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Bootcamp feb 2

  1. 1. Social Media Tips, Success Stories &Strategy for the Automotive Industry Hosted by: Korenne Richardson & Liz Presson
  2. 2. Overview Wednesday, February 2, 2011 What about me?! This webinar only discusses social media, not the GOSO platform. Feel free to email to schedule a live demo. A platform tour is also available on
  3. 3. Overview Wednesday, February 2, 2011 1. Introduction 2. Industry Stats 3. Industry News 4. Industry Events 5. Success Stories 6. Tips and Tricks
  4. 4. Industry Stats Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Who’s where? Source:
  5. 5. Industry Stats Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Public trusts social media more than traditional media “Everybody learned from the Obama campaign in 2008 that social media can be an effective tool to contact and galvanize voters.” - Lee Rainie, lead researcher and director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project 53% of voters said they used social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to follow politicsbecause they felt the information was more reliable than what they received through traditional news media. Pew found 21% of adult Internet users said they used social networking sites, from Facebook to Twitter and MySpace to find out who their friends were voting for, get candidate information, post comments, ‘friend’ candidates and campaigns, and take part in group causes. Source: :
  6. 6. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Netflix goes social Netflix announced that they will be making “an extensive Facebook integration.” Integrating with Facebook would not only allow each individual user to create their own instant queue, but would also allow users to suggest movies to their Facebook friends as well as share their movie watching history in their Facebook news feed. The new features will also include the ability for two people under the same account to watch one movie on their iPad on the go, while the other person will be able to watch a different movie on the home television. Source:
  7. 7. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011LinkedIn increases social advertising options LinkedIn, has released new features, that allows advertisers on the professionally focused social network to target users based on their job title, age group, the company that they work for, and the LinkedIn group to which they belong. This would allow marketers to target users more accurately. Facebook already has a huge lead in banner advertisement over other social networks, partly because it was the first to allow advertisers to target users based on their interests, gender, location, relationship status, and likes etc. According to comScore, these features have enabled Facebook to gain a massive foothold in display advertising, with one out of every four display ads on Internet being served by Facebook in Q3 of 2010. Source:
  8. 8. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Taco Bell uses Youtube to face critics "Our number one priority is to inform and reassure our customers and employees. So we are defending the reputation of the brand in the same way youd defend your own reputation if someone made false accusations about you. We are telling our customers the truth using only the facts about our food." - David Ovens, Taco Bells chief marketing officer "This approach would indicate that the company is extremely confident in the facts and knows it will be vindicated...Taco Bell is publicly trying its case." - Gene Grabowski, Levick Strategic Communications Source:
  9. 9. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Bud Light asks fans to Unlock The Spot Bud Light is running a contest to see if fans can guess what their Super Bowl commercials will be about — promising to unlock yet another commercial if fans guess correctly. Source:
  10. 10. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Mercedes-Benz tweets to the finishline Four two-person teams will embark on Feb. 2, 2011, from one of four cities — New York, L.A., Chicago or Tampa — in specially outfitted Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Theyll need to beat out three other teams headed to Dallas. Theyll need to complete a series of challenges along the way. They will be assigned Twitter-savvy Team Coaches. And theyll need gallons of Tweets from Twitter followers to fuel them to victory. Source:
  11. 11. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Are you a part of the Safe Breath Alliance? Dentyne’s Safe Breath Alliance campaign is part of a television-Facebook campaign featuring celebrity Marlon Wayans. Part of the campaign is a game, Pop N’Play, that revolves around a virtual pack of Dentyne gum. In order to play the game users must enter their name, address, phone number and email to register, then they choose a piece of gum in a virtual Dentyne pack, and if they choose a winning piece, may win a prize. This is an interesting tactic because it allows for continued engagement during the two months the game runs. Source:
  12. 12. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Beer enthusiasts & dog lovers unite! Users click on the app, install it and upload a photo of their dog, adding a caption, publishing it to their stream and inviting friends if they choose, for the chance to win dog-related prizes like Frisbees, dog collars and subscriptions to Outside Magazine. For every participant the companies will donate $1 (up to $10,000) to the Humane Society of the U.S. So, the app is a philanthropic effort to attract dog/ nature lovers who like beer. Source:
  13. 13. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Porsche teams up with Foursquare Porsche will host a real-time online photo gallery of snapshots of Porsche vehicles wherever people see them in Dallas during Super Bowl weekend. The idea is for people to check-in, take a picture of a Porsche vehicle wherever they see it and upload it. Porsche will select the photos for a gallery on the Big Game tab on Porsches Facebook page. Source:
  14. 14. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Ready for Saab Stories? "The Story of Saab," aims to relaunch the brand in the U.S. with an historical take on the brands legacy. The TV, magazine, newspaper, and online effort includes a social media vector aimed at Saabs fan base. Saab previewed the television commercial on its Facebook page. In addition, Facebook fans will be asked to write ads for the company, one or more of which will be used in future online advertising. Source:
  15. 15. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Foursquare announces university badges Foursquare has just announced that its “Foursquare for Universities” program is now available at every college and university around the world. That means the new-to-many-campuses university badges can be unlocked by any relevant checkins at any college or university campus around the globe. Also, all students are encouraged to sign up for the startup’s ambassador program, which will give participants free Foursquare gear and tools for spreading the word about the location app. Source:
  16. 16. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 HarperCollins crowdsources to publish teen novel A young writer submitted her novel to Inkpop, a Kickstarter- like site for teen authors. Her novel was voted Top Five on the webiste which qualified her for review by an actual HarperCollins editor. Her book was chosen for print & expected for release in fall 2011. “The opinions of our readers matter to us. Inkpop is HarperCollins Children’s Books’ first site (and not the last) to really put the users’ voice and ideas in the forefront. Social media is incredibly empowering if used correctly, and HarperCollins recognizes this and is gearing up to make social media the cornerstone of all of its digital endeavors.” - Susan Katz, president and publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books Source:
  17. 17. Industry News Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 DealerRater enhances brand reputation DealerRater encourages associates to promote their presence by showcasing their achievements with customer satisfaction. This showcases proactive measures to improve online brand reputation. If you have questions regarding this, contact: Matt Lamourex Business Development, DealerRater 800-266-9455 ext. 709 Source:
  18. 18. Industry Events Wednesday, February 2, 2011 NADA is coming Who’s going this year? Source:
  19. 19. Industry Events Wednesday, February 2, 2011 What’s Happening in the Auto Industry?
  20. 20. Success Stories Social will be like air Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Managing follower expectations Source:
  21. 21. Success Stories Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Lacta’s Chocolate Campaign The Greek chocolate brand Lacta created a Facebook campaign which created huge engagement and boosted their Likes by 300%. Users were asked to tag themselves in an app that reproduced a virtual chocolate bar with the name of their loved one written on it. The messages were shared to the wall with the photo as well as appearing in their photo albums with the person’s name tagged. The impressive thing about this campaign was not just the fact that it increased Likes and had huge user participation but also the fact that the photos live on forever as virtual adverts in user’s photo albums as well as many users adding them to their profile pictures. Source:
  22. 22. Tips & Tricks Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Create a Youtube Schedule At Tubefilter’s ‘Secrets of YouTube Superstars’ panel at CES earlier this month YouTube Partners discussed their success & the importance of scheduling their uploads. “It’s really important to stick to a schedule because sometimes YouTube messes up there subscription box and people who are subscribed to you don’t get your videos, or whatever. So if people are coming back every Tuesday, every Thursday or every day then you get that real audience.” - Joe Penna (aka MysteryGuitarMan) Source:
  23. 23. Tips & Tricks Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Set goals for social media response times Source:
  24. 24. Any Questions? Open Discussion Wednesday, February 2, 2011