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Mister condo-presents-navigating-the-cai-national-website


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Mister Condo Presents Navigating the Members Only Section of the CAI National Website

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Mister condo-presents-navigating-the-cai-national-website

  1. 1. Welcometo Mister Condo presents “Navigating the Members Only Section of the CAI website (” Brought to you by the Connecticut Chapter of the Community Associations Institute, home of Ask Mister Condo at (
  2. 2. Navigating the Members Only Section of the CAI website ( Hello! I am Mister Condo and I will be your friendly guide today. My job is to familiarize you with the CAI Community Association Volunteer Leaders “Members Only” section of the CAI national website. When you join CAI, you join at the national level and then choose your local chapter for affiliation.
  3. 3. Your local chapter website has plenty of resources for you to use and we encourage you to visit often for the latest updates and local CAI happenings. However, you also need to get familiar with the national website at as there is a wealth of information waiting for you there. Let’s begin!
  4. 4. YourMembershipCardandWebsiteLogIn Information When you joined CAI or renewed your membership, you completed an application that was sent off to National Headquarters and processed. You then should have received a letter welcoming you and providing you with a temporary password that will give you access to the CAI National website. If that didn’t happen or if you do not know what your password for the website is, you can retrieve your password from the login screen of the national website -
  5. 5. CAI Home Page Login Once there, simply enter the email address you used when registering for the site. You will need an active email address and a password. If you are logging in from a secure computer, like your home computer for instance, be sure to check off the “Remember Me” block at sign on so your computer will remember the information for you on your next visit. Now that you have logged into the website, the website will reveal all of the features available only to CAI members. Let’s take a quick tour and view some of the highlights and items you won’t want to miss!
  6. 6. The CAI Home Page The Blue Strip across the top is quick access to the CAI Store and also a Search Bar for the site. This is useful if you are looking for something specific. Simply type in your search query and select from the results page. The Gold Strip is links to some of the most used features of the site. You can read more in the About Us section. Access a full list of Member Resources. Check out Education and Events if you like. There are also links to Information and Tools and Issues and Advocacy if you want to keep an eye on laws and legal issues. Finally, there is a chapter selection tool in this area in case you need to look up information on a local chapter.
  7. 7. CAI Members Only Content Here is where you will find almost everything you will need to run a successful community association. The Board Member Tool Kit, Sample Forms and Templates, E-Newsletters, as well as Association Governance and Management Articles are all here. You’ve hit the Mother Lode of useful CAI information! Let’s start with my favorite, “Board Member Tool Kit”. The items we will discuss today are all found on the left hand side of the page in the orange section. This is where you will find the most commonly needed items for community association volunteer leaders. Let’s take a deeper look at these links and see how useful they can be. Click on “Members Only Content” from the Left Hand menu
  8. 8. Board Member Tool Kit This is perhaps the single most useful item that you will find on this website. Inside you will find everything from soup to nuts for running a successful community association. Go ahead and click on the link to Download the entire Tool Kit. This will allow you to view and download the entire Board Member Tool Kit booklet.
  9. 9. Board Member Tool Kit This is a 112-page document so I recommend that you download it to your local computer by clicking on the download icon that should appear on your screen when you have The Board Member Tool Kit booklet loaded. The booklet is in Adobe’s PDF format so you will also need the free software from Adobe to view it if you don’t already have it installed on your computer. Most tablet devices also have preinstalled software that allows viewing and saving of PDF documents. Most computer users already have this software installed so it shouldn’t pose a challenge.
  10. 10. Board Member Tool Kit Click on the icon that looks like a diskette and save the Board Member Tool Kit on your local hard drive so you will have it to review offline. Once you have it downloaded, you can also easily share it with other Board members by simply emailing it to them or making a copy on a diskette or flash drive. You will want to make sure every member of your Board and every committee Chair and member receive a copy. It is an incredibly useful tool with many features that you will undoubtedly use. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.
  11. 11. CAI Board Member Tool Kit Contents A quick review of the contents of the Board Member Tool Kit shows why it is such a useful document. You’ll find everything from a discussion on Governing Documents to Working with Managers and Business Partners to Finances and Reserves to Communicating with Residents. It really covers most situations a typical condominium or homeowners association is likely to encounter, all in one convenient, easy to use place. My favorite sections include the Role Descriptions for the Board, President, Treasurer, and Secretary. This is a perfect way to instruct Board Members of the responsibilities of these important positions before they decide to serve. Here’s what those pages look like:
  12. 12. CAI Board Member Tool Kit Contents
  13. 13. CAI Board Member Tool Kit Contents
  14. 14. New Board Member Orientation Checklist And here’s one you might not have thought about, The New Board Member Orientation Checklist. This is a great tool to welcome new Board members and get them over the uncertainty of what their responsibilities are when serving on the Board.
  15. 15. Working with a Professional Manager Have you ever wondered what the role of the professional manager is with regard to the Board and the management of the community? Wonder no more! The Board Member Tool Kit has the answer for you!
  16. 16. The Importance of Meetings There is even a section on the importance of meetings and a sample meeting agenda to guide you in planning your Board and association meetings so that you can handle the community’s business in a professional and timely fashion.
  17. 17. CAI Sample Forms and Templates Back to the Left Hand side links, go ahead and select “Sample Forms and Templates”. Here you will find just about every form and document you will ever need. It covers everything from Soliciting Bids to Creating Rules. Again, this is a soup to nuts directory of necessary information that will help you do a better job of governing your association.
  18. 18. CAI E-Newsletter Archives Continuing down the left hand side, the next link is for “E-Newsletter Archives”. CAI publishes several E-Newsletters that are chock full of excellent and timely content. You may already receive some of these via email but this is a wonderful place to do some extra reading about topics and issues that affect your association.
  19. 19. Copyright-Free Newsletter Articles One of my favorites on this page is the Copyright-Free Newsletter Articles that are perfect for insertion in your community newsletter. Just click, cut, and paste! What could be easier?
  20. 20. CAI Association Governance & Management Articles The next link will bring you to “CAI Association Governance and Management Articles” which is a great collection of articles on governance and management of community associations. These are general interest articles and cover a wide range of topics. All are great reading and I’ll bet you find out something new just by reading one or two stories.
  21. 21. CAI Message Board The CAI Message Board is the next link for you to explore. It is a place to ask and answer questions for CAI members like you. You may see a question that interests you, you may wish to offer an answer to an existing question, or you may wish to pose a question of your own. This part of the site is really what you make of it.
  22. 22. Rights and Responsibilities Attention, please! This is one of the most important and useful documents you will find on this website. The CAI Rights and Responsibilities guidebook is a “must read” for unit owners, non-owner residents, and association leaders. It clearly defines the roles of the owners, residents, and Board. Click on the link to Download the Rights and Responsibilities document and save a copy to your local computer.
  23. 23. Rights and Responsibilities Here is the document you will want to print, email and upload to your community website and distribute to new owners and residents time and time again. If you can communicate to members the key concepts within this document, you can make everyone’s community association living experience far more enjoyable. Use it wisely and use it often!
  24. 24. Safeguarding Community AssociationAssets Do not overlook the important link on “Safeguarding Community Association Assets”. Theft and impropriety are an unfortunate occurrence in many associations. CAI has published a Best Practices compilation to thwart this crime and protect the assets of the association. Download the document “Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement” and distribute it to all of your Board members and your Property Manager.
  25. 25. Preventing Fraud andEmbezzlement Follow the simple steps outlined in the document and know that you are doing all that you can to prevent fraud and embezzlement from rearing its ugly head in your association.
  26. 26. Good to Great One final document of interest is the CAI presentation entitled “Good to Great”. From the “Members Only” content page, click on “Association Leaders & Homeowners”; then click on “Good to Great”. This document is for those communities that have accomplished the basics and are ready for something more. “Good to Great” is a guide book of how to take your association from getting by to becoming a healthy, vibrant, and successful community. Some of the best community associations in the country have embraced this program and it is certainly worthy of your consideration as well.
  27. 27. And on that note, today’s tour is concluded. I want to thank you for your time today in learning how to navigate the CAI National website for community association volunteer leaders. You are the difference in your community. It is your leadership that will determine your community’s success or failure. CAI National is here to support you. The CAI National website is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and, as you have seen, offers numerous resources to help you succeed. Of course, your friends at your local chapter of CAI are always in your corner and offer numerous local events for you to educate yourself and network with your colleagues and local industry experts. And I’m always here to help you as well. You can visit Mister Condo at I am happy to take questions from all condo residents and provide friendly advice on how to get the most out of community association living. The bottom line is that CAI membership has its privileges. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of them!