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Esrogim - how to select the ideal one


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Esrogim - how to select the ideal one at

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Esrogim - how to select the ideal one

  1. 1. Esrogim- how to select the ideal one?Whenever the market witnesses demand for a certain product orcommodity, there arises a large pool of providers for the same. The Esrogimsets for performing rituals during festival of Sukkot are also not anexception and thus you can see lots of sellers in the market. From localstreet vendors to online websites, there are lots of sources from where youcan get these sets. But before purchasing, certain things must be takeninto apex consideration as when it’s the matter of belief, there is no placefor even the slightest compromise.There should be a rabbinical guarantee that the Esrog delivered to you ispurely citron and not any product of grafting or hybridization. The fruitshould be complete and no piece should be missing. To say precisely, theskin should be unbroken, towards the top there should be a wholeundamaged Pitom and at the bottom, there should be an intact stem.There is a genuine exception and the case is when a matured Esrog falls ofnaturally; it is legitimate to use for the rituals. The thing to be noted is thatthe Esrog when on tree is entirely green naturally but when you take it foruse, at least a small portion of it should be yellow. If any areas arediscolored, such areas must be relatively smaller. The Esrog for use must be
  2. 2. having a size more than that of two standard chicken eggs and it must notbe totally round but elongated. It should be taken care that there are notany black spots which are permanent or any holes on the top portion. Theskin should never be completely smooth.Certain groups use Yanover Esrogim which is grown usually in SouthernItaly. These are grown without Pitom and chances of them getting damagedand disqualified are really low. Surface discoloration because of spoilage orrot makes the Esrog ineligible for usage but natural discoloration can betolerated.The most common example of natural discoloration is the brown markcaused when the fruit get bruised. Another defect commonly seen is theformation of scar tissue to cover the holes in skin caused by thronepunctures etc. Even though such defects don’t make the Esrogim
  3. 3. disqualified for usage, it degrades its value and beauty.The defects need no concern at all if it is not visible to a normal unaidedeye when held in arms. However it’s your sole responsibility to choose thebest and most trusted seller in the market.Find more information at or call us on +1 888-969-3776Follow us: