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Space 134 Community Input - Earth Day 05-02-2015

Find out what the Glendale Community had to say about the Space 134 Project. 174 people completed our survey, These are the results.

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Space 134 Community Input - Earth Day 05-02-2015

  2. 2. 1 INTRODUCTION This is a summary report of the Space 134 community workshop that was held on May 2nd, 2015. The workshop took place during the annual Earth Day Festival, in the City of Glendale. The purpose of this workshop was to educate and inform the community about the Space 134 Freeway Cap project, which will transform the 1.25 miles above the 134 Freeway, between Central Avenue and Glendale Avenue, into 30 acres of public open space. In order to better engage the public, the workshop exhibit was made to be as fun and interactive as possible. To help present the information about the Space 134 project, a 80-foot long infographic banner was mounted on the fence along the 134 freeway. The banner depicted the project area, illustrated potential benefits of the park, showed a step-by-step instruction on how to build the cap park, and also provided case studies of cap parks from around the country. The banner also had areas for the public to give feedback on what types of programming and activities they wanted in the future cap park. The public was also asked to look specifically at the block between Central Avenue and Brand Boulevard, which is where the first phase of the project is planned to occur. A survey was handed out at the Earth Day event and two of the questions specifically related to Space 134. There were 175 people who responded to the survey. Both the results of the banner feedback and the survey handouts are included in this summary report. In addition to the banner, a “pop-up” interactive space was also built to help participants to see, feel, and hear the future Space 134 open space. By using synthetic turf, plants, and chairs, the project team provided a space for people to relax and lounge at the event. The open space was also equipped to help people visualize Space 134 by having a rendering of the open space as well as headphones that allowed people to listen to park sounds during the event. At the end of the exhibit, participants were asked to personalize a paper flower and post it onto the banner to show their support for Space 134. For more information, please go to
  3. 3. 2 SUMMARY OF COMMENTS: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO IN SPACE 134? Participants were asked to vote for what types of activities and programming that they wanted to see incorporated into Space 134. Each idea was organized into four major themes: Make it Active, Celebrate Glendale, Embrace Nature, and Build Artful Spaces. The graphic, below, summarizes the results of which activities were most popular by the number of votes. 3VOTES Program activities unique to Glendale 3VOTES Create spaces for local businesses 5VOTES Capture views of Glendale 6VOTES Program community events 6VOTES CELEBRATE GLENDALE 8VOTES 7VOTES 7VOTES 11 VOTES 10 VOTES Include iconic public art Artistic playgrounds for children Create spaces for self expression Program art/ cultural events Furnishings that celebrate Space134 BUILD ARTFUL SPACES Activities/Sports for all ages 6VOTES Multi-use trail systems 10 VOTES Open fields for various activities 3VOTES Activate the park with a dog park 8VOTES Support active transportation 9VOTES MAKE IT ACTIVE Build nature trails 10 VOTES Allow for natural features 10 VOTES Bring nature into the city 7VOTES Provide opportunities for Environmental stewardship 3VOTES EMBRACE NATURE Use natural materials 9VOTES Provide a central gathering space WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO IN SPACE 134?
  4. 4. 3 Activities: • Cafe • Concerts • Live performances • Improved transit amenities • Bike station 13 VOTES Activities: • Activity lawn • Outdoor concerts • Event pavilion • Plaza spaces • Play area • Fitness area • Dog Park 36 VOTES Activities: • Activity lawn • Outdoor concerts • Event pavilion • Farmers Markets • Food Trucks • Plaza spaces • Sculpture garden 23 VOTES Activities: • Soccer Stands do not fit* Stands do not fit* Stands Stands 7 VOTES Activities: • Tennis courts • Basketball courts • Fitness equipment 8 VOTES Activities: • Cultural center • Sculpture garden 9 VOTES (Museum, Convention Center, Gallery, Concert Hall, etc.) WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN PHASE 1 ? SUMMARY OF COMMENTS: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN PHASE 1 OF SPACE 134? Attendees were presented with a series of diagrams that indicated the possibilities of programming and activities that could fit within the area between Central Avenue and Brand Boulevard. Attendees voted for the diagrams and activities that they viewed as favorable by check marking the provided boxes or the activities themselves. The graphic, below, summarizes which diagrams and activities were most popular by the number of total votes. Activities: Outdoor concerts Activity lawn Play Area Dog Park Sculpture garden Soccer Farmers markets Fitness Area Event pavilion 16 VOTES 8 VOTES 7 VOTES 6 VOTES 9 VOTES 7 VOTES 7 VOTES 6 VOTES 4 VOTES 4 VOTES 2 VOTES 2 VOTES 1 VOTES 3 VOTES 2 VOTES 1 VOTES 1 VOTES 1 VOTES Cultural center Food trucks Basketball courts Improve transit amenities Tennis courts Bike station Live Performances Plaza spaces Cafe
  5. 5. 4 SUMMARY OF SURVEY QUESTION # 4: Question #4 on the survey, listed a series of activities and programming elements that could be included in Space 134. Respondents were asked to check all of the listed activities/ programming elements that they would like to do. The bar graph below ranks the most popular to the least popular programs & activities. Respondents were also asked to suggest other activities and programming that could be included in Space 134. The list of suggested activities & programming are provided below. 80 77 73 59 55 47 47 45 45 43 40 38 37 32 31 15 I WOULD LIKE SPACE 134 TO HAVE (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY): OTHER SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES/PROGRAMS: RESPONDENTS • Art park • BBQ areas • Bike lockers • Gardens • Include native plants & compost facilities • Light Rail • Limit non-native grasses • Music venues • Nature walls • Outdoor fitness equipment • Outdoor spaces for kids w/ special needs • Recreational area • Running track • Separated biking facilities • Shade structures • Soccer fields • Theaters • Transit connections • Walking & bike trails • Water fountains
  6. 6. For more information, please go to 5 SUMMARY OF SURVEY QUESTION # 5: Question #5 on the survey asked respondents to write their suggestions for what they think the neighborhoods around Space 134 would need. The terms most frequently written by survey respondents were: Space, Trees, Green, Park, Play, Community, Kids, Children, Family, and Bike. The “Word Cloud”, shown below, graphically illustrates which words were mentioned most frequently in larger text. Words written less frequently are shown in a smaller text. I THINK THE NEIGHBORHOOD AROUND SPACE 134 NEEDS:
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