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JobScout Media Kit


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Published in: Technology, Business
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JobScout Media Kit

  1. 1. myjobscout.coMedia Kit
  2. 2. jobscout teaches the essential Internet skills needed to find a jobin today’s online marketplace.We take our users from never having used the Internet to usingthe Web to independently managing the job search andapplication process.For those who are already Internet savvy, we offer streamlined jobsearch management tools.jobscoutWhat We DoContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  3. 3. 1 in 5 Americans are not digitally literate.That means there are 60 million Americanswho do not know how to use the Internet.This number is nearly 6 billion people worldwide.Boomers are facing the inevitability of havingto stay in the job market past the age of 65.They need the skills to stay relevant.Millennials face a 25% unemployment rate.They need the tools to find employment now.jobscoutWhy Now?Contact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  4. 4. California libraries were overwhelmed by the number of peoplecoming into their branches who needed to look for jobs using thepublic computers, but did not know how to use the Internet.Librarians were spending countless hours trying to train people onbasic Internet literacy.jobscout was originally created as a solution to this problem.Over the course of a year, jobscout worked hand-in-hand with theCalifornia State Library to create a user-friendly, engaging, onlineplatform that allows users to learn the Internet skills they need tofind a job.Finding interest from a customer market of institutions, such aslibraries, schools, social services and even employers looking toaddress the skills gap, jobscout went from a project with a missionto a mission-driven startup.jobscoutOur StoryContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  5. 5. Teaching Internet skills +gamified “how-to” lessons+cool job seeking tools =jobscoutjobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  6. 6. jobscoutThe PlatformContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  7. 7. jobscoutThe JobScout ExperienceTo learn broad subjects like “Internet Savvy” and “Finding WorkOnline,” users take lessons that test knowledge and reward successthrough eye-catching badges.A jobscout user accumulates badges as they progress throughlessons that teach digital literacy in order to find a job online.Games and interactive features keep users engaged while they learnto use a search engine, set up an email account, use social networks,build an online resume, find job listings and prepare for interviews.jobscout’s social network allows users to connect with each otheronline, leading to offline collaboration.jobscout also boasts a custom resume builder, built-in job searchfunctionality and an application manager, allowing the user access tothe full job search experience without leaving the jobscout site.Contact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  8. 8. jobscoutThe iOS AppContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  9. 9. jobscoutCOMPASSjobscout’s COMPASS data analytics system allows customers totrack the progress and usage of jobscouters within theirorganization. With their own private dashboard, their organizationcan track metrics such as lessons taken, resumes submitted andother important data points for learners and job seekers.Contact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  10. 10. TeamjobscoutChristina GagnierChief Executive OfficerStephanie MargossianCOO/ContentWatts MartinDevelopmentAdele McCarthy-BeauvaisBusiness & PartnershipsJosh BradleyPlatform SatisfactionPaul JacksonSpanish Language/ContentPaul LucciDesign/DevelopmentBrittany SmithBusiness & PartnershipsContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  11. 11. jobscoutJobScout MobileFor the more than 40% of people who access the Internet throughtheir smartphones, jobscout now offers a native iOS mobileapplication for the iPhone available through the iTunes Store. Userscan now carry all of the Internet skills training resources and careertools jobscout has to offer in their pocket.Take jobscout with you to look for a job anytime, anywhere.Contact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  12. 12. JobScout Addresses Key IssuesUnemploymentUnemployment remained at 7.8% in the United States during Q4 of 2012,and 2,031,400 people are without a job. Despite recent dips,unemployment remains a critical problem that calls for new solutions.Digital DivideThe United States is known the world over for its innovative andindustrious spirit, yet over 60 million Americans lack the Internet skillsnecessary for today’s market demands.In today’s economy, Internet skills are essential for finding a job. jobscoutseeks to bridge the gap between digital non-natives and findingemployment.jobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  13. 13. JobScout Bridges the Digital Dividejobscout is designed for those disenfranchised by the digitaldivide. jobscout creates a safe and accessible entry point for usersunfamiliar with the Internet. jobscout engages users through the use ofgaming elements and motivates them to cultivate new skills by awardingbadges.jobscout is a game changer for the over 60 million Americans who do notknow how to use the Internet by creating a space online that meets theirneeds.jobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  14. 14. jobscoutPressContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  15. 15. jobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  16. 16. jobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  17. 17. jobscout
  18. 18. jobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  19. 19. Success to DateToday: jobscout is available in over 1,000 locations in California.January 2013: jobscout launches its iOS application and COMPASS analytics system.October 2012: Los Angeles County Office of Education becomes jobscout’s firstcustomer.September 2012: jobscout becomes a part of White House Ignite and Connect 2Compete’s Everyone On initiative.February 2012: jobscout is a finalist in the 2012 Digital Learning and MediaCompetition sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation and Mozilla.January 2012: jobscout launches in 130 libraries across California.December 2011: Beta launch event for jobscout.September 2011: jobscout partners with the California Technology Agency.August 2011: jobscout partners with the California State Library and the LINKAMERICAS Foundation.jobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  20. 20. Game Plan✓ Android app launch✓ Public launch of Spanishlanguage site✓ Video Content Verticallaunch✓ New COMPASS featureslaunch✓ Mobile app lessonslaunch✓ Full-scale integration intoTRAIL ecosystem formulti-platform users✓ JobScout 2.0 launch -redesign of user flow andmore personalizationQ32013Q42013Q12014Q22014jobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  21. 21. Approach: What’s NextThe Future - TRAIL: Discover Your Pathjobscout is the first of several platforms being designed under TRAIL(Technology Resources and Internet Literacy) including:healthscout: Personal healthcare management.civicscout: Focus on civic engagement, community participation, path tocitizenship and access to online government services.financescout: Personal finance management & planning.The goal of TRAIL is to provide a suite of lifestyle management applications,rooted in a core digital literacy curriculum and partnered with state, federaland non-profit institutions to provide effective and empowering solutions tosocial issues. Right now, jobscout is getting people to work.jobscoutContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  22. 22. Our Theory of ChangejobscoutEmpoweredCommunitiesContact: Josh Bradley / / 415.766.4591
  23. 23. Contact UsJosh You