LGBT Flash Mob Plans to Descend       on Belfast this Easter Monday                      This Easter Monday, 1st April 201...
This is just one of       your typical singing     The first flash mobsthe many ways a           and dancing based        ...
However shortly             most importantly the     that this is just    afterwards The              charities we will be...
Check out the“Participant numbers are rising daily”                                                        facebook event ...
“I invite you all to make a short video    that could literally change someones life,    perhaps even save it!” - Dave Tho...
January 2013 Edition                  9                  5
Young gay people in school     often find it the most difficult.     The majority of schools do not     provide support or...
January 2013 Edition Media Guru Dave Thomas is spearheading the new “Never Give   Up” Project thats launching this year ac...
The News in Brief...     MYGAYZINE NEWS IN BRIEF...     Alliance Man quits party to join DUP over support for gay marriage...
January 2013 EditionPRIDE ANNOUNCEMENT                                        Belfast Pride 2013           BRIGHT AND BOLD...
SHOWBIZ NEWS                                        By Chris McMurray     Clare Balding wins award for her       achieveme...
Chris Colfer feels “pigeonholed”        because he is openly gay           Glee’s Kurt, AKA Chris Colfer, has addressed be...
Report calls for better representation       of lesbians and bisexual people on TV                                        ...
“Doctor Who quite often    Sue Perkins, were amonghas a gay character in     the names receiving       The BBC is also tas...
Peter F Fahy gives us an insight into his      writing and tells us more about his new book -                 “The Surface...
We chat Exciting Writing with Peter Fahy     music playing when         new book – “The              that prove homosexual...
imagine the amount of       and rhymes is another       also working with adedication it takes to      way to practice wri...
Fun Zone              Quick New Year               Crossword     •	 Have a go at our brand new monthly crossword puzzle. I...
Crossword Clues                  DownAcross                           •	 1) Any one of several                            ...
Movies, Music and More     Christmas is finally over and it’s time to hit the sales     and pick up a few hidden gems in m...
@ The Cinema              Available                            January 2013  Gangster Squad  Les Miserables Django Unchain...
Brighten up your January and get the year off to a great start at this year’s  “Out to Lunch” Arts Festival. January can b...
WHO? WHERE? WHEN? WHAT?                            The MyGayZine guide to What’s On and What’s Hot. WHO?            The Ag...
WHO? WHERE? WHEN? WHAT?                        The MyGayZine guide to What’s On and What’s Hot.WHO?         Holiday World ...
Drop us an email today at     to have us pay a visit and get featured in                  our...
New Year’s Eve@ Kremlin  “New Year’s Eve so there’s only one place we can   go, has to be Kremlin everyone will be there, ...
LIFESTYLE                                                                 january 2013     FITNESS                        ...
GET BACK IN SHAPE THIS NEW YEAR AND GET 2013 OFF TO A HEALTHY STARTRemember: you don’t haveto run the WHOLE marathon,maybe...
LIFESTYLE                                                                  january 2013       COOKING                     ...
treat your mate or impress your date this January with                                     these quick and easy Winter War...
21 Jan           2 Feb         16 - 23 Mar                     1-5 May                                                   2...
13 Jul            14 Jul                             20 Jul           27 Jul                                      20 Jul M...
LIFESTYLE                                            FASHION        TESSUTI.CO.UK                              FOR MEN    ...
january 2013                                cool clothing ideas hot off the highstreet                                    ...
READERS RANT       WELCOME to Readers Rant, a place to let your mouth go wild about       the things that matter to you. W...
TEXT US YOUR SHOUT OUT TO                              07564877618                              SHOUT OUT                 ...
FEATURES     PETER F FAHY     HOMOSEXUALITY AND CHRISTIANITY     So Christmas has come and gone. Did you get everything   ...
HOMOSEXUALITY AND CHRISTIANITYSo how will the         Everyone knows the        Then there’s theLGBT community          st...
PETER F FAHY     Jesus discusses the      acceptance              it might be a false     Eunuchs. He says:        of same...
HOMOSEXUALITY AND CHRISTIANITY  are adamant that these lines justify their pious intolerance, then  I’d appeal to their ac...
A MINUTE OR FOUR WITH RYAN DIOR         Welcome to a minute or 4      with our favourite actor and            Well It’s me...
POETRY CORNER   That Song (for Mary)   Do you remember how   the notes of that song   dripped   gold and azure tones into ...
ARIES March 21 - April 19                 TAURUS April 20 - May 20     You rams are hardly shy, you              You’re de...
LEO July 23 - August 22                      VIRGO       August 23 - Sept 22Usually you feel like taking                 P...
WHAT’S THE T?     	        Hey Gurl Hey, it’s Misty Falls here, back     with another ‘What’s The T?’ So this month, as   ...
WITH MISTY FALLSsomething on you get to do everything that you aredoing now plus you feel better about yourself as itis a ...
WHAT’S THE T?     FLASHMOB?         What is it about the LGBT flash mob that         makes you want to be involved in it? ...
My Gay Zine Magazine - Issue 4
My Gay Zine Magazine - Issue 4
My Gay Zine Magazine - Issue 4
My Gay Zine Magazine - Issue 4
My Gay Zine Magazine - Issue 4
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My Gay Zine Magazine - Issue 4


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It’s all over for another year and we can’t see why there would be a better way to relax this January than to sit down, put your feet up and take a read at the latest issue of My Gay Zine. We can’t believe we are already on to our fourth issue and already looking forward to many more in the new year.

54 Pages FULL of relevant news, stories, interviews, gossip and more.

We would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2013 and hope you all had an amazing Christmas.

This month we bring you our usual line up of talented LGBT writers covering seven sections of fresh and relevant content.

Local, National and International –
*Updates on the Belfast LGBT Flash Mob, Pride Announcements, Details on the newly formed Never Give Up Campaign and more.

Showbiz News, Interviews, Crossword, Movies and Music
*Peter Fahy chats to us about his new book “The Surface of the Deep”.

What’s On
Top events happening across NI this January
*This month’s editor’s choice is the Cathedral Quarter “Out to Lunch” Festival.

Nightlife Section
Reviews and Photographs
*We visited the Kremlin Complex in Belfast on NYE

Fitness, Holidays by Maurice Dickson from, Fashion, Food and more
*Get Your Free World Pride Calendar inside.

Reader’s Section
Readers Rants and Texts
*Greed or Jealousy? Check out this month’s Reader’s Rant.

Chris McMurray – Poetry and Current Affairs
Peter Fahy – Christianity and Homosexuality
Horoscopes by Kosmic Karen and
*What’s the T? With Misty Falls Special Flash Mob Edition.

There’s lots to keep you busy through those long boring January months.

Here is the link to read a higher quality version of MyGayZine Online:
Also don’t forget to check out our website for forums, blogs, scene info, videos and more:

Team My Gay Zine

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My Gay Zine Magazine - Issue 4

  1. 1. LGBT Flash Mob Plans to Descend on Belfast this Easter Monday This Easter Monday, 1st April 2013 at 2pm will see Belfast City Centre get more than just an extra few bank holiday shoppers if all goes according to plan. Picture this: Suddenly La de da It’s alright you’d think Shopping and becomes do re mi for a moment or going about your as some ejit has two as the Security business on your unexpectadly burst guard, baton intact, average Monday into song over your approaches from afternoon in Victoria shoulder. Do you A) the rear, “that big Square, shopping head towards your fella will soon sort at Top Shop or Top nearest Emergency this shit out” you’d Man, searching for Exit or B) Watch probably mutter that one thing in this lunatic who while pretending River Island that’s has just dropped you’ve stopped to gorgeous and the his shopping, look for a receipt in other half of Belfast embarrassing himself your shopping bag. isn’t wearing and in front of an ever admiring the smell growing crowd Add a sprinkle of of McDonalds of onlookers? No “WTF” and that upstairs and matter how much we far from Olympic wondering why you like to admit it we sprinter Security man still always use the all tend to become has ditched his hat one at the corner stuck in the mud with and baton for a verse of High Street. Or our eyes transfixed of Freddy Mercuries maybe that’s just to the spontaneous “I want to break me. queerness. free”.4
  2. 2. This is just one of your typical singing The first flash mobsthe many ways a and dancing based were created inflash mob captures performances, Manhattan in 2003,the attention of hell no. Past by Bill Wasik, senioran unsuspecting performances have editor of Harper’spublic audience. For explored instruments, Magazine. Thethe duration of the acting, gymnastics, first attempt wasensuing performance fashion, stand stills, unsuccessful after thepeople are captivated Mexican waves targeted retail storeas they watch a and there is even a was tipped off aboutsingular, tiny outburst flash mob wedding the plan for people tofrom one man snow proposal. gather. Wasik avoidedballing and cascading such problems duringinto an exciting, A flash mob is a the first successfulsynchronised unity group of people who flash mob, whichof people with a assemble suddenly occurred on Junemessage that’s now in a public place, 3, 2003 at Macy’sjust that little bit perform an unusual department store, bymore interesting and and seemingly sending participantsmeaningful seeing it pointless act for to preliminary stagingconveyed with such a brief time, then areas—in fourpassion and energy. quickly disperse, Manhattan bars— often for the purposes where they receivedFlash mobs in the of entertainment, further instructionspast have come in satire, and artistic about the ultimatemany forms. Some expression. The event and locationhave opted for the term, coined in 2003, just before the evententertainment factor is generally not began.and draw people applied to eventsattention for several and performances Wasik claimed that heminutes with song organized for created flash mobs asand dance and then the purposes of a social experimentthe crowds quickly politics, commercial designed to pokedisperse afterwards advertising or fun at hipsters andleaving onlookers in publicity stunts to highlight theshock and wondering involving public cultural atmospherewhat the hell they just relation firms or paid of conformity andwitnessed. However professionals – in of wanting to be anthese events are these cases the term insider or part ofnot just limited to “smart mob” is used. “the next big thing”. 5
  3. 3. However shortly most importantly the that this is just afterwards The charities we will be the beginning. We Vancouver Sun wrote, supporting through would like to call “It may have backfired the event. upon everyone on him ... [Wasik] may from all sectors of instead have ended The purpose of the Lesbian, Gay, up giving conformity the Belfast Victoria Bisexual and Trans a vehicle that Square Flash mob is gender community allowed it to appear to make a statement and its supporters to nonconforming.” In to the rest of the get involved on April another interview country that LGBT 1st. he said “the mobs people here have started as a kind a voice. Let this This is an of playful social be our response opportunity to experiment meant to the politicians to encourage and organisations -Raise money and spontaneity and who wish to keep awareness for big gatherings to LGBT people from several relevant temporarily take achieving equal charities. over commercial and rights. Rather than -Have a laugh public areas simply to embroil ourselves in participating in what show that they could”. public disputes or could be a once in a tit for tat word wars lifetime opportunity. Precise details of over the internet we -Keep those New our mob are well can chose to make Year’s resolutions under wraps for the a meaningful and in line by keeping moment but time powerful statement of fit and learning the goes pretty fast and unity and pride in one routine it’ll be April in no time single event. -Convey a powerful at all so expect some message to all announcements in the Belfast flash mob those present in NI’s following few weeks has already had largest shopping with regards to song an overwhelming centre and beyond. choices, routines, response from the -Stand up for your locations, costumes, LGBT Community rights and show your choreography and and we are hoping intolerance of hatred.6
  4. 4. Check out the“Participant numbers are rising daily” facebook event page and profile page for further information. The LGBT community here in Northern Ireland is stronger than ever but there are still many challenges ahead of us on the road to equality. Whether you want to be able to donate blood, marry like any other person or to have basic recognition in hate crime legislation the time to act is now. It would be a bit silly to sit idly by and watch our liberties be locked away and force future generations to experience the same casual homophobia prevalent today. Come together and gather at Victoria Square on Monday 1st April for a performance not to be missed. Look for our event page on Facebook if you’d like to enlist. As of writing this article we have around 80 people confirmed to be in attendance and we don’t plan to stop there. The dance routine will decrease in difficulty as the performance progresses so this really is open to everyone who wants to do their bit for LGBT relevant charities and get 2013 off to a colourful start. CONTACT US: We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Share your thoughts Online at 7
  5. 5. “I invite you all to make a short video that could literally change someones life, perhaps even save it!” - Dave Thomas “Media guru Dave Thomas (pictured left) has worked in the media for 26 years, winning awards for his innovative work. From Radio, Television, Film and Print Media, he was also responsible for co-founding the first ever Arts and Disability Centre in Ireland called APIC-The National Arts & Disability Centre of Ireland. With his Partner Patrick Bracken, they were the first gay male couple to become Foster Carers in the Republic of Ireland. They were also the first same-sex couple to have Civil Partnership in the town of Arklow, where they reside. Dave and Patrick also established the first ever LGBT group in their town called the ‘Arklow LGBT Social Drop-In Group’. Dave runs his media company Dt Media Ireland from Arklow and founded the innovative ‘Never Give Up Project. It will be officially launched in 2013”. From time to time, Being gay can tragic loss of a we all need a little bring a whole set young life when it all encouragement. of problems when becomes too much When life’s problems growing up. The to cope. I am very seem to hit you like a feeling of loneliness aware of gay men tonne of bricks, one and depression is and women that can feel very alone not exclusive to gay are being bullied in with a feeling of people, but it does their neighbourhood, being a victim of life. visit us too. Perhaps and even at their A supportive voice, you, the reader of place of work. Snide a helping hand, can this, are nodding remarks, name- be the light that your head as you calling, blatant shows the way out relate to this. Too discrimination and from the darkness of often the results verbal with physical depression. of the above is the abuse often happen.8
  6. 6. January 2013 Edition 9 5
  7. 7. Young gay people in school often find it the most difficult. The majority of schools do not provide support or adequate education on LGBT issues. I know of one young person that came out, and was rejected by his own family! Sadly he took his own life. Dave Thomas with husband Patrick Bracken (Garrett Byrne Photography) The Never Give Up project has the clear objective to help My Husband Patrick and I are change that. loved and accepted by our family and friends for the people we are. So how do we achieve that What’s important is that we live change? as a normal couple, doing normal things in life, and are not hiding in As a gay man, I have a story to tell. the shadows where some people It’s honest, open, and tells of some would love us to be. difficult times of growing up gay, but it emphasises that I did not give I looked at my skills from working up when times in the media, and came up with an were difficult. I kept going, and idea on how I can best use these now life is good for me. I have a skills to help others. I saw the wonderful partner that I married American ‘It Gets better’ project, in May 2012, through Civil and was inspired to recreate a Partnership, have a lovely little version of that for everyone in puppy called Bella, and live in a Ireland. I called it the Never Give small town called Arklow in County Up project. This new social media Wicklow. project can be very affective.10 Share your thoughts Online at
  8. 8. January 2013 Edition Media Guru Dave Thomas is spearheading the new “Never Give Up” Project thats launching this year across Ireland. Inspired by the success of the “It Gets Better” Campaign in the US, he hopes this project will experience similar success.So using my mobile phone and The Never Give Up project will beweb cam, I made a video that is officially launched in 2013. Thenow available to watch on the videos will go live at that stage,new ‘Never Give Up’ channel on and from there we will encourageYouTube. more people to participate.I am inviting every gay, lesbian, I invite you all the make a shortbisexual and trans person on the video that could literally changeIsland of Ireland to do the same. some ones life, perhaps even saveBy recording your personal story it!and sharing it with everyone, itmay inspire others to continue on We will be following this storywith their life while they are going over the next few months andthrough a difficult time. featuring some of the Never Give Up videos on the videoOur personal stories should give wall on our homepage so besomeone hope, by telling them sure to check back for updates.that Details can be found at:- they are not alone that they are not the only onesthat have gone through difficult E-mail: nevergiveup@times – and that by never giving up on Youtube:, they too could have a great user/Nevergiveupirelandfuture. NEVER GIVE UP IS A SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUTUBE CAMPAIGN CREATED TO INSPIRE AND HELP LGBT PEOPLE WHO ARE BULLIED OR FEEL DEPRESSED. SHARE YOUR STORY ONLINE. HELP INSPIRE. SHINE A LIGHT. GIVE HOPE. 11
  9. 9. The News in Brief... MYGAYZINE NEWS IN BRIEF... Alliance Man quits party to join DUP over support for gay marriage. The now former Alliance Councillor Adam Harbinson has recently quit his party in favour of the more hard-line DUP over his former party’s decision to call for “Equal Civil Marriage” in Northern Ireland. Mr Harbinson then claimed that his former party are “increasingly out of touch with the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland”. Alliance has criticised Mr Harbinson for retaining his assembly seat after resigning from the Party. Leader of the DUP Peter Robinson was quoted saying he was “delighted” Mr Harbinson has joined his Party. Rainbow Project -Running Through Our Minds The Rainbow Project want to hear from LGB&T people from throughout Northern Ireland about their mental health experiences and needs. Completing the survey will help the Rainbow Project campaign for and support the development of services which meet the needs of LGB&T people in Northern Ireland. To complete the survey go to Mobile phone advert deemed transphobic by media watchdog The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) has upheld complaints against Irish mobile phone company Meteor over what the deemed as a transphobic advert. The short promotion shows a young man dancing with a Drag Queen so he could use the bar’s free Wi-Fi. When he realises that Meteor offers a free internet package, the man abruptly stops dancing and leaves the bar. The advert has been said to promote “encouraging a cheap laugh at the expense of trans people” by TENI, the Transgender Equality Network in Ireland. TENI Director Broden Giambrone said “This ruling is a victory for the transgender community,” and “We are thrilled that the ASAI has upheld the complaints. We hope this sends a clear message to advertisers that trans people must be treated with the same dignity and respect that all communities should be afforded.”12
  10. 10. January 2013 EditionPRIDE ANNOUNCEMENT Belfast Pride 2013 BRIGHT AND BOLD Belfast Pride has announced the details of 2013’s Belfast Pride Festival, and it seems we will not have to wait quite so long on it coming around this year. There are several reasons for the change in date but it appearsBelfast has alot going on this year and the World Police and Fire Games are due to be staged between the old dates. For these reasons Belfast Pride has moved the date of the festival to a full month before. This year the Festivities will begin on Friday 28th June 2013 culminating in the flagship event and parade through Belfast on Saturday 6th July2013. So you might just have to have a wee look at your annual leave dates and rearrange. Belfast Pride has also announced that this year’s Pride parade will be themed simply Bright and Bold. Organisers believe that this is such a wide ranged theme and everyone attending will be able to easily participate and get involved in the pride experience. Don’t forget that if you have any ideas about the Pride festival or would like to volunteer to help out, get in touch with Belfast Pride through their Facebook Page. You can donate to Belfast Pride through this link Let’s make 2013 Belfast Pride the best and brightest Pride the city has ever seen and promise to keep your fingers and toes crossed til then for sunshine. Got News? Submit a press release at 13
  11. 11. SHOWBIZ NEWS By Chris McMurray Clare Balding wins award for her achievements in TV presenting Clare Balding has been honoured for her TV presenting achievements during the 2012 Olympics at the Women in Film and Television awards. After accepting the ‘Achievement of the Year’ award, Balding said: “I take the award on behalf of all of the women in sports television. I think it’s important for young girls who are, I hope, watching us and thinking ‘that’s a job I want to do’ to know that warmth, humour, intelligence, doing your homework; that’s what matters. I’m not getting this award because of people being who they could be.” what I look like, or my dress sense – Other winners of the WFTV evening we all know that.” included Lynne Ramsay, who took In August shortly after the Olympics the WFTV directing award for her Balding talked about how she would acclaimed film ‘We Need to Talk About like to see more openly gay women on Kevin’; and writer/director Sally El TV. Speaking to The Times, she said: Hosaini, who won the new talent award “There’s a lack of visibility. I remember for ‘My Brother the Devil’. an article that said, ‘Lesbians are like baby pigeons: you never see them,’ The acclaimed actress Olivia and then naming a couple – me and Colman, known for her roles in ‘Rev, Sue Perkins. ‘Tyrannosaur’, ‘The Iron Lady’ and ‘Twenty Twelve’, received the best “Television and newspapers need performance award. The writing award more visible women, full stop. was presented to Heidi Thomas, the That’s why the Olympics have been screenwriter of ‘Cranford’, ‘Upstairs so great, because you realise that Downstairs’ and ‘Call the Midwife’. women come in all shapes and sizes, short and tall, old and young. And The lifetime achievement award went yes, some of them are lesbians.” to drama producer Ruth Caleb, whose work includes ‘Pat and Margaret’, ‘Last She added: “I get really upset if being Resort’ and ‘Bullet Boy’. gay – and the fear around it – stops14
  12. 12. Chris Colfer feels “pigeonholed” because he is openly gay Glee’s Kurt, AKA Chris Colfer, has addressed being openly gay as an actor and said that he feels that sometimes people “made a big deal” out of his sexuality. At a recent Q and A session, the actor said he felt “pigeonholed”, and people have attempted to “typecast” him because he is gay. “I’ve never made it a big deal, it’s everyone else that’s always made it a big deal. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to be something that I’m not. I think people do that for you”. “People try to pigeonhole you.People tried typecasting me before they even saw me in anything else. I neverunderstood that”. Mr Colfer’s first book, The Land of Stories, a children’s book,going straight for the top of the New York Times best seller list. Ke$ha - “I’m Bisexual”Singer/songwriter Ke$ha has spoken out about being attracted to bothmen and women as well as bullying in Seventeen’s February issue.Ke$ha, 25, said “I don’t love just men. I love people. It’s not about agender. It’s just about the spirit that exudes from that other personyou’re with.” The US star also said, “I’m all about standing up to gay/lesbian/transgender bullying.” Her “zero tolerance for people makingfun of others” helped name her latest album - ‘Warrior’ - She added,“that’s one of the reasons I named my record Warrior. Jane Lynch - I’m Gay but sometimes can’t resist the ‘charm’ of men like Russell Brand. Jane Lynch the famous Glee coach has said although she identifies herself to be gay, sometimes she just can’t resist the “male charm” saying also she had a ‘crush’ on comedian Russell Brand who she once kissed full on the lips when the two met on the Jay Leno Show. Jane has been married for two years to Lara, who she met whilst filming the first series of Glee. 15
  13. 13. Report calls for better representation of lesbians and bisexual people on TV The investigation into the media portrayal of LGB audiences consisted of interviews with LGB organisations and a panel of 3,500 people. The BBC’s acting director general Tim Davie, chairman of the BBC working group which The BBC needs The two year review commissioned to do a lot better (commissioned the review, said: by the BBC itself) “The BBC has in its depiction concluded that a fundamental of LGB people, TV programming obligation to serve all particularly its audiences. In fact, lesbians and is still sidelining and stereotyping it’s one of the BBC’s bisexuals, public purposes to LGB people across according to a reflect the diversity of all channels new report. “especially lesbian UK life. “I’m proud to women and bisexual have led this work for ‘Lip Service’, the people.” three years, and this BBC3 drama about The report called review underlines our the lives of a group for more LGB commitment and sets of young lesbians people on children’s a direction for the in Glasgow, was shows and sport work to continue.” highlighted as in particular, and Shows praised by problematic and demanded that the research their even described as BBC News should portrayal of LGB “laughable” for its cover LGB issues in people include Doctor depiction of gay a more “nuanced” Who, Downtown women. way. Abbey and Holby City.16
  14. 14. “Doctor Who quite often Sue Perkins, were amonghas a gay character in the names receiving The BBC is also taskedit but it isn’t always an praise for the BBC in the with reconsidering theissue or the plotline,” review. way it constructedsaid anti-hate crime news and current affairscharity Galop. “It’s just But coverage of LGB debates. The reportincidental, which has issues on TV news said it should be “morebeen quite nice.” programs, including the creative and nuanced” BBC, was criticised for with its presentationAs for why lesbian drama giving “too much time to rather than setting upLip Service received homophobic viewpoints” a debate with “twosuch harsh criticism - the as part of an effort to extreme perspectives.”actors trade union Equity make discussion ofnoted that although the issues “unnecessarily Meanwhile, dramashow is written by a and deliberately makers are beinglesbian/bisexual woman confrontational”. called on to bewhich is a positive “bolder”, andstep, the episodes The report said: “The comedy programme“were directed by men LGB expert participants makers were warnedand the majority of the feel that the BBC that the “biggest risklesbian characters were should be more creative [is] the portrayal ofplayed by heterosexual and bolder in how it LGB people being theactors and this clearly represents LGB people focus of the joke. Ifimpacts on the quality across the range of the author or sourceand integrity of the genres and platforms.” of the humour isrepresentation. Some of LGB, this is felt toit was laughable.” While all broadcasters be more authentic had responsibility to or appropriate andHowever, high- reflect the diversity of so there is moreprofile out and proud their audiences, thepresenters such as report singled out the acceptance.”Clare Balding, who BBC as having an “extrarecently won an award obligation” becausefor her achievements in of its role as a flagship By Chrispresenting the Olympics, broadcaster and globaland comedian/presenter name. McMurray 17
  15. 15. Peter F Fahy gives us an insight into his writing and tells us more about his new book - “The Surface of the Deep” On the verge of the release of his new book “The Surface of the Deep – An Exploration of Homosexuality and Civilisation” - we caught up with our incredibly talented feature writer - Mr Peter F Fahy to get an insight into some of his writing routines, inspirations and interests. Peter has been with MyGayZine from the beginning and has already treated our readers to some fascinating and fun articles exploring everything from gay comic book superheroes and serial killers to the life of King James I. Alongside writing for us hes also just been awarded 3rd place in the 6th All Ireland Performance Poetry Slam Championship in Cork and we wanted to find out more. write at length on stronger and stronger. Interview subjects that I enjoyed I idolize Naruto, and (literature, religion and it’s his commitment to When did you first history) and it became self-improvement that discover you had an an addiction after that. makes me want to interest and talent keep writing. for writing? Where do you draw the inspiration for Probably when I was your writing? Do you have any about 8 - I wrote a rituals or routines short story about a This is going to sound you like to do before group of evil monks a little strange, but sitting down to raising the antichrist there’s an animated write? in the Himalayan character called mountains. The Naruto Uzumaki from Plot everything in the teachers twigged a popular anime series pub. If I can get my on early that I was called Naruto. Naruto preparations done a bit...disturbed. It won’t stop until he’s in a noisy bar then wasn’t until university the best that he can I’ll be good to go that I really had be, and he dedicates when I write the real the opportunity to himself to getting thing. I have to have18
  16. 16. 5
  17. 17. We chat Exciting Writing with Peter Fahy music playing when new book – “The that prove homosexuals I’m writing - sometimes Surface of the Deep”? are a vital part in the psy-trance, sometimes ongoing story of human a soundtrack, but I need It’s a line from the book history. music to get me in a of Genesis - ‘the earth steady writing rhythm. was formless and void, What was the hardest and darkness was over part of writing your We’ve read your the surface of the deep.’ new book? collection of short I wanted the title of the horror stories “The book to have a religious I was trying to balance Unspeakable” and connotation because I academic writing with you’ve already written don’t think homosexuals a personal, prosaic a very dark article on should be excluded from style. This isn’t homosexual serial spiritual circles. Also, really encouraged in killers, is this your the book isn’t that long, academic writing as favourite subject to so I’m really really just you’re meant to have write about? skimming the surface an impersonal tone and of a subject that has form arguments in a Yeah I’m a gore whore. an incredible depth certain way. Basically I Horror has always i.e. homosexuality and threw these conventions been my favourite form civilisation. out the window, but still of fiction, probably tried to make the essays because you can break Can you tell us a bit academic. But if you’re the rules of reality. I more about what it’s all writing in a personal, recently had a horror about? journalistic style then story published in a you run the risk of literary magazine called The book is a collection losing your credibility. A New Ulster. Muck is an of academic essays that So the hardest part example of Ulster Gothic explores the relationship was trying to make the - distressed heroines, between homosexuality essays both factual and desolate locations, a and civilisation. It entertaining, which I foreboding sense of examines homophobic hope I accomplished. supernatural dread and references in the Bible, all that jazz. the history of gays in the I struggle to keep military, homosexuality in focused on a several Where did the name the animal kingdom and thousand word come from for your a variety of other topics essay and couldn’t20
  18. 18. imagine the amount of and rhymes is another also working with adedication it takes to way to practice writing. very talented musiciancompleting an entire to create a music andbook. Where do you Are you involved in any poetry crossover. He’llfind your motivation? notable dates or events be playing the violin in the near future while I’m reading andNaruto never gives up on the Performance rhyming. I’ve startedso neither do I. As well Poetry Circuit? working on my thirdas that, I had a good bit book - ‘The Devil Youof time to get the book I’m still performing at the Know’, a new collectionin order, over a year Crescent every month of horror stories, andworking on it essay by and I’m trying to get a I still hope to keepessay. spot in the Belfast Book the LGBT community Festival. I was recently entertained with articlesCongratulations on performing down in in MyGayZine, so it’s allwinning 3rd place at Wilde Bar in Dublin so systems go in 2013.this year’s All Ireland I’d like to go down therePerformance Poetry again and hit some other Check outSlam Championship venues around Ireland. Peter’s article on(videos available on Homosexuality andYouTube). How did you Are you currently Christianity in theget interested in this? working on features section any otherFunny enough, I sort of projects?fell into Performance WhatPoetry. I went to the can weCrescent to watch expectpeople perform, to seethought it was great fromcraic and decided to yougive it a go. I can be in thea bit theatrical when I future?want to be and I loverhyming, so I combined I’m collaboratingthe two of them with a few people ontogether and you’ve a number of your performance. I’ll be illustrating aPerformance Poetry popular female poet’sis a great platform for poetry and we plan toentertaining people, and showcase that workworking with rhythms in a local gallery. I’m Pictured Left - Peter F Fahy 21
  19. 19. Fun Zone Quick New Year Crossword • Have a go at our brand new monthly crossword puzzle. It’s great fun and just a little trickier than the one last month. A nice way to warm up the brain. Let us know how you get on through our website We’ll publish the answers online through our facebook page which can be found at 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 2722
  20. 20. Crossword Clues DownAcross • 1) Any one of several species of small arctic• 1) Winner of The Voice UK rodents of the genera 2012 (6, 8) Myodes and Cuniculus (7)• 8) Boston can be found in • 2) Withdraw; separate(8) this American state (13) • 3) Lower than average tide• 10) Facial Hair (4) occurring at the first and• 12) The Peso is the unit of third quarters of the moon currency here (9) (4)• 16) In a way not • 4) Hospital ward (4) sanctioned by custom or • 5) Musical notation (4) law (9) • 6) Praise, glorify, or honour• 18) Relinquish sovereign (5) power (8) • 7) Small herring-like• 20) Twin-engine attack plankton-feeding fishes helicopter (6) abundant in tropical• 22) Articles of commerce waters (7) (9) • 9) Recruit (6)• 24) Unfathomable chasm • 11) Acid found in Vinegar (5) (6)• 25) National gemstone of • 13) Secretion of milk (10) Australia, who also provide • 14) Not in action (4) 97% of the world’s supply • 15) Adequate for the (4) purpose (5)• 26) having a single • 17) Admiration for yourself meaning (absence of (7) ambiguity) (8) • 19) A small oval plum of a• 27) Abode of mortals (6) blue colour (6) • 21) Heart, liver, and other edible viscera of an animal LAST MONTH’S (6) ANSWERS CAN • 23) Ancient city in Asia BE FOUND Minor (4) ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE 23
  21. 21. Movies, Music and More Christmas is finally over and it’s time to hit the sales and pick up a few hidden gems in music and movies that you may have missed in 2012. Our charts and entertainment stories will ensure your always kept up to date with the entertainment scene. We’ve sifted through those boring, tedious lists and charts to present you with a selection of the best releases and entertainment purchases available this month. 2012 Chart Toppers Music Movies Best selling Music Highest Grossing films Albums of 2012 of 2012 Emeli Sande Marvel’s The Avengers - ‘Our version of events’ $623,357,910 Adele The Dark Knight Rises - 21 $448,139,099 Lana Del Rey The Hunger Games - ‘Born to die’ $408,010,692 Ed Sheeran Skyfall - $293,729,570 ‘+’ The Twilight Saga: Coldplay Breaking Dawn Part 2 - ‘Mylo Xyloto’ $287,756,286244
  22. 22. @ The Cinema Available January 2013 Gangster Squad Les Miserables Django Unchained Lincoln Out on DVD Zero Dark Thirty Stolen The Inbetweeners Movie Taken 2 Paranormal Activity 4 Seven PsycopathsThis Months Singles Rihanna ‘Stay’ 50 Cent ft Eminem /Avril Lavigne ‘My Life’ One Direction ‘Kiss You’Amelia Lilly ‘Shut Up’ Conor Maynard ft Wiley ‘Animal’ ...and Albums Biffy Clyro ‘Opposites’ Devlin ‘A Moving Picture’ Kimberly Walsh ‘Centre Stage’ Rudimental ‘Rudimental’ Tegan & Sara ‘Heartthrob’ 25 5
  23. 23. 26
  24. 24. Brighten up your January and get the year off to a great start at this year’s “Out to Lunch” Arts Festival. January can be a dull and quiet month as pockets recover from the damage done over Christmas. But now in it’s 8th year the “Out to Lunch” Festival has again been pulling in the crowds in venues across Belfast.The Festival has just started on January 2nd so act fast if you want to be in with a chance of getting tickets for some of the more popular events. The good news is the festival is in Belfast until the 27th January and we’ve lotsmore to look forward to. Funnyman Steve Hughes, poet Paul Durcan, singers Jim Jones and Arlo Guthrie are already sold out so get your ass in gear. “We’re hugely excited at the line-up we’ve put together,” said Festival Director Paul Kelly. He promises a festival that will “markthe Cathedral Quarter as Belfast’s Capital of Culture for 2013’’ and the greatest festival of lunchtime arts in the world. Check below for some of the highlights from the festival, there are a few more and a little more info on them in our Who? Where? When? What? Guide overleaf. 27
  25. 25. WHO? WHERE? WHEN? WHAT? The MyGayZine guide to What’s On and What’s Hot. WHO? The Agony and The WHO? Ed Sheeran Ecstasy of Steve Jobs WHERE? Belfast Odyssey Arena WHERE? The Black Box, Belfast WHEN? 10th January WHEN? 8th January WHAT? This amazing self made star WHAT? Skewiff Theatre Company is back in Belfast once again present The Agony and to showcase his musical the Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs and lyrical talents. For those by Mike Daisey, said by lucky to have got their hands many to be the best original on a set of tickets that is. American play of the year. There’s still the possibility of Daisey tells a fascinating find some on gumtree if your story and if you have an willing to spend an extra few iPhone in your pocket you quid. The singer/songwriter won’t want to hear. This is performs in Belfast’s Odyssey a passionate and powerful Arena. Sheeran’s past hits exposé of the appalling include Lego House, Drunk working conditions in Apple’s and the massive A-Team. Foxconn factory in China. WHO? Paloma Faith WHO? Doris Day - In Song, On Screen WHERE? Ulster Hall, Belfast WHEN? 20th January WHERE? The Black Box, Belfast WHAT? Paloma is performing in the WHEN? 27th January famous Ulster Hall Belfast WHAT? Local singer Brigid O’Neill will and her spectacular voice be singing the songs of Doris combined with the world that cross musical genres famous acoustics of the from jazz-influenced swing to fabulous old Hall promises romantic ballads. Brigid will to make a night to remember. be joined on stage by Rod Paloma will perform tracks McVey on keyboards and from her new album ‘Fall to Rod Patterson on double Grace’ with hits including bass. The live interpretations ‘Picking up the pieces’, ‘30 of Doris’s songs will be minute love affair’ and the complemented by clips from stunning cover of the INXS hit some of her most memorable ‘Never tear us apart’. She has on-screen moments. been all over tv lately and now we can listen live. Got an event that you’d like to feature? Get in touch -
  26. 26. WHO? WHERE? WHEN? WHAT? The MyGayZine guide to What’s On and What’s Hot.WHO? Holiday World Show WHO? Sons and DaughtersWHERE? Kings Hall, Belfast WHERE? Ebrington Pavilion, DerryWHEN? 18-20th January WHEN? 20th JanuaryWHAT? The Belfast Telegraph WHAT? This gala evening will feature Holiday World and Caravan ‘sons and daughters’ from & Motor home Show packs stage and screen – local expert advice, special offers, artistes with international not-to-be-missed promotions, reputations who will reflect entertainment and exclusive Derry’s cultural, historical competitions all under the and industrial achievements same roof for a great value- in music, word and song. for-money, family day out. Among those already lined Wherever in the world you up to appear include Phil want to go, whatever your Coulter, The Undertones, passions Holiday World has Damian McGinty, Paul Brady, it all. Amanda Burton and Dana. Will be recorded for television and broadcast live on radio.WHO? Diaries of Adam and Eve WHO? Donny and Marie LiveWHERE? Theatre @the Mill, N’abbey WHERE? Belfast Odyssey ArenaWHEN? 24th January WHEN? 30th JanuaryWHAT? Relationships: whose idea WHAT? Donny and Marie Osmond was that? One of you wants bring their amazing live to get things done, the other show to Northern Ireland. wants to chill out in the The legendary brother and garden. One of you wants sister duo Donny & Marie a minute’s peace, the other enjoyed sell-out success of wants to talk (and talk and their eponymous shows in talk). In this witty and modern Las Vegas at the Flamingo adaptation of Mark Twain’s Hotel and Casino, The affectionate satire, Adam Osmonds are unique in their and Eve, the world’s first success as a band and as couple, confront their many solo performers. The tour differences to find successful will take fans on a journey ways of living and loving through their back catalogue together. of unforgettable hits.Check back each month for a nosey at what’s going on around Northern Ireland 29
  27. 27. Drop us an email today at to have us pay a visit and get featured in our next issue. Check back each month and see read our reviews of some of Northern Ireland’s BEST LGBT Venues.30
  28. 28. New Year’s Eve@ Kremlin “New Year’s Eve so there’s only one place we can go, has to be Kremlin everyone will be there, thecomplex is fully opened up to mingle amongst all the areas, it’s worth the extra taxi fares and the twelve pound door tax... isn’t it?” Kremlin was a really fun and enjoyable night out this New Year’s Eve, unexpectadly so considering previous year’s usually involved getting wedgedagainst a wall or an unsuspecting dancer. This year however the place was either a little quieter thanusual or having the whole complex running at once really helped calm the familiar New Year’s crowd. Door tax seemed much too expensive for it to be a New Year’s option for everyone and even more expensive when considering Stooshe and Jason played in London’s Heaven Nightclub for the same price.Fox’s Den right up the street pulled in a really goodcrowd, a slightly quieter option and only 3 pound at the door. 31
  29. 29. LIFESTYLE january 2013 FITNESS NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS?? As the winter season rest cycle will boost the production of comes to a close and fat burning hormones, increase your we begin to notice that heart rate and use more calories! we maybe had “one too 3. DO BIG-BODY MOVEMENTS many” selection boxes The more you can involve big body, this Christmas, and the all-encompassing movements the new year’s blues kick better. Exercises such as squats, in when we brave the lunges, push-ups and pull-ups are scales, it is time for a perfect examples for this. These few tips on how to get exercises will give your core a good back on track! workout – and use up more calories! 1. HIGH INTENSITY!! NOVICES- it is highly recommended that you try to perfect these exercises You actually burn a lower percent- without weights first to ensure correct age of calories from fat when you’re posture and maximum effectiveness. training at a higher intensity. However, Please seek professional advice if when trying to lose weight, it’s about needed. the total calories USED. And it’s a no brainer – over the same amount of 4. CARDIO ACTIVITIES time, you burn more with high inten- sity activities than with low intensity Like it or not, cardio is always going ones. to be advised for losing weight. Go for a jog, a brisk walk, a swim or even 2. TIMED STRATEGY a cycle. It doesn’t take an expert to know that cardio is a great way for Choose timed sets of between 1-2 losing weight. Speaking of which; mins of high intensity exercise how has everyone been getting on instead of counting reps and take with our marathon challenge? Please shorter rest periods (if any) before email us at - fitness@mygayzine. starting your next set. This work-to- ask for advice - emaiil
  30. 30. GET BACK IN SHAPE THIS NEW YEAR AND GET 2013 OFF TO A HEALTHY STARTRemember: you don’t haveto run the WHOLE marathon,maybe some 5km or even WE ALL LIKEhalf-marathon if you’re able!It’s a great way to get fit TO LET GOand raise some money for acharity! OVER THETRAINERS ADVICE-Seek out local circuit and FESTIVEkettlebell classes, theyare perfect for fat loss PERIOD BUTand consist of all the tipsmentioned above! This GETTINGalso becomes a greatway to make friends andget motivated! My very BACK INgood from “head2toe”runs a kettlebell and I SHAPE DOESN’Twould personally recom-mend attending this verybeneficial class:Kettlebells with “Head- HAVE TO BE2toe” DIFFICULT.Every Monday and Thurs-day CHECK7pm at Ligoneil parishhall OUT THIS£4 admission HELPFULEVERYBODY WELCOME!Contact: 07877253334 ADVICE 33
  31. 31. LIFESTYLE january 2013 COOKING SUBMIT YOUR RECIPES TO INFO@MYGAYZINE.CO.UK WE PUBLISH THE BEST EACH MONTH. STEAK AND GUINNESS PIE (Serves 6) WINTER WARMING INGREDIENTS FOOD IDEAS 675g (1 1/2 lb) diced braising METHOD steak sea salt and Prep: 10 mins. Cook: 2 hours 45 mins freshly ground pepper 1.Season your beef with the salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle 2 heaped tea- with flour and toss around until coated. spoons of plain 2.Heat some olive oil in a large pot and fry your meat until well browned. flour 3.Add the onion and fry for another minute, then add celery, car- olive oil rots and herbs. Cook for a further 5 minutes stirring all the time 1 large onion, then pour in your Guinness. peeled and 4.Add the tinned chopped tomatoes; bring to the brink of boil- diced ing. Stir well and drop the heat to a medium low heat to simmer 1 large car- for 2 hours or until the meat is tender. rot, peeled and 5.To make the pies, preheat the oven to 190 degrees/gas mark 5. diced 6.Put the meat filling into a large baking dish or 6 ramekins. 4 sticks of celery, 7.Roll out pastry and place over your baking dish or ramekins, diced making sure it is slightly bigger than the dish/dishes. 1 small handful 8.Brush the around the edge of your dish/dishes with beaten herbs (rosemary, egg, then place the pastry on top of the dish, pressing down thyme, bay leaf) around the edge to secure. Lightly score the top of the pastry and brush with more egg. 1 (500ml) bottle 9.Place on a baking tray and bake in the middle of the preheat- of Guinness ed oven for 45 minutes until golden and bubbling. 2 (400g) tins of 10.Let it cool down for 10 minutes before you dig in. chopped toma- toes Make ahead... 1 (500g) packet This pie freezes well - simply assemble the pie and freeze of puff pastry before baking. Once you’re ready to bake, simply throw it in 1 egg, beaten the oven straight from the freezer.34
  32. 32. treat your mate or impress your date this January with these quick and easy Winter Warming Recipes INGREDIENTS TOMATO AND LENTIL SOUP50 ml extra virgin DRIVE YOUR FRIENDS MENTAL olive oil 2 garlic cloves, WITH THIS TOMATO & LENTIL chopped 1 bunch flat-leaf METHODparsley, chopped 2 fresh chillies, 1. In a saucepan, heat the olive oil. Add garlic, parsley and chilli chopped peppers and sauté for a few minutes. 1 can plum to- matoes 2. Add plum tomatoes and juices from the tin. With the back of 540 g can len- a wooden spoon, break up the tomatoes into little chunks. tils, drained and 3. Add the lentils and season with salt and pepper. Add water rinsed and allow to cook for approximately 15 - 20 minutes until the 200 ml water soup has thickened. INGREDIENTS FROZEN LEMON MERINGUE (Serves 12)125g (4oz) caster sugar AULD LANG SYNE Juice of 2 lem- ons (6-7tbsp) & LEMON MERINGUE 500g (18oz) tub thick Greek METHOD yogurt 150ml (¼ pint) 1. Whisk the sugar and lemon juice in a large bowl until the double cream sugar dissolves. mix in the yogurt and cream then spoon into a 1 heaped tsp plastic container. Freeze for a 2 hours until slushy. Mix well and good-quality freeze for another hour then mix again and freeze until smooth lemon curd per and creamy. 2. Spoon the ice-cream mixture into a metal cooking ring or person, to serve cutter about 6.5cm diameter on a piece of greaseproof paper to 1 meringue shell make about 2.5cm high. per person, to 3. Place each ice-cream round on a chilled plate. Spoon lemon serve curd over, then place a meringue on top and serve. 35
  33. 33. 21 Jan 2 Feb 16 - 23 Mar 1-5 May 23 Mar Belgium Doncaster Alpe De Huez International Exeter PrideLeather Pride Winter Pride LGBT Ski Week Bears Week Sitges 8-12 May 25-26 May 1 Jun 1 Jun 11 May Amsterdam Birmingham Blackburn Gay Waterford GayMaspalomas Fetish Pride Gay Pride Pride Pride Gay Pride NOTABLE PRIDE DATES 2013 WORLDWIDE PRIDE CALENDAR 8 Jun 15 Jun 22 Jun 29 Jun 1 Jun Oxford Gay Sitges Gay Essex Gay Dublin GayYork Gay Pride Pride Pride Pride Chelms- Pride ford 29 Jun 6 Jul 6 Jul 6 Jul 13 JulSwansea Gay Belfast Gay Sheffield Gay Bournemouth Bristol Gay Pride Pride Pride Gay Pride Pride
  34. 34. 13 Jul 14 Jul 20 Jul 27 Jul 20 Jul Munich Gay Glasgow Gay Europride Mar- Norwich Gay Hull Gay Pride Pride Pride seille, France Pride 27 Jul 3 Aug 3 Aug 3 Aug 3 Aug Nottingham- Amsterdam Herefordshire Liverpool Gay Brighton &shire Gay Pride Gay Pride Gay Pride Pride Hove Gay Pride brought to you by 4 Aug 11 Aug 20 - 25 Aug 31 Aug 4 Aug Leeds Gay Wakefield Gay Derry/Lon- Reading GayCork Gay Pride Pride Pride donderry Gay Pride Pride ** London 1 Sept 7 Sept 7 Sept 28 Sept pride dates are Sunderland Wales Mardi Limerick Gay Preston Gay not confirmed Gay Pride Gras, Cardiff Pride Pride at the time of writing**
  35. 35. LIFESTYLE FASHION TESSUTI.CO.UK FOR MEN Lyle & Scott Chambray Shirt £63.75 SURFDOME.COM Diesel Y-Profile Urban Trainers £67.99 FIRSTCLASSWATCHES.CO.UK DKNY casual, brown, leather strap watch £115.50 HOUSE OF FRASER Orange Firetrap Printed T-Shirt £21 SUPERDRY.COM Suede Sand Logan Boot £21 H&M Rib Knit Jumper TOPMAN £19.99 Khaki cropped Belted MAC £70 REPUBLIC Jack & Jones Eric Original Jeans RIVER ISLAND £70 Grey colour block Bomber Jacket £7038
  36. 36. january 2013 cool clothing ideas hot off the highstreet for men and women POSHBAGS.CO.UK FOR WOMEN Kipling Jarita Bag £39.95 CHEMICAL.COM NEXT Casio Baby-G Watch Lipsy cross wing £46.20 Crest Hoodie £45 MISGUIDED.CO.UK Amorette khaki trousers REPUBLIC £45 Only stud Embellished sweater £32 H&M Boyfriend cut Low jeans £29.99 RIVER ISLAND Grey Melton leather look Sleeve biker coat £75 TOPSHOP Knitted ‘Genius’ Jumper £36 SUPERDRY.COM Super sherbet HOUSE OF FRASER Crew T-Shirt Madden Girl Sansoma MG £39.99 Ankle cowboy boot £21 39
  37. 37. READERS RANT WELCOME to Readers Rant, a place to let your mouth go wild about the things that matter to you. Wether your feeling passionate about something, annoyed by someone or just wanting somewhere to express your feelings, we would like to hear from you. Get in touch with your rant and it could be published in the next issue of MYGAYZINE. Email your rant to - We look forward to hearing from you - heres our New Year rant... I am a gay lad aged 26 and have been in 2 relationships worth talking about. The first was amazing for 2 years then all of a sudden he wanted to involve others in our sex life and for each of us to see other people as long as we were honest about it. I did consider this at the time simply because I loved him and wanted to be with him I thought at all costs but talking to a dear friend of mine I was reminded that there is very little that lovers get to truly keep for one and other and what happens in the sacred surrounding of their very own love lives is theirs to keep as memories and lessons forever. Just recently my now ex boyfriend of 3yrs came off with a very similar proposal! I’ve always been the more sexually active in our relationship and up for trying anything once. However introducing a third into the bedroom is beyond the point where I’ve drawn my line. A relationship should be a personal, private experience of love sharing in my opinion and it bugs me how common this desire is. Have we gays lost the meaning of the word monogamy? I feel in my heart that even though the couple are consenting adults and are not lying, cheating or have anything to be ashamed of in any way. I still whole heartedly believe that there would be something that you can never get back, like a part of the relationship has been lost forever and eventually I think that it would be too much even for the most loving couple to cope with in the long term. Love is hard, intense and passionate and requires full time attention I can’t see any room or time for a third person. There has to be other people who don’t think this way and are more inclined to agree with my viewpoint. Either I’m being jealous or I have a tendency to chose greedy boyfriends. Michael, Belfast40
  38. 38. TEXT US YOUR SHOUT OUT TO 07564877618 SHOUT OUT ZONE Got a message for someone that you’d like Any deals on American to see here? holidays? James, Text us today at Rasharkin your standard Hope the new year network brings use many more message rate. issues =-D - H&R Happy New Year all at Text us you mygayzine, ty - Leah --- photos andLook forward 2 issue 4 in comments, we the new year - Lisa will publish a selection of the love my monday mag xxx. David, Dungannon best and mostLoved the hot guys in the memorable ones Xmas issue - Kevin B, N’abbey in every months issue. We will mulled wine turned out beautifully - Stephanie, also feature Happy 25th Birthday to my wee Nelly, from Ballycastle your shout outs, Pauline congratulatory messages When can we see more and birthday Christmas issue was celebrities? - Liam, messages. Getbrilliant, Michael, Belfast Derry TEXTING... 41
  39. 39. FEATURES PETER F FAHY HOMOSEXUALITY AND CHRISTIANITY So Christmas has come and gone. Did you get everything you wanted? I asked Santa to chop Michael Buble up into twenty pieces, but hold your horses - I wasn’t being serious! Even though I can’t stand that crooning creep, Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace, love and camaraderie, so why I wonder, have religious leaders launched a vicious and bloodthirsty attack on homosexuals during the holiday season? At the start of December, Pope Benedict XVI gave a precious blessing to Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of the Ugandan parliament. That horse-riding skank Kadaga plans to give a great Christmas present to Uganda’s Christian community: the ‘Kill the Gays’ bill, legislation that would see practicing homosexuals imprisoned for life or executed. And to add insult to injury, the archbishop of Westminster had the audacity to slander same-sex marriage during his Christmas message to the collective congregation. Vincent Nichols claimed that gay marriage is like an Orwellian dystopia, a shambolic failure of democracy. Could you be more melodramatic? It’s rhetoric like this that leads to violence and discrimination.42
  40. 40. HOMOSEXUALITY AND CHRISTIANITYSo how will the Everyone knows the Then there’s theLGBT community story of Sodom, how caustic passagesrespond to this God supposedly in Leviticus,onslaught? It would destroyed an entire abominations and allbe easy to slabber city for their sinful that jazz. The biblicalback at the religious sexual practices. book of Leviticusinstitutions, get I’ve already explored lists the ceremonialdown and dirty that story in detail requirements forwith a mud-slinging and debunked that the tribe of Levi,contest, but that ludicrous argument. Jews wandering inwouldn’t solve Sodom was an the wilderness withanything, would it? inhospitable city, full no home to callBesides, if I of cruel and spiteful their own. Healthattacked the citizens. We know and procreationCatholic church my it was destroyed, were imperative.granny would take most likely through Indeed there was aoff her slipper and a natural disaster, need to breed, sobeat me senseless. but it had sweet homosexuality was Fanny Adams to demonized. AndSo instead, we do with queers, once again, I’mhave to wonder and attributing a struggling to seewhy Christianity city’s destruction to how this passage isis so opposed to homosexuality is as relevant or applicablehomosexuality. Is asinine as blaming us to today’s hideouslythere any evidence in for Hurricane Katrina overcrowded world.the New Testament or El Nino. Any priestthat proves or preacher who So that’s a briefhomosexuality and declared that gays review of thoseChristianity are are responsible for pestilential passages.antithetical? global geographical Now for the New catastrophes would Testament.We’d have to be ridiculed andstart with the Old crucified in the Does ChristTestament to get press, so I’m really ever refer tosome understanding struggling to see why homosexuality?of Christian that interpretation is’s ajustification for still sustained with yes and no.homophobia. Sodom. In Matthew 19:12, CHECK OUT OUR INTERVIEW WITH PETER IN THE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION 43
  41. 41. PETER F FAHY Jesus discusses the acceptance it might be a false Eunuchs. He says: of same-sex cognate). relationships. “...Some are Read in this eunuchs because In Matthew 8: 5-13, light, it appears they were born that Upon entering that Jesus is way; others were Capernaum, Christ supporting a same- made that way by is approached by a sex partnership men; and others distraught Roman and rewarding have renounced Centurion who says the faithful pair marriage because that his special with health and of the kingdom of servant (entimos happiness. Is this heaven. The one duolos) is ill. Can an argument for gay who can accept this Christ heal this boy? marriage or what? should accept it.” Jesus commends the Centurion for But religious Now I know what his faith and within leaders refuse to you’re thinking: a an hour, the special acknowledge this eunuch is someone servant is as right interpretation. They who chopped their as rain. prefer to latch on bits off, and that to the lines in 1 is one definition, The original Greek Corinthians 6:9 that but the Greek text used the say: word eunoûchos words ‘entimos also referred so duolos’ and ‘pais’ “Or do you someone who was to describe the sick not know that heterosexually servant. Both of wrongdoers will celibate, ie, gay, and these definitions not inherit the Christ’s listeners have the sexual kingdom of God? knew this. connotation of a Do not be deceived: young male lover in Neither the Happy days. Like the Greek language sexually immoral Lady Gaga, Christ (‘pais’ might have nor idolaters nor is saying that we’re an etymological link adulterers nor men born this way. to pederasty, a form who have sex with of same-sex love men” There’s additional in Greco-Roman evidence that culture, but don’t However, if priests asserts Christ’s quote me on that -44
  42. 42. HOMOSEXUALITY AND CHRISTIANITY are adamant that these lines justify their pious intolerance, then I’d appeal to their academic side. Paul wrote Corinthians, and any Bible scholar or theologian out there knows fine rightly Paul had a bit of tendency to exaggerate things, didn’t he? So based on this exegesis, it appears that homosexuality and Christianity are not impossible partners. But homophobia, on the other hand, is quite anti-Christian. Will the Catholic church change it’s attitude? I doubt it. Catechism 2357 of the Catholic church states ‘Under no circumstances can <homosexuals> be approved.” But Jesus, a pacifist, a philosopher, a compassionate messiah, didn’t show such disdain. Christ said that we’re all children of God, gays included. As He says, “ The one who can accept this should accept it.”CHRIST THE REDEEMER RIO BRAZIL ARE HIS ARMS WIDE OPEN AND ACCEPTING? 45
  43. 43. A MINUTE OR FOUR WITH RYAN DIOR Welcome to a minute or 4 with our favourite actor and Well It’s me again, and already yet another year has started and writer Ryan Dior. Ryan rose is ahead for the making. We are all in charge of our own destiny, to acting fame as a child and if we put the New Year’s hangover to one side, and really concentrate on what you want from 2013, putting your heart after starring as Oliver in the and mind and soul into it, then the world is your oyster. You can West End and then went on achieve anything if you really put your mind to it. to act in several films and The world as we have now become accustomed to is a fast TV shows. Ryan Dior, who moving and often fearful place that could very easily leave was also a script writer on the unprepared behind, in every sense of the word. With the most drastic cuts the globe has seen since the war, I saw an some of Britain’s longest opportunity to take a leaf from the war time way of life and running and best loved get back in touch with the things people used to do such as soaps. Now in the process of mending and making do. A way of life that is so far detached working on a new one man from the modern, convenient way of living today it would scare you. A useful tip that seems disruptive and a nuisance play about dealing with in the short term – “saving” can prove a great reward in the depression he has set aside long term. Look after the pennies and the pounds look after some free time to give us a themselves. In today’s world combining the war time ethos of New Year update. “waste not, want not” with “saving” will ensure you ride out the credit crunch storm a little more comfortable than the rest. I challenge you to do this for a whole year and see how much you could save, even as little as twenty pounds per week ends up a hefty sum of over a thousand pound after only a year. Repairing damaged clothing and household items can save a fortune, freezing excess or uneaten foot stuffs, recovering old furniture instead of buying new and using your home heating and electrical appliances a little more wisely can all lead to massive savings. I can go on and on but really it’s all common sense. Although that’s what they say about common sense – “it’s not all that common”. Even just glancing over several of my points it’s clear that it can be easy to make small changes that can have a big impact on the pocket. So that’s my challenge to you all this month – Save, Save, Save, you’ll probably be alot happier and if not you will at least be richer by the end of 2013. I hope you all had a well deserved rest and a break from the mind blasting world even if only for a few days over Christmas. I know I did, but I’ve thrown myself back into work directing a play that we can all relate to depression, the play is called “TALK” and addresses the taboo about the many guises or forms of this illness and tells us that there is always a positive side to everything, a way to beat it for good without debilitating medication. Its a one man play, played by a very well known actor, and a vey challenging role. Many Folk suffer needlessly at this time of year from mental health illnesses such as depression, so it’s all very relevant and at the forefront at the moment. May I take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very happy new year, and I as always look forward to your comments and feedback. Do take care and may your god go with you. Ryan Dior. Writer/Actor/Director.46
  44. 44. POETRY CORNER That Song (for Mary) Do you remember how the notes of that song dripped gold and azure tones into your veins; sound synergy to the soul, you felt it in a place where there was no hiding, in a place where naked emotions jaunt, you felt it in that insiduous beat pulsing in your wrists ...through your spine...the drift of life force, you felt it in the words you hummed along with a distant artist who couldn’t know she’d vocalized...actualized your feelings in a song Had I closed my eyes, I’d have seen the setting sun inflamed electric mauve-orange over the veld Had I closed my eyes, I might have been adrift on an endless realm of undulating ocean Had I been alone I would still have felt the Great Ineffable Love Caught by a songBY CHRIS MCMURRAY 47
  45. 45. ARIES March 21 - April 19 TAURUS April 20 - May 20 You rams are hardly shy, you You’re devoted to your progress enjoy a good debate and and can keep going when somewhere like a forum where you can others stop. You prefer to build strong express your thoughts and listen to foundations rather that getting too far other people’s views and this will help ahead and having to backtrack. This you develop. This year, hidden worlds year group work would suit you more will unveil themselves perhaps your than being on your own as you will learn meditation practice could take a new more from the experiences of others. direction. A wealth of deep symbolism The written word also helps - you should around you requires more investigation think about keeping a diary or even into what it all means? writing a book. GEMINI May 21 - June 20 CANCER June 21 - July 22 You’re a sign that can Working from home appeals to accumulate a lot of knowledge you because you can surround but you might not end up using all of yourself with what makes you feel it. So what stays and what goes? Your comfortable and secure. Maybe the wisdom is being sought out, so some universe needs you to stretch yourself editing is required. The good news is a little. Mediumship is often associated that you’ll learn more teaching other with your intuitive side and perhaps you people, you will learn more than you can extend intuition to other disciplines. ever imagined. Clear your mind order New ideas and foreign travel will pique your thoughts then you can focus on your interest and feed your spirit. what matters to you most.48
  46. 46. LEO July 23 - August 22 VIRGO August 23 - Sept 22Usually you feel like taking Paying attention to detailyourself out of circulation for a doesn’t sound like such a thrillwhile. Disciplines that require science or but when you’re dealing with healingdeep meditation could appeal to you and or teaching it pays to know what yoursome may be spending time with books, about. This year you could be combiningnot your normal usual style but those the two or maybe learning more abouttreasures house information you could natural foods or the healing property offind exactly what you’ve been looking for. a good diet. Get the facts clear in yourCreate something amazing. head then you can apply your intuition.LIBRA Sept 23 - Oct 22 SCORPIO Oct 23 - Nov 21Take our time and consider So what if someone else getsasking questions more often. Don’t the limelight and you don’t?assume that information your getting is Focus on what you have to offer ratherperfect and correct. Ask, ask and ask than on others. You dig deeper thanagain if needs must. Your values are everyone else, it may take longer to beeven more important to you this year and accepted but it gives you more stayingthey’ll take you to new teachers that help power. Ancient Traditions and magicalyou understand yourself. Counselling is a rituals fascinate you. Follow yournatural gift. mystical path and spirit will reveal itself.SAGITTARIUS Nov22 - Dec21 CAPRICORN Dec22 - Jan 19Keeping your wits about you You don’t find it easy to shareis important no matter what your inner thoughts andjourney you choose. There are many feelings, but this year may need you to.opportunities on offer this year, your Someone close could be going throughemotions will signal when you’re on the spiritual training alongside you. Practicalright path. Books are your guide, but disciplines like tarot suit you well,think about what the meaning rather than information needs to be processed butsimply repeating the words as gospel. most of all tested. Test your faith.AQUARIUS Jan 20 - Feb 18 PISCES Feb 19 - March 20As a gifted astral traveller Your very open to psychicperhaps you could use this year’s matters - sometimes more openline up to push yourself into a public than you should be. Learn to close downarena, ready to share what you know and when you need to and be in the rightperhaps be paid for it. Don’t shy away state at the right time. Telling stories willfrom that energy exchange - your hard help you and can reveal more about thework needs to be rewarded. Use your spiritual worlds that you think about.unique discipline to inspire. Enjoy a year of gifts from the universe. 49
  47. 47. WHAT’S THE T? Hey Gurl Hey, it’s Misty Falls here, back with another ‘What’s The T?’ So this month, as we begin 2013, I am starting the year with ‘New Year, New You!’ Where we will be talking about all the New Year’s Resolutions that people make time and time again and how not to fall into a slump when thinking about any resolutions you may have made already or could make in the future. In the run up to the New Year you hear people or see people on Facebook talking about their resolutions and sometimes you feel compelled that because everyone else is doing it so that you need to make some also. This is not the case, resolutions are not for everyone and it is sometimes the pressure of having to keep to a new form of lifestyle that makes people crack under the pressure and revert to their old habits that they wanted to steer away from. The most common resolutions that happen every year seem to be focused around fitness in some way, shape or form. What many people don’t realise is that you do not have to be a complete gym-a-holic in order to get fit and be more active. Maybe change it about so that you can go for a walk a few times a week, all you need to keep up with a healthy lifestyle is 30 minutes of exercise per day. Alternatively why not take up a class, the most popular I have seen is Zumba, a fun way to get into shape, have fun and meet new people. It’s not always about giving something up, why not change it around and do something new or take something on. Maybe something like trying a new food once a week, seeing friends more often or making a bit more time for family. By taking5650
  48. 48. WITH MISTY FALLSsomething on you get to do everything that you aredoing now plus you feel better about yourself as itis a lot easier to do one more thing then constantlytrying to avoid doing something else. Sometimes the best way to stick to aresolution is to have a friend do it with you, I knowthat this is not always possible but if there is anotherperson doing it with you, you are able to give eachother the support to get through those tougher days. I have also jumped on the resolutionBandwagon and have decided that within the NewYear I am going to lead a more healthy lifestyle.What I have decided to do is space my resolutionsout over the year so that I don’t ask my body tochange too much too quickly this way I can focus oneach resolution individually.My Key Tips to help with your resolutions:(1) Stay Positive - a positive mindset andattitude promotes a healthier wellbeing.(2) Keep it simple - do not take on too muchat the one time, a year is a long time, you canspace things out a bit.(3) One Day at a time - if you slip up, pickyourself up and take it fresh from the next day. Good luck to all the readers on whatever yourresolutions maybe be, and I wish you all thesuccess in sticking to them.Misty x 51
  49. 49. WHAT’S THE T? FLASHMOB? What is it about the LGBT flash mob that makes you want to be involved in it? I have always loved Flash Mobs and when I was invited to join the event on Facebook I jumped at the chance to be involved. Not only is a Flash Mob an excellent event choice but also the fact that it is being used in a positive way to help get the message out for LGBT people in Northern Ireland that it’s OK to be different and that there is a community here to help anyone who is struggling with their identity. Do you think that this is a good way to stand up and challenge homophobia in the ongoing battle for equality? Oh definitely, I think when the general public see that we are a strong and confident community they will know that we will no longer accept any type of decimation towards our own people. On the other hand, as I said before, it will also help people that are scared to ‘Come Out’ as LGBT due to repercussions that it could have yet knowing that we all have been there at one point or another may give them some strength.52