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Cloquet forestry workshop 2013


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Information and registration form for 2013 NE Community Forestry Workshop

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Cloquet forestry workshop 2013

  1. 1. Focuses on plant selection, your options to accept or reject trees and how to apply best planting practices to arange of trees, shrubs and situations. The goal of this workshop is to better ensure mature and healthy com-munity forests through thoughtful, pragmatic and fiscally sustainable practices. 50:50 Learning! Half of the day in the classroom, half of the day in “the field” demonstrating and practicing. Setting a higher “bar” for tree health:  Using the ANSI Z-60.1 and MnDOT standards for nursery stock. How provenance, seed zone and stock testing, yields better trees for Minnesota landscapes. Demonstrations and Exercises (Outdoors and hands-on!):  Accepting or Rejecting Trees: Recognizing plant material quality.  Correcting of nursery stock problems: roots buried in containers or soil balls, pot-bound plants.  Best planting practices for all nursery stock types  The community gravel-bed option.  Mulching, watering, staking and winter protection. The Cloquet Forestry Center facilities are set within twoof the most intensely managed, boreal forests in the upper mid-west region of the U.S. Click here for a virtualtour or go to the facilities homepage. Click map image for Google Map location
  2. 2. Indoors: 7:40-8 AM– CHECK-IN & Refreshments 8-9 AM –What does a healthy tree look like? Where does it come from?  ANSI Standards for Nursery Stock.  MnDOT quality standards Where do healthy trees come from?  Provenance, seed zone and stock testing. 9-10 AM.- Costs and Benefits: Nursery stock types and planting options. 10:00-10:15 AM- Break,: Material and sample review, explore displays and introduced web based resources. 10:15-11:15 AM- Preparing and Planting Trees and Shrubs:  Adjusting root depths.  Correcting root problems.  Planting hole “architecture”.  Aftercare. Outdoors: 11:15-12:15 PM- The Gravel-bed Option: A new way of reforesting your community?  Installation of gravel-bed overview: siting, materials, media and irrigation.  Species performance/Root health.  Limitations and issues.  Guided installation and harvest of a g.b. trees. 12:15-1:00 PM- Lunch with Friends and Peers (provided), Enjoy Exhibits! 1:00-3:00 PM- Best Planting Practices. YOU practice!  Primary stock types (gravel-bed, bareroot, B & B, various containerized stock.  Adjusting and Preparing Trees: Ball and burlap and pot-bound nursery stock.  Planting: Planting hole architecture, baskets, strings, burlap, mulch, water and stake as needed! Getting There: Cloquet Forestry Center is located at: 175 University Road Cloquet, MN 55720 U of M, N.E. Forestry Workshop ATTN: Sean Peterson The center is 19 miles from Du- luth and 132 miles from the Twin 1530 Cleveland Ave. N. Cities. For Google Maps driving St. Paul, MN. 55108 directions click here. Yes, I’ve Included Payment of $60, Check or Purchase Order to: University of Minnesota Yes, I’m an I.S.A. Certified Arborest seeking c.e.u.’s. (not required to attend).Registrant Name:Employer (if employed as Tree Inspector):Minnesota Tree Inspector Number (if for recertification)Mailing Address:Phone: Email Address: