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JobScout Sales Sheet 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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JobScout Sales Sheet 2013

  1. 1. jobscoutOver 60 million Americans do not knowhow to use the Internet. JobScout teachesthe essential Internet skills needed to finda job in today’s online marketplace.Take Lessons. Earn Badges. Find Work.JobScout takes our users from never having used the Internet to using the Web to independentlymanage the job search and application process. For those who are already Internet savvy, we offer astreamlined job search management tool.At the center of JobScout is a results oriented, motivating approach to learning how to use theInternet and find work. JobScout provides a cost-effective, data rich and customizable tool fororganizations providing educational opportunities and employment support.JobScout Informs & Guidesby Creating a Self-GuidedApproach, Freeing UpResourcesJobScout’s lessons on theInternet use simple language,screenshots and a step-by-stepprocess to teach users practicalskills they need to navigate theweb.JobScout AccuratelyMonitors User ProgressThrough Web & MobileJobScout’s data analyticsdashboard has an easy-to-useinterface that allows organizationsto get the metrics they need onusers and usage instantaneously.JobScout ImprovesOutcomes with EffectiveSelf-Management ToolsJobScout allows users tomanage their entire job searchright from our site. We take theguesswork out of where to look,how to craft a resume and howto manage the process.
  2. 2. JobScout provides an easy-to-use dashboard.JobScout’s dashboard has been developed toask a series of simple questions to get theuser started. The feedback of librarians,educators and those in the education andworkforce development space has beencritical to its design.JobScout provides a robust setof Internet Skills core lessoncontent.The lessons range from how to use a browserto how to prepare for a job interview usingonline resources. JobScout currently has 31lessons, where users can earn badges upontheir successful completion. The job search begins right on theJobScout site.Users can search for jobs through JobScout’sjob search tool, powered by several services,including job aggregator is used to incentivize andcreate a useful, educational experience.JobScout uses games like word jumbles, picture ID andfill in the blanks to reinforce content learned duringlessons. Users have the ability to compare their earnedbadges with other users through the JobScout socialnetwork.JobScout uses a “red light, green light” systemto let users know when to continue to reviewcontent and when to move forward.
  3. 3. JobScout’s COMPASS data analytics system allows customers to track the progress and usage ofJobScouters within their organization. With your own private dashboard, your organization can trackmetrics such as:➡ The number of users you have➡ Lessons taken➡ Badges earned➡ Number of jobs searched➡ Number of resumes submitted➡ Number of jobs applied to➡ Number of interviews that have been scheduledThis data is collected based on logins, so you can track your users whether they are using acomputer directly from your organization or from the JobScout mobile application. Know howJobScout is adding value to your clients and organization through COMPASS, available with theJobScout CONNECT, PRO and PREMIERE packages.JobScouters can track their progress online oron their mobile phone.The “One-Stop” Job Shop offers JobScouters a full set ofintegrated tools to search for a job, save job listings, send out aresume and custom cover letter and maintain a schedule ofinterviews, allowing the JobScouter to manage the applicationprocess right through the site.The iOS application elegantly mirrorsthe JobScout online platform.Track User Progress with COMPASSJobScout uses icons to indicateactions that the user should take.
  4. 4.✓ Access to JobScout asenjoyed by the generalpublic✓ Private login andtracking through theCOMPASS analyticssystem✓ Trainings, offlinecollateral, webinarsand customer supportnot available publicly✓ Dedicated point ofcontact to resolve allissuesExplore the ways your team can use JobScout.✓ All the benefits madeavailable with aCONNECTsubscription✓ Three custom lessonsdeveloped byJobScout for yourclients’ use, based onyour unique needs✓ Your branding on yourown custom JobScoutdomain✓ Your branding on acustom JobScoutmobile application inthe iTunes Store &Android Marketplace✓ All the benefits madeavailable with aCONNECTsubscription✓ The PREMIEREpackage is for thosewho want to engage infeature customizationand additional contentcreation.✓ JobScout also workswith organizations tocreate customsystems.JobScoutCONNECTJobScoutPROJobScoutPREMIEREOnly $100per monthOnly $300per monthContactthe team forpricingoptionsJobScout’s Formula is SimpleUsers take lessons, earn badges forcompleting those lessons and applythose lessons to find work.JobScout’s Content is TestedThe educational content onJobScout is mapped directly toCalifornia’s Basic Digital LiteracySkills Framework, leading the nationin its approach.JobScout’s Capacity isLimitlessJobScout serves libraries, schooldistricts, employment centers andcommunity-based organizations.JobScout is available online 24/7and can be accessed through oursoon to launch iOS application.