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Space 134 Information Sheet

Space134 will transform 1.25 miles above the 134 freeway into open space in Glendale, CA.

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Space 134 Information Sheet

  1. 1. A new eastern hub of activity that is adjacent to the Glendale Shopping Plaza & RD White Elementary School. Surrounded by residential buildings, the Neighborhood Park can provide open space areas for both active & passive recreational activities for the community. TRANSFORMING 1.25 MILES ABOVE THE 134 FREEWAY INTO 30 ACRES OF OPEN SPACE IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN GLENDALE Proximate to the Downtown Business District, the Downtown Park can provide cultural & entertainment programming & a regional transportation hub, with connections to Downtown LA, North Hollywood, Burbank, & Pasadena. TO VERDUGO MOUNTAINS TO LA RIVER TO BURBANK TO LOS ANGELES TO PASADENA DOWNTOWN GLENDALE IS Nestle Company ACCO Engineered Systems SCMI Panda Software and Security Avery Dennison Mitsubishi Imaging +2,500 HOUSING UNITS +3,390 JOBS COMING TO DOWNTOWN: DOWNTOWN IS HOME TO MAJOR CORPORATE FACILITIES: BUT OPEN SPACE OPPORTUNITIES ARE LIMITED: SPACE 134 WILL: 0.32 AC of open spaces per 1,000 residents 1 AC of open spaces per 1,000 residentsRecommended ratio: Downtown ratio: THE VERDUGO WASH Space 134 has the potential to connect to the broader regional network of water & open space via the Verdugo Wash & to the larger bike system, through an active transportation network, or “Green Loop” with a multi-use trail, exercise stations, & activity nodes. TO LA CRESCENTA/ MONTROSE Downtown Park (≈5 ACRES) Neighborhood Park (≈15 ACRES) Village Center (≈10 ACRES) MAKE CONNECTIONS! PUT THE ENVIRONMENT FIRST! SHOWCASE GLENDALE’S IDENTITY! CREATE GREEN & LIVABLE SPACES! GROW GLENDALE’S ECONOMY! PRIORITIZE MULTI-MODAL MOBILITY! V E R D U G O W A S H C E N T R A L A V E N U E B R A N D B O U L E V A R D L O U I S E S T R E E T J A C K S O N S T R E E T G E N E V A S T R E E T G L E N D A L E A V E N U E