences. And as far as the content of our music,we have artists from all types of areas already stemming from the city and thesuburbs so we are relatable to just about everyone. Another principal or objective I really want to showcase through the music ismaking school and college seem like fun and a cool thing to do. I feel like we have todo something about our nationwide drop out rates and low college graduate rates inthe urban communities. Being an emcee that is in college, I feel as though it is aresponsibility to try to encourage the youth to finish school by any means necessary.• Provide at least two specific tactics or examples of how you will develop astrong culture based on your company’s values and beliefs. One of my tactics is to shoot very graphic videos of what is really going on inthe communities that is not seen on TV but only talked about and try to shed light onthese situations. I want to end every video on a positive note, or at least on a notethat gives hope to the hopeless. I am investing in a digital camera as we speak.Another tactic I am going to use is setting good examples in person when we doshows or just appearances or interviews. I know I may come of as street, becausethat is where I come from and it is normal for me to be. But by being street, thepeople in those areas will relate and listen to what I say and do and by that I caninfluence in a positive manner. Examples are by always keeping my pants pulled upand speaking clear and confidently about real issues going on. By dressing decentlyall the time, not flashy and most importantly encouraging our youth to go to schooland to finish school.6. Product Mock-up/Service Description: Provide a sketch, drawing, buildingconcept,or package design for your product or provide a visual and writtendescription of yourservice as it would appear on your website. My product is going to be music. I am starting an independent record label. Ido not have something sketch or provide as a visual as a written description.However, as I stated in the question before this one, my videos will be visualrepresentation of the changes I am trying to make and why I am trying to makethem.7. Competitive Brand Analysis• Provide one example of an actual logo from another company that you feeliseffective in conveying the spirit of the logo you would create or that issimilar towhat you would like to have created for you by your marketing
  5. 5. department orgraphic designer. Describe in detail its main attributes andbrand essence based onthe logo elements. This logo example could be outsideof your category. For example,you might really like the ED HARDY logo butyou are developing a restaurant. The only other logo in my industry that is even comparable to ours is G.O.O.DMusic. They are record label created and ran by the infamous Kanye West. The onlyreason I say them is because they have commercially successful artists and theirlogo stands for “Getting Out Our Dreams Out.” That’s a pretty great acronym, whichis more relevant to the world than ours. But they do not make any real positivemusic so I believe we can still win.• Provide at least 3 examples of actual logos from your main competitors -both directand indirect – or those within your niche industry. Discuss brandstrategy trends inyour niche. Describe in detail the main attributes of thebrands and discuss thebrand, based on the logo elements.G.O.O.D MUSIC, T.D.E, and M.M.G are the competition when it comes to logos andbeing similar and just musically as a whole. They are all in the same industry we arein, but they are not independent.
  6. 6. The brand strategy is to just do what we said we were going to do and that is makegood music and represent something real and positive at the end of it all. Yes, wewill have songs that mean nothing sometimes, but those songs are just for feel goodpurposes. Our overall catalogue will represent a struggle and how to overcome it.• Include and describe your one main competitor’s tagline. How does itdistinguishyour company from your main competitor? Explain. If no tagline isused, analyzethe brand’s positioning statement. G.O.O.D MUSIC logo stands for “Getting Out Our Dreams Out.” That is genius.They are winning right now with that tagline and logo. The GOOD music taglinerepresents more than just the music, where ours just states that we are music artistsin association. But common sense would tell someone that if we ware making musicfor a living then we are trying to get our dreams out.• How is your mission statement different or unique compared to your onemaincompetitor’s mission statement and/or vision statement? Include theirmissionstatement or corporate vision. Our mission statement is different because at the end of they day I am tryingto make a positive change in the world and make a living doing it. These otherrecord companies are just trying to make money and a lot of their artists put outmisleading lies in their music because it sounds good and it will more than likelysell. That is not my mission at all. I know it is possible to be positive and be real andstill stare people in the right direction. An artist who does this is the legendaryrapper Nas and the later career of Tupac Shakur. Also the rapper Common is apositive rapper and they all come from the streets.